How beliefs affect behaviour

What you believe you can achieve you will. If you are not believing that you can achieve something, you won’t. It is that simple!

For example: you don’t believe you can find a partner of your dreams, and even, somebody like him or her, doesn’t even exist. You are not going to go to search for him or her anyway. What you believe you can, you will, if you don’t believe something you can, you won’t.

It is a rocket science, ha? It is not! It is the law of life. If you want to read about “The game of life and how to play it” purchase a book through this link. (not affiliate link)

“I can believe things that are true and things that aren’t true and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not.” Source

Example 2

Let’s say you wanted to be an entrepreneur for years, but somehow it happened that you always stayed working for somebody else. Why? Because you didn’t know how. You didn’t believe you can!

After a years of struggling for somebody else, you finally got courage to quit the jobs for good, and become full time entrepreneur. Why? Because you finally started to believe in yourself.

You can also build belief. Which belief you wan’t to build? Make a list of the beliefs you want to build and start working on them.

Story about wanting to be an entrepreneur for years, and finally becoming one of them is my story.

If you wan’t to hear how I finally quit my job, and became full time entrepreneur you can watch here:

Our subconscious core beliefs affects our behavior, our thoughts creates our emotions and emotions create the reality that we live in. Emotional healing guru

Example 3

Your mother is working in retail for years, and her boss doesn’t respect her. Her big passion is flowers and she want’s to quit her job and start flower business. One day she finally said goodbye to her boss, and she is jumping into unknown about growing flowers.

She is struggling for years to grow that business, but something always push her to not to stop, her belief that she can. This is the power of belief in herself, and ability to put this business on the healthy foot. And so she did.

She believed she could so she did.
She believed she could so she did.

What causes us to make decision in life?

We make decisions according to our ability to follow through, and beliefs that we can, passion for whatever that we want to accomplish in life.

Decisions must be made in life, because if you don’t, you are going to be tapping at the same place for years, feeling miserable, and nobody want’s that.

To make decisions in life, you need to first know what you want. Make a list of the things you really want, the life that you want to live, how do you want to feel, and so on.

Schedule some time for that. For example, set an alarm clock for an hour, prepare notebook and a pen, or piece of paper, and start to write. Really focus on the things you want to accomplish, and write them down immediately.

Do you need to believe in all your dreams?

No, not necessarily. Nobody believed in all that they started 100% and that is O.K. Your belief in the thing that you do is going to grow exponentially, it will grow over time. The more you are going to work on your project, the more you are going to develop belief in yourself that you actually can.

And belief will affect behavior.

The power of belief is amazing post that people loved. It is literally powerful. To believe in something that is serving us, or will serve us, things that we really want to achieve, is very powerful.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

I invite you to really find the way to change your beliefs in order to achieve more in your life.

How you can do that?

First of, I found amazing course on udemy.com There is a course on that, can you believe it. People are teaching you how to change your core beliefs, beliefs that doesn’t serve you anymore, and beliefs that you want to change. Here is the course that you may want to attend. It is 1 hour on demand video, and 16 downloadable resources that will help you change your beliefs.

How I would do that?


  1. Make a list of the things in life you want to change or improve
  2. Briefly describe why you think these things doesn’t work for you
  3. Work on changing those beliefs that you can by researching how you can improve that area

You need to be able to see first in your minds eye

We don’t accomplish something that we believe we cannot do, and so, if we don’t see ourselves reaching that goal, we won’t go after that goal in the first place.

Whatever that you wan’t to achieve in your life, see yourself achieving that goal already.

Let?t say you want to be an author, see yourself writing, creating that content. See yourself creating front page of the book, finding publisher, a person that is going to correct the grammar, promote the book, customers buying it, sending you feedback about how you have helped them through your book, see all of that. It is crucial to become an author.

How you can do it?

whatever that you do, all throughout the day, see yourself in it, watch yourself smiling, being satisfied, enjoying life… See yourself thriving.

What do you think about that? How belief affect behavior? Does this Blog Post helped you realize how our belief systems are important in life? What it it that you want to achieve in this life, and how you are planning to do that?

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Million thanks!

Love, Maja.


7 reasons why you might feel tired

  1. Not enough sleep

We need rest and recharge. Our body needs time to recover and re-energize. Try to sleep every night at the same time, or around the same time, so your body is going to used to waking up and going to sleep around the same time. Why, because it is going to be mess if you don”t do that. Every night you are going to go to sleep and waking up at the different times, and we don”t wanna that, we want consistency.

There was a time that I cut my sleep, wanting to get some things done, but hey, I was walking through this world sleepless, and I always looked very tired, I was super slow, my concentration was slow, and naturally, I was making a lot of mistakes.

Have you heard about silky pillow cases? Your hair cannot get tangled, but is smooth and silky, while you sleep. Just like right after brushing your hair when you wake up in the morning, and your skin even looking, without wrinkles and lines, looking hydrated. You can check pillow cases through this link. We selected the best one for you.

2. Not drinking enough water

If you want, do the experiment, I am not kidding. Try not to drink water for 3 days, and the fourth really see and feel what is going on with your body. 3 days is very little, comparing to someone who is not drinking water at all. So, if you are water drinker, 3 days would not be a problem for you too, I think.

Do this just for the sake of experiment. I”ve never done that. But I know how I feel if I don”t drink water for some time. I feel sluggish.

Pro tip from me, this is what I do: Take small 2dcl glass of water and drink it. When you go to pee, take another glass of water, and so on.

This prevents you from over drinking water, and bloated stomach. It will give you energy, all the toxins in your belly and system will be flushed out.

3. You feel burned out, exhausted, you feel like you want to escape from everybody

People are feeling burned our because they are always rushing somewhere. Are you one of them? I know I am! We need to slow down. Nobody is behind us and pushing us forward, but we do that to ourselves. We live in the world where people put to much pressure on themselves, always trying and wanting to achieve something. There is nothing wrong with that, but to what extent is enough? When to say stop, and do everything at the slow pace. Slowing down to the speed of life

4. Poor diet

Food is huge. If you consume processed, sugary, and fat food, you are going to feel exactly that. But if you eat live foods, full of enzymes, vitamins and minerals, you will feel amazing after each meal. Live, and full of energy.

Have you had any time in your life when you eat only certain amount of foods? I did! At one point in life, I craved only cheese puffs, and I was surviving only on them, for 2 or 3 months. I felt weak, unmotivated! That is what food do to your system. Garbage in-garbage out!

I am not saying that you should be avoiding certain foods, but you should be eating balanced foods, with all included, and 3 times a day. Most importantly, you should watch how you feel, and then according to that, take those necessary actions.

5. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol can drain your energy. Watch how you feel before, and after a pint of beer. Alcohol will drain your energy immensely.

I drink occasionally, and when I do, I could get a nap after that. It just slows me down, and I am not awake and alert anymore.

Drinking alcohol might not affect you in your young years, but as you get older, your body will start to refuse some substances such alcohol, and you are not going to get that boost of energy anymore.

6. Spending too much time indoors

We are the beings of the movement. I will never stop saying that. Spending most of the time indoors, will not only make you feel tired, but also your mood will be down, you will feel down.

Air in our houses and apartments is everything but not fresh, we inhale dust and all that comes with it, no wonder we feel tired.

You need to burn your energy to get your energy back. Go outside and take a walk, go for a run, go to the nearest park, have a picnic. Do whatever it takes to get your body moving, I assure you, you are going to feel amazing.

There are countless of articles on why we might feel tired. This one is one of the best that I have found. I hope it will be of help to you, as you have there more reasons to your tiredness. It is good to get educated.

7. Get your digestion moving

Digestion is also closely related to how tired you are. We all feel much better after we visit toilet, we feel much lighter, and so get your digestion moving.

Why you can”t go to the toilet can be also many reasons: you eat dry foods, not drinking enough water, not moving your body…

To get your digestive system moving drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in fiber, do some exercises, go for a walk, run, ride a bike…


First things first, you need to want to work on your well being and vitality. You need to love yourself and love life, in order to want more out of everything.

To know what is your particular problem, you need to educate yourself first on that. Read through this article first, and be really honest with what it is that you are not doing, or you are doing a lot of, or too much of.

Being honest with yourself is your first step to change.

We hope that you will feel energized after this article, and look after yourself even more, have a lot more energy!






How to have good relationship with parents

Your parents are yours for reason. Thinking that you got the wrong parents, is utter illusion. They are yours for the reason.

Nobody has perfect parents, but they are perfect for you. Learn to love them for who they are, accept them for who they are, and you are going to begin to have an amazing relationship with them.

I struggled for years with my parents. Wanted to change them so badly. Until the day I read the book called “Conversations with God”.

It shook me! Brought me such peace of mind, that I never experienced before. I started to accept my parents for who they are, because book taught me, that I choose that particular people. I choose them for my soul purpose. They are going to be my teachers, for whatever that I needed to learn.

Today my mother is a very nice lady, and my father very sweet man.

You are probably witnessing, that the people who are successful now, some of them, had some major issues with their parents in their childhood. That is so sad! And that is exactly what pushed them forward. They took 100% responsibilities for their lives, and they made it happen for themselves. They didn”t wait for their parents to change. They changed! Their parents taught them to be better version of themselves.

Parents are pushing us to be, do, and have better.

Parents are the best teachers

One of them is Yahya Bakkar. I love this guy so much. Love to follow him. This guy is the best teacher to his kids. He struggled a lot with his parents, being in foster homes. He been abused and abandoned. It is such a terrible way of raising a kid, if this is raising kid at all. But that taught him to be better himself to his kids. And as far as I could see, he is doing great job. You can follow him through this link on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yahyabakkar/

In some sense every parent does love their children. But some parents are too broken to love them well. Wm. Paul Young

We often times forget that our parents also have fears, wisher, desires, and many more. We forget that they are the separate beings from us, and vice versa. They also forget that we have our own dreams and desires separate from their dreams and desires.

What to do in this case?

Tell your parents what are you going after and why. Tell them about your websites that you wanna grow, how are you planning to grow them, and why. Tell them that you want to coach people, because people is your greatest passion. Explain that you need to take some time to study human behavior, and therefore, you would not be available for them all the time.

Tell them that whenever you are away of them, you are probably working on your dreams.

Relationships are everything.
Communication is the key.
  1. Schedule some quality time with them
  2. Ask them how do they feel
  3. Offer your help in whatever they do
  4. Talk about your feeling and emotions
  5. Go and travel together
  6. Tell them about your goals and aspirations
  7. Do not react, only respond
  8. Do not argue or fight with your parents
  9. Learn to listen and understand them
  10. Realize they are people, too
  11. Be appreciative for what they”ve done for you so far

Most parent-child relationships are broken.

But you don”t need to be one of them. The first step is to educate yourself. Educate yourself who your parents are, understand their needs. If they are asking you to do something for them, do that wholeheartedly, without complaining.

We often times resist for what they asking as for. Instead, we could do that from the happy place. Happy that we have parents still in our lives. It is a big difference.

You don”t want to regret after a years, of not putting time in your relationship with them, but you want to do everything from the place of love.

Every time from now on, you are going to have some challenges with your parents, ask yourself: “What would love do?” and act from that love perspective. Be love, and act from love!

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves. Henry Ward Beecher Source

Our parents are teaching us how to do something and what not to do at all. They are teaching us life lessons.

Parents and kids are often times nervous, angry, dissatisfied, and they don”t cease to hide it, but they show aggressively, and that is the bad way of shoving how you feel.

It is almost like, we forget to have a nice, open and peaceful conversation with our parents or kids, and the more we hide about how we feel about that, the more we seem to be dissatisfied. We can”t go any longer, and pretend that everything is O.K., when it is not. Nobody will fix our relationship with our parents if we don”t do that.

It is about open communication full of love, care, and understanding.

Often times, it is not about the kids, but is about parents. Parents are the one that first react to their kids behavior, so parents need to learn how to interact with their kids.

Nobody loves force and conditional loving. We need to find effective way to show our kids for what we want them to do, we need to be confident ourselves first, and only then our kids will with confidence respond. We all need to be great example first!

That should not be a hard work, only time invested, and lots of love and patience, wanting relationship to work.

This is amazing course about parent-kid relationship. Over 75.000 families, from 21 countries and 6 continents finds this course a life-changer. It is course to teach you how to be effective communicator, how to make them really hear you as a parent.

We wish you happy parent-child relationship because nothing else matters. It is crucial to live happy, fulfilled and stress free life.



How to achieve vibrant health

This Blog Post contain Affiliate link

What are the people around you, people that you see on a daily basis? How do they look like? How do they feel like? In what mood are they?

I see every day people that are serious. I am not saying that you need to smile all the time, and be in amazing mood, but the people I see every day are the average.

What is for you first vibrant health?

For me, it is having an outstanding energy all throughout the day. Cooking for myself and my family nourishing foods, and have time to eat them at peace, with no rush. Just feeling well in my skin!

Have my emotions and feelings in place, and expressing them freely, have a peace of mind. Sharing things that I want to share with friends who know how to listen. Feeling attractive and sexy, and have that glow on my face. Be mentally healthy, so no obstacle or challenge that I am facing can put me down anymore, and so on.

Just be vibrant.
Have some vibrant health.

When somebody says vibrant health, how do you picture somebody being vibrantly healthy? Do you want for yourself that to be? How you are planning to achieve that? Is that something in plan for you?

Answer all those questions and you are going to know what vibrant health means to you, and whether you want to go after that all in, or not.

Study, study, study.

There are the countless of books on this topic, videos, articles, courses, and many more. The first book that I have found for you on this subject, and I highly recommend, is:

Your Wealth Is Your Health: Vibrant Health


Health is truly our wealth. What is the point of accumulating all the money in the world, working constantly, if you don”t have a time to cook nourishing meal, or if you are sick all the time.

Be wise of how you are spending your time. Learn to listen your body needs. Does it need rest, sleep, exercise, food, water, fun, relax, go somewhere, vacation???

Health is wealth.
Health is wealth.

We are in do, do, do society and achieve as much as we can. But where is truly living here? Are we taking some time to rest and recharge? I hope you do! Because if you don”t you are going to be screwed. I am not joking here.

What do you feel fight now in your body?

Scan your body. Put your hand on the head, and ask yourself, how do I feel about that? Am I having a headache right now? Why I don”t have a headache? What I might doing right? Do I need to wash my face?

Now put your hand on your chest. Ask yourself: “How do I feel in my heart?” Does it have to open? Why my heart feels so closed and empty? Does it beat properly, normally? What are the times that it beats super fast? Why? And many, many more.

Do the self-assessments regularly, on a daily basis. Ask yourself everyday: “How do I really feel?” And that should give you answers.

Here are 10 habits to get into in order to be your most vibrant self.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat fresh wholesome foods
  4. Have enough sleep
  5. Set some goals
  6. Work on your goals
  7. Learn to love yourself the way you are
  8. Dance like nobody is watching
  9. Love life and learn to enjoy it
  10. Treat yourself often

Vibrant book will give you all the information you need about how to build your vibrant self, and then, hopefully, help other to do the same.

It is an audio program on how to get energized, own your health, and have that glow on your face. Would you like that to happen to you? If yes, buy this audio book HERE, and start your education to your better, vibrant you.

What is the first thing that you should do?!

If you don”t have vibrant health at this moment, you feel sluggish or anything, you really need to ask yourself why? What led me to take and do all those choices in the past? Why I wasn”t taking good care of myself?

To have a vibrant health, you really need to love yourself, life, and you need to want to take the most out of the life. How you can expect to have a vibrant health, if you don”t want to take the most out of the life?

I always loved life, that mystery of life. And since I know myself, I always wanted to live to the fullest. You see, you can”t do that if you are not healthy. You will have a headaches if you are in front of your computer all day. Your belly will start to grow and your back hurt, if you don”t exercise your body

Love yourself and the life dearly. There is so much to do, places to go, and you really have to have a zest for life, love all the ups and downs, and happenings, seasons, see the beauty in everything.

Where are you on a scale 1 to 10 about loving life?

I truly believe that if you answered below 5, that you are not having a super body, mind and spirit, and that if you answered above 5 that you loving life, appreciate for who you are, and working towards your better future, because you own it.

Answer that question right now and really see where are you health related, but be honest, be brutally honest with yourself. Because, there is the key. Being honest!

Does this post helped you in any way to look at yourself and your health in any different looking way? Opened your mind to what is possible to you, or made you think about the choices that you have made, or you are going to make?

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Social Life

How to find new friends

We are social beings and we need interaction with other humans. Your life would not be meaningful without the people around you. Other people spice up our lives. They tell us stories, and make us laugh. We learn from each other.

Have you heard about the quote: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”? People around us, our friends, are the reflection on ourselves. Like always attracts like.

Now, you might be thinking how to attract those new, better friends?

By you being good or better! You need to level up yourself. They are not going to come to you, if you are not yourself built up already. Would you go to a junkie right now, wanting to develop a relationship, and friendship with him? I doubt you would. Because, you and me, with a junkies, are on completely different level.

Don”t get me wrong. I don”t have nothing against junkies. This was just an example.

You need to be for what you want to become. Be, and you already are.

When most people set out to change their lives, they often focus on all the external stuff, like a new job or a new location or new friends or a new romantic prospects and on and on. The reality is that changing your life starts with changing the way you see everything in your life. Mark Manson
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/new-friends-quotes

Keep the old friends, those are gold, but also make a new one, these are silver, says Joseph Parry, and I truly believe that to be true. Why?

It is about the variety. You both influenced each other for years. Why would you let go of those friends after years of friendships? Even though you are not in contact with them anymore? You reach out to them first. Ask them how they are doing. Do whatever it takes to refresh the contact with them, if you want, of course.

And, on the contrary, it is ok if two people split. They both go different direction. Make your own best decision, and stick to it.

Friends are gold.

Our best memories are around the people.

If I asked you right now what are some of your best memories, I believe you are going to be saying, around the people that you love, your gatherings, celebrations…etc.

No wonder, because this is life. Making memories with the people that you love is precious. Take good care of them, and they are gonna be taking good care of you. Be really interested about the people that are surrounding you, your family and friends.

How to find new friends:

  1. Sign up for Meetup.com and attend meetings of your interest
  2. Invite friends of the friends to the parties and meetings
  3. Have a conversations with strangers (when appropriate)
  4. Connect with people online, ask questions, give compliments
  5. Be kind (kindness is the new currency)
  6. Introduce yourself
  7. Be outgoing and nonchalant
  8. Be interested in others
  9. Expect nothing from others, but give your all
  10. Boost your confidence
  11. Be your own best friend first

There are countless of books on this subject, same as Youtube videos. Answers are there, you just need to find them. And take those answers that best suits you, and your current situation.

The best book about how to be your own best friend that I highly recommend.

What is real, lasting happiness? How does one achieve it? And why are so many people holding themselves back? At the heart of this profound, simple, beautiful book is the wisdom of Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz, married psychoanalysts who encourage readers to both love themselves and to confront life’s hardest truths. A classic for more than three decades, How to Be Your Own Best Friend has already changed millions of lives. Now, open up your mind, and let it change yours.

Praise for How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Friends fo
Friends for life.

Now, I know that this may sound counterintuitive, but hear me out.

You are with yourself your whole life.

You need to be good with you first, in order to find good friends, friends for life, those that are going to stick with you forever.

The first step to becoming a friend to yourself, is to treat yourself like you would treat a friend. That means that you need to stop being self-critical and beating yourself up. Start by acknowledging your good qualities, talents and abilities and begin to appreciate your own unique self. Source

Nobody wants to be treated badly, and so do you. Would you stay in a relationship with a person who is always criticises you? Of course you wouldn”t! So stop to criticise yourself, and stop beating yourself up. You need to love and appreciate yourself first, to have healthy relationships with other people.

Do you have any thoughts on this so far? What are some of the places that you met your new friends? Common or uncommon. We would greatly appreciate that, as it will give us a hope. So share with us, please.

How to win friends and influence people is another great book that thought me how to treat others in a more influential and positive kind of way. So much so, that I had to write a Blog Post on this. 😀 You can read it HERE.

People are craving for human connection.

I truly believe, people are craving for human connection now more than ever. That”s probably because of this technology times. We are in front of our computers and televisions all the time.

So don”t be afraid to reach out to other human. We”ve been all craving that. I know I do. And I believe you do too.

Is there anything better than have a blast with couple of your friends, with good music, food and dance? I don”t think so. So go out and make some friends. Don”t forget to have a fun with it.

We wish you all the best.