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How Chanting Can Change Your Life

The moment you leave the house and you sit in a car, for example, you can start chanting. Chant about the things you want to achieve, things that are of the meaning and purpose to you.

Say things like: “Life is pretty good working out for me.” “I am on a good way to excellence.” “I am opening myself up to new amazing friends that will stick with me for life.”

These are all the examples that you can do, and more, every day, all throughout the day.

Chanting should be fun and chanting should make you feel good. If it doesn”t make you feel good, just stop, stop doing chanting.

Do the chanting like singing, in a more musical and rhythm kind of way. Make a song out of the things you are saying to yourself.

This is best the video I could find about chanting. This woman describes it the best, and it can truly change your life for the better, actually transform. Watch the amazing video here:

Can you do that? Can you sing the chants? 😀

So I started chanting when I was nineteen, which was about twelve years ago, and it really had a huge impact on my outlook, happiness, and general creativity.

The most popular chant word is OM. It has great benefit to your brain and mind.
Now, how to do the OM chanting: sit in a chair or on a ground, place your arms on knees with a hands facing upwards. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your mouth, and start chanting word OM.
No way is a wrong was, just chant the word OM as long as possible. Something like that: ooooouummmmmmm. That should be perfect!


Chanting word OM can have also great benefits on your stomach, this is what researches say.
Is this something that interests you? Will you practice it, and how often?
Chanting mantras can shift your focus from the unwanted to the wanted.
Let”s say you are in the loop of negative thoughts and you worry too much. You are in the negative momentum, in the momentum that feels terrible. Nobody want do be in the destructive state.
To get yourself out of that state, the best thing is to switch your focus. Chanting is one of them.
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Free Time

7 Law of Attraction Methods that you MUST implement in your daily life

1 – Visualization.

Visualization is incredible and it gives you such an incredible results, it pushes you forward, it makes you feel good, and this is what we want.

All the achievers that we know, who did some amazing things, such as athletes, business people, are swearing in visualization. They say that you first need to see the result in your minds eye, only then you can achieve an incredible results that you want to go after.

I know a lady who is saying that all what she achieved, results that she got, she created. She was saying things like: “I have a books bestsellers.” “Every day I sell hundreds of books.” “I have the most popular Youtube Channel in region.”

What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create. – Buddha

And it really is, what you see and say, you must manifest.

An incredible book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualization is a must read book. I am leaving you link HERE if you want to learn more about Creative Visualization.

I learned so much from this book. Creative visualization also, seeing yourself levitating in the space, and watching yourself, your life, helps you so much, understand who you are, and what you”ve been doing. I highly recommend you to practice Creative Visualization.

Plant a strong tree.

2 – New Story.

New story is really talking, and thinking like you are already at the place you want to be, things you want to do, feelings you want to feel, and many more.

Tell stories like you are already there. Feel the feelings.

Instead of “Life sucks” say something like “Life works pretty good for me”. 🙂 You dictate the way you want o feel.

You plant a seed today, in 5 years you are going to have abundant tree.

3 – Meditation.

For me, meditation is a method to attract what you want in life. Why? Because meditation is making you aware of the things that you are doing wrong, and aware of the things that you are doing right, things that you should be doing more of. Meditation changed my life from the core. If you want to watch the video how, watch it HERE.

You need to let go of the old, in order to make a room for the new. In meditation, you really realize your behaviors, you let go of the old that doesn”t serve you anymore, and you realize of the new, that you really want to implement in your life.

4 – It”s done!

It”s done is a method that Abraham, Jerry, and Esther Hicks recommend you to live by. Examples; if you are waiting to graduate at the college, repeat to yourself, remind yourself that it is done. Waiting to find that perfect partner for life? It is done! You are already having her/him. So live it! The Universe is dying to give you what you want. What do you really want?

5 – Later Gater!

Later Gater is a method for the days and times you worry. We all know what worry does to us, right? It puts us in “I can”t do nothing about that!” mode, but that is far from the truth.

What if in the times of worry, we just say to ourselves: “Later Gater!” and we go to do something that we actually enjoy doing, distract ourselves from the worry about future or past.

What you can do to distract yourself from the worry, and actually enjoy your life, put the worries on hold, is: laying down on your bed and listening music, go for a walk and listening music, read a book of your interest, watch movies that you like, dance, go out with the friends…

6 – Thinking like you got the Euro Jackpot.

If you have a money issues, or even if you don”t, think like you won the lottery. But in a way like, you are going to get the money in a month from now.

We all know that, when somebody wins the lottery, they don”t get their money straight away, but in a month, or even two months time.

To different minds, the same world is a hell and a heaven. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

And so, whenever you caught yourself in a money worries, just stop, and say to yourself something like: “Ok, I lack in money right now, but soon I am going to be rich forever. I will never again have to worry about where is money going to come from.”

We need to stop worry at all costs. Trick your mind about the situation you are going through. Know that all is just temporary

7 – Scripting.

You are going to fell in love with scripting. While writing things that you want to experience will bring you such beautiful emotions while writing. Watch how you feel while scripting about your ideal life.

I like to write a little every day. Write what good is in your life. Write your plans for the future. Places you want to go, things you want to experience, what are you fearful of… These are all the things that you can write down, and many more, in order to create a better tomorrow for yourself, your family and friends.

What do you think about that? There are many many more, and these are the only 7 that I am really implementing in my daily life and routine.

Which one of these are you planning to implement, live it?

Really, everything really comes down to the feeling good. These are all the methods, if you do them daily, that can make you feel better at all times.

You probably haven”t heard how I manifested specific things, so I am leaving for you down below a video to watch. Like and subscribe of course! 😀

What Is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a philosophy suggesting that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. It is based on the belief that thoughts are a form of energy and that positive energy attracts success in all areas of life, including health, finances, and relationships. Source

Law of attraction works, but the question is: “Are you working?”

Do you like this article, text? Does it helped you? If it did, in what way? Which one of these methods are you going to be using every day? Why don”t you try them all, and see what best works for you?

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Mental Health

How to stop being overwhelmed

We are living in a fast paced environments these days, and this is not good for us. We need to take a step back or pause, have a rest, relax, think what truly matters to us.

People breathe very shallow, they are stressed, they feel like there is just too much for them to grasp. To do lists are endless. Do you feel us? Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Your emotions are your indicators. Every day, watch how you feel, and always look for the ways how to feel even better. If you are happy, know that you can be even happier. Comfort yourself! Take a warm shower, put the perfume on, actually relax.

It is a decision.

Decide that you are not going to let overwhelm overtake you, anymore, and do whatever it takes to slow down, practice being in the present moment.

If you are in a rush, you stop creating. I heard that years ago from Esther Hicks, and I truly believe in that. Why?! Because if you are rushing, some accidents might happen, and think about it. If you are rushing, you don”t actually believe and trust in the divine, yourself, and the life.

Just stop and pause for a second

You miss on something much bigger when you are rushing, and that is the present moment. Put the thought in the present, forever and always, and you are going to be good for life.

Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion. But just getting started is usually not that difficult. Emily Giffin Source

People think that is normal to feel overwhelmed, but that is far from the truth. The normal feel is to be in the state of flow, not force. We are not machines, we are simply human beings with emotions and feelings. Things happen! We need to learn how to adapt!

Things happen!

Accept that we live in the material world. There is so much going on these days around us, and we need to learn how to take things one step at a time.

Let”s say that you planned your day fully. You exactly know what are you going to do in every hour of the day, but there is something that is going to interrupt your day, look for your attention.

It is in those moments that we need to learn to let go, to what we were doing previously, give our full attention to the new, and switch to it fully, without judging.

Breathe, don”t forget to breathe!

We feel overwhelmed because we let things to control us, instead, let us to be in charge of the things. We are in charge of everything. So let yourself be in control of your feelings and emotions.

It is in our decision, every day, whether to be in the state of flow, or force. Let yourself decide now, that no matter what is going on around you, you are going to be in a flow state.

We want inner peace and knowing, believing and trusting. We want to be at ease.

The point is not to take whole cake at once, but enjoy every single bite of it.

Take this seriously, same as coffee. The point is not to sip all your coffee at once, but enjoy sip at a time, sip by sip. Smelling it, feeling the taste, texture. Do you get the point?

You are feeling overwhelmed, because you think that there is so much to do, but what if I tell you, that there is so little to do?! And it is, there is so little to do! Relax and let go!

Learn to live peacefully in the midst of mess.

Practice being in the present moment, and if it”s really necessary, even though your house is at the mess, make in purpose and intentionally even more messy house, and learn to accept it, and let it go.

We don”t need nothing to do, literally nothing, but there are the things, that we would like to do. So actually do those things, but one step at a time. One by one.

You are not that important.

Don”t get me wrong, but you are not. Nobody is going to remember you, once you leave this planet. Live your days fully, and don”t stress over unimportant things. Because what is really important? Shelter, food, water, clothes, bed, a little money, our family and friends… What else?

Learn to relax and let go.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

—Paulo Coelho Source

Whether you have so much to do or so little to do, you are going to be tested any ways. If nothing comes your way, no matter how hard you try, know and believe that it will, eventually, it must. That is the law!

Please, don”t multitask, again, we are not machines, we are humans, and we change our thinking, priorities, within the days, learn to adapt. You can”t be at another place, if you are at this place right now. Work towards that new place that you wanna be in, and don”t forget to have a fun with it.

Don”t take everything so seriously.

Life supposed to be fun. So have a fun with it. Smile, dance, celebrate yourself.

Read more about why do we take life so seriously HERE.

Let us know how do you feel when you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Where does it manifest in body? Do you feel tension in your chest?

Mental hearth is very important. People think that what is going on with them and around them is the truth, and is fixed, but that is not true.

We need to learn how to control our emotions and feelings, calm our temper down. It is not that hard, I promise you. It just takes practice! How bad do you want it?

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How to be authentic

Authenticity is something that is of great value these days, because everyone try to copy what is trendy, and all the influencers do that as well. How good or bad is that? What do you think?

I heard months ago from Gary Vaynerchuk, that basically people love love. Whatever is going to be trendy, and it is trendy now, people will love it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But what should you be doing, is asking yourself every day: “Am I going after that because it is trendy, and I don”t really enjoy it, or do I really enjoy it, no matter how trendy or not it is.

For example, everybody are texting each other these days. There are the groups created for every sorts of organizations. You  try to be different and authentic! Text somebody private, talk with them in private, or call them. Actually connect with other being in person. That is being authentic, being different. Human touch and connection is huge.

The hunger for authenticity guides us throughout our lives. People strive for joined-up living, where on the one hand what they say and do reflects what they think and feel, and on the other what they think and feel reflects who they are.

Stephen Joseph has pioneered developments in research into authenticity, drawing on the solid science of positive psychology to develop what has become one of the gold-standard tests for assessing authenticity.

His and others’ findings reveal that when people are in relationships in which they feel accepted, understood and valued, they drop their defences. They naturally begin to examine themselves psychologically, accommodate new information and live more authentically. What’s more, the latest studies reveal that it is authenticity that leads to true happiness.

Be different.
Put your mask down.

How to be more authentic:

  1. Be aware of yourself
  2. Embrace vulnerability

Self awareness is the key. If you”ve been wanting to be authentic, your true self, and that is your goal, know that you are already successful. Many people don”t even know who they are, what they are, and what they”ve been doing.

Watch where you go. Be only observer. Listen to your breath, listen the words, sentences that you”ve been saying, see who are your friends really. Notice what you wear for example, how you wear, and how that makes you feel. In general, watch how you feel at all times.

It is practice!

Everything in life is practice, everything. For example, if you don”t like how you look in profile, you are not quite happy with your teeth, or you are shy to put the big smile on your face and laugh out loud, actually do those things. Do them, despite of how that makes you feel. You already want them, so do them, regardless of how confident or not confident you actually feel.

Read our post on Feel the fear and do it anyway

After some time, you are going to be so comfortable in your skin, that you are going to ask yourself why you didn”t do that before, in the first place.

People love people for who are themselves, no matter how they look like, they actually like their energy. Have you even been drawn to somebody, staring at the person in the video, you didn”t quite listen to what are they saying, but they had that vibe that you liked, and you couldn”t stop staring at them? That is it! They”ve been for who they are!

Face your mask down!

Your number one job in the world should be how you feel. If you feel like this is the thing that you should be doing, do it, and if it comes from the good intention, even better.

We all wear masks at all times. Some more, some less, and that is ok. It is to protect us.

You are not you from yesterday

The you yesterday is not the you today. And you that you are going to be tomorrow is not going to be the same you you are today.

We are constantly evolving, we are constantly changing. So fully authentic you is you in this present moment. You are who you need to be today, and that is perfect you right now.

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”
Steve Maraboli

Buy the book how to be Unapologetically you HERE. 

As you are going to open that link, I highly recommend you to purchase this book and start learning how to be yourself. Even better, the site Book Depository is the site that ships worldwide, for FREE.

Many eye and heart opening moments in this collection of thoughts. With millions of copies shared globally, this book reflects Steve’s confidence in his own skin and willingness to share his unapologetic truth about happiness, success, spirituality, and life.

Life example

Let’s say you feel pretty today, and you decide to share your picture on social media, because hey, you feel pretty today, but you say a thing more, you don’t know for how long will it last, tomorrow you are going to feel pretty ugly. And that what authentic you means. I think!

Being vulnerable and really saying what is on your mind and how you feel about that.

It is not sugarcoating it. It is just expressing real you. And that what truly you is. What do you think about that?

The ability to know when to be quiet and when to say something

Being authentic is also saying no, when you wanna say no, and say yes if you feel like say yes.

Many people are people pleasers. We don’t wanna be one of them. Why? We want to be true to ourselves, we want to look after ourselves first, no matter what anyone will think of us.

To do that, when you come in situation when you need to decide whether to go after something or no, take some time for yourself to think. And if your gut intuition is saying NO, go and say no, no matter what.

Of course they will blame you, think you are selfish, but stick to it, believe me.

We really hope this article is going to help you be authentic and for who you really are.

If it helped you, please let us know, and if it isn”t let us know anyway.

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Self - help

How to take great care of yourself

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5 minute read

Notice when you take some time for yourself. how you are feeling, and notice when you neglect yourself how you are going to be feeling.

Actually set some time, preferably in the mornings, to take care of you, and do whatever is required.

I do that every single morning. Ask yourself every morning: “What I can do to set myself up for success today?” And actually do that.

It’s different for each and one of us. I need to sleep a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean for only 8 hours.

Actually schedule a time for the taking care of you. That can be twice a week. Even once a week. Whenever you have a time. Actually schedule time for yourself.

I do that my every day off. If I have a two days off from work, I will do this two days. If I have a three, I will do three times a week.

Of course, your taking care of you can be every day, and it should be every day, it”s just that, if you need to do some certain tasks, you will have to have a less time for yourself, and that is ok. You are going to take more care of you, when you are going to have some more time for yourself.

What I am suggesting you is, reserve mornings for that. When you wake up, do whatever it takes to get yourself ready fully for the day.

By self care I mean: meditation, journaling, guided meditations, planing your future, do the pedicure, manicure, hair cut, coloring your hair, shaving, doing eyebrows, dry brushing your body, exercising, doing yoga or running, or both, having sex, detox your body, forgive yourself, call someone, watch a movie that you always wanted to…

These are all self-care actions that you can do.

You cannot help someone if your cup is empty. Fill your cup first, and only then you will be able to fill somebody else’s.

I find it very crucial to take some time for myself. I kinda feel more energized, it makes me feel so fine, and good taken care of.

Wash your face is an amazing book that you should read.


My kinda story

For example; I was getting ready for a sleep now, changed my clothes, got into pijama, and was so tired to get myself into the bathroom, to wash my face and brush my teeth, but I did it anyway, because I knew I will feel better once I do it. And my morning the next day is going to be much more pleasurable.

Self care tips about the taking great care of yourself can also boost your confidence, and self worth as well.

Now, riding my bike on a way home from work, I was counting and reminding myself of the things that I am proud of myself. And it made me feel so good. I even drop a tear or two. This is also part of the self care routine, and you must implement. Train yourself to find the good in you.

So to take great care of you, you need to first want it enough. Only those that are loving life, and wants to take the most out of the life, are taking great care of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all taking care of ourselves, the way we know how, but there are also those that are brilliant in this. I wanna be one of them! Do you? We want to shine bright like a diamonds! 😀

Nutrition! OMG, nutrition!

You are going to have so much energy if you watch what you eat. When you eat, is not that much important, but what you eat.

Think of the food as a fuel. You can”t fuel your gas with a diesel fuel, if your car uses the normal one. It is just not going to work. You are going to have difficulty turn on the car. Car is going to struggle.

Same with our bodies. Feed your body with live foods, cook yourself, do not buy factory produced food. This food is dead.

Get outside

If you stay in your head you are going to be screwed. You need to go outside, move your body, actually breathe fresh air,  but not the one that has been stagnant in your house. You are going to feel much better.

I, for example, whenever I go for a running, most of my times, I don”t bring my phone with me. It is such a relieving feeling. You can get so much insights from that too, because when you spend time with you, and only you, you get to know yourself better. And you should do that definitely! Spend some more time, you with you, and watch how you are going to feel.

Be true to yourself
Just be you.

Inspire yourself

Start with the nutrition first. If you are looking for some food inspiration. I highly recommend you to check this Instagram page: I put all my heart, soul and energy into it.

Nutrition is something that I value the most, and I think you should be too. You are going to have so much energy.

Elevate your mood

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feeling better. Put smile on your face. I smile all day, every day. At least I try to. And it gives me such a good feeling. You can do that too. Actually ask yourself every day: “How do I really feel?” and “What I can do about it?” Read more on here about Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily

Exercise often

This Blog Post is not about me. It is to help you, by my experience. And I am telling you! After each 30 minutes stretches, doing yoga, or running, I feel like I can touch the sky. I feel so high. And I want you to feel the same way, because nothing else matters. So exercise often!


Think about this way: Nobody is going to care of you if you don”t take care of yourself. Nobody is going to ask you: “Maja! Are you hungry? “Do you need some rest?” Like, nobody! And that is a great thing, isn”t it? Because we don”t want anyone mess around us, and our lives. We want to create it the way we want to, right? So actually do it. And take great care of you, forever and always.

This is the article that I most loved about taking care of you. Read more on how to take care of you here. 

We really hope that helps!

To your success,