The importance of being specific

First, I will tell you a story about how specific or not I was;

So I decided to go to other town that has a celebration, and I knew there will be a lot of people over there. On a way to there, I was repeating myself a phrase such as: “I will meet an interesting guy, spend some time with him, and we will exchange our numbers.”

That is exactly what happened there, but the guy was much older than me, and he had a belly πŸ˜€

Imagine now me being specific instead, saying things like: “I will meet for the first time a friend for a life time, he is good looking guy, good at heart and soul and has a zest for life.”

Will I meet that guy? I don’t know. But what are the chances that I don’t? I already met “some” guy.

What are some of your specific/or not specific stories? Write us in a comments below. We would greatly appreciate if you share with us, helping us to see a bigger picture.

Please read a great article from Shawn Lim about The Importance of Being Specific with What You Want in Life

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. Lily Tomlin
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/specific-quotes

Watch a Youtube video of mine and learn more about how and why to be specific. Believe me, it is super important. So many people are not being clear in communication, at work, in partnerships, and so on.

In this video I tell another story of how I wasn’t being specific again, and how I didn’t get the answer that I expected.

Do a exercise; take a piece of paper and pen or a notebook, and write the title “What do I specifically want?” Then below that title you can write about “emotions” as a subtitle.What do I specifically want to feel? And write everything about what do you specifically want to feel. Now money, relationships, family, friends, travel, your body, looks, free time.. Just again, make sure to be specific! πŸ˜€

People don’t really know what they really want and that is what stopping them for asking. They don’t have a confidence to say out loud and ask

Life will always give what you ask for.

There is this truck that is passing by my house once in a while, and guy inside the truck, o the speaker saying something like this: “We will take your old refrigerators, computers, old television, stoves, old bicycles, sewing machines and so on.

Now read that again, they are saying old, and they are going to get old, no doubt, because it is what they asked for. Will they get a new thing sometime, of course they will, if they continue to ask for it. Here accent is on the old. that that is what they are going to get it.

The whole point is here that you are going to get what you ask for.

What do you think about that? Does this makes any sense to you? Comment below!


How to be fearless in everyday life

Being fearless, is it possible? Definitely yes, but that doesn’t mean the absence of fear, not at all. Is there any person being without fears for the rest of their lives? I think not. Why? Because this world is ever changing, there is something going on constantly. People come and go, opportunities show up, social media, messages, calls… You can’t be without fear, but fear less, that you certainly can.

We need to understand fear, and from where it comes. We need to be able to feel it, acknowledge it, dissect it.

Why I felt this way right now?

Where this fear came from?

What does it telling me?

What should I do with this fear?

Should I proceed and forget about it or face it?

What is the root of my fear?

Did I have an early failure that has stuck with me?

β€œNo one but you is allowed to dictate what you’re worth.”

There is a great book if you want to read called: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It is one of the best books on fear and how to tackle it. Read my old Blog post about feeling the fear and do it anyway.

Being fearless is all about taking that step forward despite of the feeling fear. There is a great video also with Will Smith and how he had a big fear challenge for him. Watch it here:

What are you afraid of the most? It is most likely that if you face that thing you are afraid of, you will grow exponentially.

People feel fear for all kinds of stuff. Fear of abandonment, fear of not succeeding in life, fear of not being good enough, fear of looking stupid, fear of disappoint others.

fear can be driver too. It can drive you to earn more, if you fear poverty. It can drive you to find a partner, if you fear loneliness. What do you fear the most? To what extent you feel the fear? Does it motivates you or drain your energy?

  1. Feel the fear but do it anyway
  2. Stare at fearless people
  3. Be objective
  4. Be willing to look stupid
  5. Adopt a mindset of gratitude
  6. Seek out teachers
  7. Share
  8. Embrace struggle
  9. Read
  10. Use visualization

What is your way to fight the fear and be fearless, taking action despite of fear?

Write us in a comment section below πŸ™‚


How to create a life I love

Creating a life you are going to love is one of the most important projects you are ever going to have. Why? Because anything less than that is less important. We must own our lives, emotions that we are feeling, challenges that we face on a daily basis, and responsibility for how we feel, or are going to feel.

Think about it, nobody is responsible for how we feel. Other peoples behaviors should not be an “excuse” for how we choose to react. And vice versa, we are not responsible for someone else’s life, behavior etc.

We choose everything that we do, be or have. In any given moment, we have choice, either to react or respond. Unfortunately, many people choose to react, and that will lead them nowhere, only to more frustration.

We are truly creators of our own lives. Everything that we do and have now, is the sum of the choices that we have taken in our past. So choose it wisely!

First, you need to be clear about the question in the title; “How to create a life I love” and start answering some of the questions:

  1. Why I want to create a life I love?
  2. Can I create a life I want in the first place?
  3. What is life for me?
  4. What do I truly love about life?
  5. What would I really love to be, do or have in life?
  6. If anything is possible what would I love?
  7. What is one thing I can do today to be closer to the life I love?

It is all about knowing what you want to create, to specifics.

Why specifics? Saying “I need more money” can be a dollar more, but if you say “I want to earn euro 50.000 a month is very specific amount that you want to see on your bank account. Do you understand?

Take a sheet of paper and the pen, and start writing things that you love. What do you love? It can be your pillow, bed, blanket, sleep, hugs, butter, makeup, sales, flowers, sex, kisses, muffins, really anything.

Once you know what you love, all you gotta do is do more of that. And naturally, you are going to live a life you love.

You probably already heard saying:

Do what you love and love what you do.

It can’t be simpler than that, do more of what you love, and love what you do. See perfection and the beauty of imperfection in everything.

To learn more about the ego and how ego can stay on our way to grow in life, watch video below:

Really, if anything is possible, what would you do?

Again, take a piece of paper and pen and start writing what would you love to do, be and have. For every successful something it takes time, persistence, determination and patience.

If you’ve been living your life by default lately and you didn’t care much about improving it, and now you are determined to make a change finally, you need to do those exercises regularly, preferably every day. Why? Because this part is crucial for your success, continue strong for whatever you started.

It is kinda rewiring your brain, from living unfulfilled to very fulfilling life.

I wish you all success!


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How to live healthily

Healthy living is something that you should put a thought into, meaning second guessing everything that you do. For example; you have on the table mix salad and the burger and the fries, ask yourself: “Which one should I really take?” “Which one will I benefit from?” and so on and so on.

Watch this short 20 minute video about our health and what we should avoid or more implement in our every day life. Videos can truly change the way we see things, and our health should be our number one priority.

You are what you eat!

Something like this. You are what you eat or you are what you read, watch, consume…

Live healthily is not expensive how some people think, actually it is for FREE, or at least with the small fee. πŸ˜€ Let me explain:

  1. Water is for free in some countries. And fresh, clean water is crucial for health and longevity, it flushes your toxins, helps to boost your energy, your system works in harmony drinking plenty of water, helps your skin, and many more
  2. Oxygen. With no oxygen we would not be alive. We breathe all the time to survive, whether we are consciously of it or not. Many people breathe very shallow, but those that really focus on the breathing can be very calming and soothing for your mind and body.
  3. Foods that are fresh and colorful are like a fuel to your body. And really, if you put in your body low quality fuel, you are going to get low quality body energy, and you might get a disease only by consuming low quality foods, full of sugar and the fats.

Here I am leaving for you mine YT video about hot to live healthy and how health is FREE. Enjoy watching and learning.

The other day I watched another health related video that I loved so much, and as I was watching, I took the notes that I am going to share with you. Here they are:

1. Change the foods you eat – eat smarter, high quality foods

2. Movement and exercise – life is movement and so does your body. Move your body as much as you can.

3. Sleep – Sleep maximum 8 hours a day and in the afternoon take 20 minute power nap.

4. Meditation – Schedule some time to relax.

5. Ask right questions – Ask yourself questions like: “How to have more energy?”

6. Only healthy oils like olive oil – No vegetable oil. Coconut and avocado oils are fine.

7. Reduce stress – Breathe consciously and slow down.

8. Fatty fish, grass fed beef, eggs

9. Know thyself, self asses

10. Take 100% responsibility for your life

What do you do for your health and well being on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? Because it is not about doing only 3 things, it is about doing it all but in a balanced kind of way.

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Yours sincerely,



What do you want to do

There is nothing on this planet that we need to be doing, only the things that we want to do. I like to say that we need to be doing 4 things: eat, drink, poop, and eventually die, anything in between are our choices what we want to do, think it’s the right thing to do.
So you don’t need to stay as a florist if you don’t want to anymore. You choose struggle and misery, not the other way around. You choose to stay in destructive relationship, it was your choice to stay. Does it have to stay forever like that? Of course, not. You can choose make changes, forever and always.
Remember that there are no such things as you must do them, only your choice to do them.