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How to live a good life

The quality of your life equals the quality of your emotions. If your emotions are O.K. and your life will be, but if your emotions are low and destructive, your life will be miserable. Put your emotions in order, control your emotions, don’t let emotions control you, and you will lead a good life.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

First, you need to determine what good life means to you. Is it a stay home mum or a woman that is completely focused on her career? A good life will mean to you a being single and date multiple men at the same time, or find your twin flame and have a deep connection with one human? These are just two examples. What do you really truly want? Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and write it down. What do you really want?

The game of your life takes courage

I will never forget the day at work. I was really going through some tough times and I had some burning questions inside myself. That day I was at the door, pretending to be a “meet and greet person” being completely desperate about my life’s situation, begging and praying God for some answers. Until I saw a bus, with a big letters on him saying “The game of your life takes courage” and I was like: “Oh my God, that is it, I need to be more courageous. And then shortly after I saw another bus saying on it: “Build your future step by step”.

After this day everything shifted, nothing stayed the same, because I changed. I started to look for ways how to be more courageous and take necessary steps to make changes in my life, and live that good life finally. And I did.

We all want to live a good life. Not man on this planet exists saying or thinking he wants to live a bad life. Who likes to suffer? No one!

A beautiful lady in her Blog post made a list of the things that make a good life. Here it is: Please, read this Blog post of her, and remind yourself how easy and simple is to live a good life. Tell us what you think 😉

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough. -Oprah Winfrey

I am going to make a list of the essentials about good life, and how to live it. I must say that these are the things I apply in my every day life, and it helps me tremendously. Here is the list:

  • Eat healthy balanced diet three times a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sleep 8 hours per day
  • Do some form of exercise every day
  • Rest and relax when you are tired
  • Meditate every day
  • Make time for yourself and the things you want to do for yourself
  • Speak of yourself and others in a positive way
  • Avoid negative people, places, circumstances
  • Do what you love to do
  • Love what you do
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Spend time in nature at least two times per week
  • Always look for ways to do good
  • Be genuinely interested in other people
  • Spend quality time with your family and friends

I will tell you what happened today that I figured would be of help to you here, to realize what is like to live a good life.

Well, we were at my grandmothers place and my mum, while we were having a lunch, saw her mum, how she was after the meal, eating with her hands, without washing her hands, opening the door, walking through her house dirty hands.

She was so bitter complaining about her, how poor hygiene she has, and she don’t know to wash her hands. Later on, she was complaining how she walked in the house with dirty shoes on freshly cleaned floor.

Look, we all have something that is going to annoy someone, and that is O.K. But being bitter about something or someone is just going to ruin their relationship. They are blind (my mom is blind) to see that their mom (her mum) is still alive. And what is worse, my mom is blind to see that every time we return from her mother’s place, we always bring home with us some presents/gifts from her. Eggs from her chickens (we don’t need to buy in the store), homegrown veggies, and lots other stuff. She is blind to see all those gifts, but yet still, she complains about her hygiene.

It is about the focus. Where is your focus. If you are only focused on the things that are not right, you are going to have miserable life, but if you are focused on the good, things and people you do have, you are going to have a good life. It is that simple.

Where your focus goes energy flows. -Tony Robbins

By the time now you probably already figured what good life means to you, and some of you, I believe, already live good life, the one you always dreamed of.

For those that is looking to live a good life; tell us in a comments below, what good life means to you, and how you are going to achieve that. Can’t wait to hear from you :))

Social Life

Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries are crucial to have a good relationships. You can set boundaries at work, to your closest family, in friendships..

Boundaries are when you show or tell people how you want to be treated, how they need to interact with you, in your relationship with your partner-who does what, when, and where, to everything work smoothly. You can also set boundaries to your kids such as: knocking on your bedroom door before entering, you want their homework to be done by some certain time, no violence in the house.. It is a set of rules!

Let’s find out

Every household should have their set of rules. Only by having rules in the house, in partnership, everything can work out smoothly, otherwise, things can get out of control. What do you think?

Make sure to set healthy boundaries

People often set boundaries just to protect themselves, and that is O.K., because they must’ve been hurt in the past, and don’t want to be hurt again. But, if you set boundaries just to protect yourself, be careful not to build walls, because if you build walls, you might not let the good stuff coming in, if that makes sense.

Hare are

Boundaries should be agreed from both sides. One should come up to boundary, and the other should agree upon that, it has to be mutual, in order for relationship to expand. That is the whole purpose to boundaries, for relationships to expand and thrive.

I will never forget when I was watching a podcast and the woman there was talking about her romantic relationship and how this relationship works perfectly fine. She was saying that when she met a guy, she explained her situation saying that she is not going to tolerate alcohol if the end up together, and the other two things that I can’t remember now.

Basically, she didn’t like her father how he was acting and what was he doing, and she want a man in her life complete opposite, she knew exactly what she wanted, and that is why she got it, because she asked for it. So the lesson here is to be clear about what you want and communicate that.

Whatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have. -Anonymous

I liked the blog post from @happilylover about setting boundaries. Read it here:

Many people think if we set boundaries we will act like a boss, treat people like they are our servants or so, but that is far from the truth. It is only the things that you know you can’t tolerate in the relationshipy, and that should be clear to both parties.

To ste healthy boundaries talk clearly, with soft voice, try to find win-win situation, be polite, easy to talk to…really, it is not that hard, and they will look at you with different eyes, treat you with respect, I assure you.

Mental Health

Stress is the real killer

There was a no person walking on this planet that didn’t experienced stress. Stress is something that can’t be avoided in this simultaneous world. There is so much going on in this world right now. In a smaller countries, I think, is less going on, but in those largest ones, I can’t even imagine, very overwhelming I believe.

Question for you: “How do you usually feel when you are stressed?”

I find myself feeling overwhelmed, my mind is racing, short breath, feeling like a headless chicken, my heart pounding faster, I have a temper, I want to yell, hurt somebody, argue with people…

“The truth is that stress doesn’t come from your boss, your kids, your spouse, traffic jams, health challenges, or other circumstances. It comes from your thoughts about your circumstances.”
―Andrew Bernstein

Self-awareness is the key. When you become aware that you are stressed and that you need to stop that, everything is going to change, but only if we do make some changes. We need to be kind and patient with ourselves. Everything in life is practice, whatever that you want to achieve, you need to practice doing that, and eventually it will be your second nature.

Here is the video that I filmed not long ago about stress. Watch it here and learn more:

What can cause stress:

  • Money worries
  • Poor management and work colleagues
  • Fights within family
  • Poor health
  • Unfaithful partner
  • Betrayal
  • Lies about you

We don’t wanna continue this rout if we are feeling stressful. Whatever stresses you, you need to find a way to stop it, for good. Again, it is awareness that will move the needle the most. It is the awareness that will bring you from feeling stressful, to feeling fine about whatever is going on around you.

You can start with writing everything down. Writing is always a good choice. Because it is like you are taking charge, you are taking responsibility about how you feel, and you want to change that. Write down what stresses you, and what can you do to make it stop.

First, you can make a list of the things that the most stresses you. “What are the things that most stresses me in my every day life?”

Second, for every thing you wrote, now write down, why is that. “Why is that this thing stresses me that much?”

And third: “What can I do about that?”

Try, take charge of how you feel, be honest with yourself, and your future self will thank you for.

We don’t need stresses in our lives

Success is measured not by the amount of things that you hold, not the businesses that you built, but by the amount of joy that you felt along your journey.

To help you with that, minimize your stress and become the most joyous person that you can be, read Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily. I really really really hope this can help you. It is crucial for us to soothe ourselves in stressful times, and to take good care about ourselves.

I want to leave you with a question to ponder: “What if there is very little to do?!”

Free Time

What a healthy lifestyle look like

Lifestyle you are living right now is in the direct proportion of how healthy, wealthy and happy you are.

Many people don’t see how destructive their behaviors, habits and lifestyle is. And to answer this question, determine what is it that you are doing wrong, actually come to conclusion what doesn’t serve you, and you need to stop doing it.

Make a list of the things. First, put one big title called something like: “A habits I hold that doesn’t serve me.” And put things such as: staying up late, smoking, thinking negatively, scrolling too much social media, gossiping people, spending money on dumb things, not washing my teeth before bed…

Once you finish that list, take a closer look on the things you wrote, and ask yourself a question: “Is this really s big deal?” “Where did this lead me?”

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis, author of Lotus-Eating

Once you find out why you were holding negative habits, and where that took you, if you continue on with them, make a plan how you are going to reverse that bad habits, and what are you going to do about that.

Your plan to stop this negative habits will be dependent of course on the habits you want to stop doing, and a plan that you are going to have. For each bad habit, make a list of the things you can do to stop your negative habit.

Let’s do the example so you can see how can you do that. Let’s say you want to stop scrolling social media that much. Here is what you can do:

I want to stop scrolling social media that much, stop living other people’s lives, and start living my own life.

I am going to create some time away from my mobile phone

I am going to focus more on me and be aware of my surroundings

I am just going to check my phone fast and leave it behind straight away

Once I find myself scrolling social media relentlessly, I am going to immediately stop it

I am going to learn to go to the shop, go for a walk, visiting my friend, without taking my phone with me

I am going to turn off Internet connection. Turn on only when I need it.

… and so on and so forth.

“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Here is a beautiful article on what is healthy lifestyle, and why and how to adopt it:

Many people go to extreme, they stress themselves out, they push their limits, they take big bites, and they get too exhausted, they end up feeling failure, depressed, and unmotivated to continue on. You please, don’t be one of them.

Rather, take small changes, and start with the one. Incorporate in your daily routine only one change. The important thing is to make your changes pleasurable and easy to follow. Pick one thing on the list and stick to it. You will se how many satisfactions will that bring you. And you will want more of it.

Healthy lifestyle isn’t just about food, and water intake, sleeping well, resting often, but about money, relationships, fun, travel. Healthy lifestyle is overall picture of the self. Everything should be included as we are body, mind and spirit.

We also live in material and spiritual world, and we must satisfy all these components.


So, what a healthy lifestyle looks like to you?

Tell us in a comments section below ;*

Ok, let’s sum this up, since this is the post about how healthy lifestyle look like:

P.S. There is no order here 😉

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Sleep well
  3. Meditate every day
  4. Take care of your hygiene
  5. Journal
  6. Have healthy relationships
  7. Forgive and let go
  8. Eat 3 or more times high quality food
  9. Spend time in nature
  10. Move your body
  11. Exercise every day
  12. Travel often
  13. Buy experiences no stuff
  14. Save to invest
  15. Read books
  16. Have fun with your family and friends
  17. Be close with your family members
  18. Go out and have fun
  19. Help another human
  20. Breathe deep
  21. Laugh often

I will finish here since these are the most important, I think. What would be your point here? Have I missed anything here? Again, tell us in a comments below. Thanks in advance!


The importance of being specific

First, I will tell you a story about how specific or not I was;

So I decided to go to other town that has a celebration, and I knew there will be a lot of people over there. On a way to there, I was repeating myself a phrase such as: “I will meet an interesting guy, spend some time with him, and we will exchange our numbers.”

That is exactly what happened there, but the guy was much older than me, and he had a belly 😀

Imagine now me being specific instead, saying things like: “I will meet for the first time a friend for a life time, he is good looking guy, good at heart and soul and has a zest for life.”

Will I meet that guy? I don’t know. But what are the chances that I don’t? I already met “some” guy.

What are some of your specific/or not specific stories? Write us in a comments below. We would greatly appreciate if you share with us, helping us to see a bigger picture.

Please read a great article from Shawn Lim about The Importance of Being Specific with What You Want in Life

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. Lily Tomlin

Watch a Youtube video of mine and learn more about how and why to be specific. Believe me, it is super important. So many people are not being clear in communication, at work, in partnerships, and so on.

In this video I tell another story of how I wasn’t being specific again, and how I didn’t get the answer that I expected.

Do a exercise; take a piece of paper and pen or a notebook, and write the title “What do I specifically want?” Then below that title you can write about “emotions” as a subtitle.What do I specifically want to feel? And write everything about what do you specifically want to feel. Now money, relationships, family, friends, travel, your body, looks, free time.. Just again, make sure to be specific! 😀

People don’t really know what they really want and that is what stopping them for asking. They don’t have a confidence to say out loud and ask

Life will always give what you ask for.

There is this truck that is passing by my house once in a while, and guy inside the truck, o the speaker saying something like this: “We will take your old refrigerators, computers, old television, stoves, old bicycles, sewing machines and so on.

Now read that again, they are saying old, and they are going to get old, no doubt, because it is what they asked for. Will they get a new thing sometime, of course they will, if they continue to ask for it. Here accent is on the old. that that is what they are going to get it.

The whole point is here that you are going to get what you ask for.

What do you think about that? Does this makes any sense to you? Comment below!