Stay true to yourself

Always give best of yourself. Because of your own peace of mind.

At the job, try to think in term of service. You are in a service to other when on job. Is that right?

So whenever you on job, give best of yourself. By that I don’t mean about running, lifting heavy things… Just raise your head up and think in advance. What has to be done now? After that what next? Think of what you are doing.

People at your job will never stop coming and leaving. I am experiencing lately 3 leavings at my job, two beautiful girls and my boss. Who is gonna replace them, I don’t know, and doesn’t really matter. You know why? Because I stayed true to myself. I gave best of myself, and I will continue to do so.

To give best of yourself, in every life’s circumstance can really give you peace of mind, and that is all what matters.

I love to write about my feelings and emotions. I think I am going to create a page just for my Posts about everyday thoughts.

That would be interesting journey for me. Like a diary, just a public one.

Much love and stay true to yourself.



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