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Transforming your life requires accountability. To make the change, you need a complementary life coach that can guide you through the process, provides a safe space for self discovery.


Personal development starts with a plan. You set a goal and provide measure steps for you to reach those benchmarks. Maja cultivates an environment where you can prioritize the things that matter and stay focused on your priorities. Her session will help you reevaluate your life, be assertive, and shape your best self.


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Life does not have to be uncertain. Maja helps you shape a life purpose by crafting a vision for success. Taking action has never been easier as we are offering that is 2 hours of coaching where you can get clarity on where you want to be, and how to get yourself there from here.


Meet Maja:



You see, I was always looking and waiting for someone to support me, but that someone never came. Until the day I decided that I am going to be MY best cheerleader, from now on, and only then, everything shifted. I started to feel better, I started to look better, I started to do all the good in my life.


You have 2 hours of my time dedicated only for your journey and self development. We will discuss about where are you now, and where you wanna be in the future, I will give you tools and techniques how to get there, making sure that you achieve lasting change.


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Would you like to have a Mentor?A person to go to,when you feel low,your goals seem unachievable,you have fears and doubts,your family and friends are not supportive,or you might lack self LOVE?
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