How to build momentum

To build new better momentum, you can do that at any given time.

Do you know what is actually momentum? When you wake up in the morning, you are starting momentum. Now, the question is which one? What momentum are you going to build?

After lunch, once you are full, and when you are about to go to work on something, you are building new momentum. Again, where is your focus? What momentum are you going to build? What do you wanna create for yourself? How you wanna feel?

Momentum is something that I am working on, a lot lately. Now, I don”t have a tiny fraction of the doubt, that I can create the life I want, and so, I am working harder than ever to build momentum I really want to live.

Think of the train. Train is at the train station and is heading London, for example. It starts to slowly build up, and then it speeds up. That is building momentum. A train is heading towards London.

Reality check

Now, what do you have to do, in order to stop this momentum? You need to arrive at London station, in order to stop that momentum, or if necessary, stop at any other station before London, if it”s really needed, or you want to get out. That is how you stop momentum. You are just starting to slow down, once you decide you want to stop.

Throughout human history, in any great endeavour requiring the common effort of many nations and men and women everywhere, we have learned – it is only through seriousness of purpose and persistence that we ultimately carry the day. We might liken it to riding a bicycle. You stay upright and move forward so long as you keep up the momentum. Ban Ki-moon
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I will never forget when I was very stressful the other day, running through the house like headless chicken. I was in momentum, the bad one. At the point that I couldn”t handle anymore, because it was not healthy place to be. I just stopped whatever I was doing, and then I went to the bed. I stopped momentum. I relaxed.

Go to bed if you find yourself in a negative spiral. Do whatever it takes to calm yourself down, and once refreshed, from that point on, you can start building completely different, better momentum. The one that you really want to build.

Throw amazing momentum.

Do the reality check often.

Meaning, every day, just ask yourself: “How do I really feel?”, and if you feel down, just do the reality check. Ask yourself: “Why am I feeling down?” “What triggered that?” “And how can I make myself feeling even better?”

If you do this often, reality checks, it is going to be easier for you to stop momentum that is not at the high speed, or it”s just starting to build up. Do you know what I mean by that?

It is much easier to stop the momentum if it”s not at the high speed, but is very slow. So do the reality check often, so you can easily switch.

People with momentum can get so much done. Momentum is easy to lose and almost impossible to fake. Shaun King
Read more at https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/momentum-quotes

Have you ever heard business people, those that sell online something, or even athletics how momentum in their lives is starting to build up?

They work for years on some project, athletics trained for months on something… Nobody had a results at the first, but once the ball was starting to roll, it got bigger and bigger.

Those sales were coming in, coach was getting more and more clients, you got more views on your videos…etc.

This is normal, and this is also called “The compound effect”.

No gimmicks. No Hyperbole. No Magic Bullet. The Compound Effect is based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny. Little, everyday decisions will either take you to the life you desire or to disaster by default. Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine , presents The Compound Effect , a distillation of the fundamental principles that have guided the most phenomenal achievements in business, relationships, and beyond. This easy-to-use, step-by-step operating system allows you to multiply your success, chart your progress, and achieve any desire. If you’re serious about living an extraordinary life, use the power of The Compound Effect to create the success you want. Source

Albert Einstein is reputed to have said, ‘Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it.Source


To build momentum, the one that you want, you must start, start small. Start at something! And if you go with a wrong track, stop that wrong track once you realize it, actually immediately, have a rest, and from that point on, build new, better momentum. Actually always have your goal in mind, and I like to say: “Die trying!”



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How to trust the universe

Every time you struggle with trusting somebody, or trusting God, Universe, whatever, you should first ask yourself: “Do I trust me?”

And that should be your number one question that you need to ask yourself first. “Do I trust me?”

If anything you want to achieve in life, you need to first become it, and then just BE it. It is that simple!!!

Here is amazing article from the Deepak Chopra about 9 tips to release control and trust the Universe.

It”s all about emotions.

Your emotions are your guidance system. If you feel bad, that just means you are not trusting it. If you feel good, you have belief in it, and you are leaning towards it. It is like a magnet!

Wishing for something, but not believing in it, you are never going to get it. Do you now understand the importance of trusting, having faith and belief? It is huge!

Every action that you take, will lead you towards where you have to end up. So why bother?! Make sure to take massive, and from the point of belief action.

I singed now out loud the song with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston that I love so much. It is about the belief in yourself, belief in God, belief in the Universe, belief that you deserve all the good that life has to offer. By the way, this is one of my favorite affirmations.

“I am worthy of all the good that life has to offer.”

Here is the song that I highly recommend you listen on a daily basis. It is so powerful.

How to surrender to the Universe.

Have you heard a story of the Oprah Winfrey, when she wanted to play a role in the movie “Color Purple”? I think that’s what it was called.

She wanted to be an actress in this movie so badly, and she was doing everything necessary for her to play in the movie.

Basically, she came to the point when nothing seemed to work, and she gave up. She just stopped doing the things, and at that time, her famous song to sing was “I surrender all”.

After some time, maybe even the same day, she received the call from the producer, asking her to come to play in the movie. She was stunned! Isn”t that fascinating? The thing came to her, when she “Let go”.

We don”t know what is going to happen in the next 5 minutes, when we surrender all. We basically let go, and let God!

Here is her amazing story about how to surrender and let go. I like to come to this story once in a while, just to strengthen my belief in the universe:

Trust the universe and go with the flow.

This morning, I woke up at 3 AM with a crazy idea, that we are here only passengers. We are only passing through this life, and that we are only tiny dots in this vast Universe.

It kinda reduced my ego a lot, knowing that nobody is even gonna remember me in a 100 years time.

Laying down in the dark, in the middle of the night, seeing nothing but the dark, and the room that you are in, you came to realization what life truly is.

It is such a fragile thing. You never know what is gonna happen in a 5 minutes time.

So, to trust the Universe, know that you are so loved to be a part of this experience called life. That you have some purpose and meaning to fulfill.

Before you were born, there was the whole world that existed, a history so rich, and look in what we evolved now. Then you happened, for some reason and purpose, because Universe needed you to help other people.

We all feed off each other.

We are only passing through.

Every time you complain, you are not trusting it. When you say it”s hard, you are not believing in it. Every time you are not feeling good, you don”t believe in the process. Know that everything worthwhile takes time, and it is a process.


Meditation can make you aware of your thought. It can shift you in the moment NOW. You hear your breathing, you feel your heart pumping, and these are only two things in the many how you can trust the Universe. Because if you feel only these two things now, there is no tomorrow to worry, and there is no yesterday to blame. I really hope you understand.

You can”t just lay down.

We are the beings of the movement. You can”t expect to trust the Universe, and laying down on the beach. Don”t get me wrong, relaxing is a good thing, but doing nothing, is not going to get you where you want to be. You need to work for it!

What you put in, comes back to you. It is the law!

To sum it all up: The best way to trust the universe is to learn to trust yourself. Rather than just indiscriminately repeating the mantra “let go,” get curious about what specifically is preventing you from stepping up. And then let go of that specific thought, belief, assumption or whatever it is. Source

So do you believe in yourself that you are going to make this thing work, whatever that is? Do you often times disappoint yourself and you not follow through?

Answers to these questions will show you how much you trust yourself that you are going to follow through.

Actually pray.

Know that Universe has your back. You are here for the reason and purpose, and be grateful about that. You don’t need to know all the answers now. Just promise me, don”t stop asking for more.

Prayers are powerful. It is like letting go, and letting God. You are taking burden off off your back, and by praying, you are actually saying: “I am ready for more!”

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How To Stop Self Pity

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Why it is that we self pity ourselves? Who are we to say we are in unwanted situation? What that even means? There is no positive or negative, only thinking makes it so!

Self pity is coming from thinking small

What do you guys think? There is amazing book about “The magic of thinking big:”

Who are you to think that you are in unwanted situation? I will always say that somebody out there is praying to be in your situation. I hope you are having fun for where are you now, and what your situation is.

True Story

The other day I was walking with friend of mine and she was telling me stories about how stressful she is now that she became pregnant, and how stressful it is to move out to a different house, change the country and stuff like that.

I was like this is stressful to you? How come?! I was thinking this is the ultimate success for me. To have a guy, baby is on the way, planning future… But no!

The very next thing she said to me that many people admire me. Admire me?!?! Who am I to be admired to? I am just an ordinary girl, living by herself, doing her own stuff, going out here and there. There is nothing special in my life.

But it”s wasn”t for her. She admired me that she doesn”t have that freedom that I have right now, she doesn”t have that free will that I have. That was like, woow!

Can you see now that we see success differently?

Emotional Scale

There is something called Emotional Scale believe me or not. 😀 There are many emotions that we experienced until now, or will experience. The problem that we face, is because we stay for too long at one, and that is why we feel stuck.

You need to have a drive, you need to want feel better about yourself no matter what. You are now in the bubble and you feel comfy, because you are lazy to do something about yourself, your life. Isn”t that true!?

It is scary to reach out to a person and ask how, buy that book, because what will my spouse think. Scary to invest that money!

Everything is scary and uncertain, but guess what, we are going to do it anyway, because we have extreme ownership about our lives, extreme.

The most important thing

The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you are asking yourself. In this blog post I talk about the Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily

If you do this everyday, I promise you, you and your life will shift yesterday. Like you can change your past. hehe Not quite literally, but you get the point.

Everyday, ask yourself: “How do I really feel?” and “How can I make it better?”

Check maybe you are focused only on you

Faith plays huge part

We don’t have a faith in ourselves, that is why we self-pity ourselves, and we don’t believe in God.

Saying that you believe in something and then worrying, self pitying yourself is not a faith. It is contradictory. That is not a real faith.

Everything is interconnected in life.

Ask yourself: “In comparing to what?”

In comparing to not to have your parents alive. Have somebody to sleep with, but you don’t love him or her anymore?

In comparing to what?

There can always be worse. Always! We complain because we think the world is spinning around us, we miss to see that you are not the only individual that is going through tough times.

You are the world yourself, they are the worlds themselves. It is selfish to think you are only one who is in unwanted situation.

Remember this: ” If you feel bad, check maybe you are only focused on you.” And that is so true. We often times can”t see far from us, but there are another world. The are the people that need attention too.

A lesson

I watched video on Youtube from the Coach Corey Wayne, it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3jSBRR6Gos.

He was basically saying that he knows the people who has some physical disabilities, but they decided to make the most out of their lives, see the good in that are they disabled to. Isn”t that fascinating?!

Like how dare ara you saying that you are in unwanted or negative situations?! Look around you! There are the people that sleep under the bridges. Husbands manipulate their wives. Moms have a sick kids. Who are you to think only about you?

You are the world. We are all worlds. Take extreme ownership about your life and keep moving forward, towards the better future.

Here is the video that I made also:


You are going to feel like imbecile

After studying and researching all those people that they were disabled and in great poverty, but now succeeded, they are happy and they live their lives to the fullest, looking at yourself and your life, you are going to feel like imbecile.

Why we feel sorry for ourselves now and create same situations all over in our head, but instead, look honestly for where we are now, accept that, and then move on, create a better tomorrow? Why?

We don”t believe in God

I am not saying that you should believe in a God, and that God exists, but I am saying that you don”t have a faith in belief in life, in you, the creator that created you for some reason and purpose. We don”t believe in some greater power, and yet we don”t believe in ourselves.

What do you think? How to stop self-pity and why do we self pity ourselves? Are you pitying yourself? How that feels like? Is it uplifting, motivating, or energy draining? What made us think we are not good enough? There is something wrong with ourselves our lives?

“No more excuses. No more self-sabotage. No more self-pity. No more comparing yourself to others. Time to step up. Take action right now and start living your life with purpose.⁠”
― Anthon St. Maarten


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How to stop comparing yourself to others

Many people think: “Oh, I just wanna be free, I want freedom!” But the freedom, feeling free actually, has many forms. There is also being free of peoples judgements. I think you should be appreciative for who you really are, you should definitely accept yourself. There is no one better than you. You are good as you are. There is no need to compare yourself to others. That is such a waste of the time and energy.

In case you don”t like something about yourself, know that you can change it. You can! If you don”t like your hair, change the style, change something. Change the actual thing that you don”t like. If you don”t like how your confidence is low, and you have a fear of public speaking, change the damn thing. Go out there and speak. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I felt such a tremendous fear to give a guy my number. But I had to do that for my future self, because I knew deep inside of me, that my future self will thank me for. And it did! And I am so thankful for myself now what I did back then, and I am proud of myself that I did that. I compare myself to other people now much less than before. Why?! Because I know that I am special and unique on my own way. And I am! So are you!

Be aware.

You and me might comparing ourselves to others not even realizing it, and then comes the awareness. Being aware that you and me are comparing ourselves to others is huge. Once you realize that, just stop it.

One more thing, who are we that we decide what is good or bad? Often times what we think is bad, to somebody is just enough, and they are happy with that. Everything is objective thinking.

I still compare myself with other bloggers lets say. I compare my hair to my friends hair. I compare myself with the one more successful than I am, but it is O.K. for where are we now. The only difference between me and them, is that they did something different, and they are doing it. I just didn”t discover how I can do the same. And the fact that I still don”t know how will I do that, doesn”t necessarily mean that I will not discover it. It just takes time and lots of trial and error.

Just stop.

Just stop yourself once you caught yourself in comparisons. Know that we are all right in our own reality. There are plenty of truths. Every and each one of us carries our own truth. What is the truth for me, doesn”t have to be to you, and that is how it goes.

Let”s say that a guy you are dating with, is telling you that he had even prettier girlfriends than you, but he wants to be only with you. Who is he to tell you that you are less beautiful than them? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just be with someone who thinks you are beautiful both, inside and out.

Count your blessings.

I used to have a notebook that I was writing in all the things I am grateful for, and I filled the notebook all in. Now I count my blessings at all times, every single moment. I try to find the things I am grateful for.

Why are we wired to see only what is missing and neglecting for what we already have? For what we have, it is enough. Why we always want more? Is that healthy after all?

Learn to compete with yourself instead of others.

I think social media here is huge. People spend so much time watching other peoples lives instead to focusing on theirs. That is such a waste of time and energy. Watching other peoples lives, you are neglecting your life, and you put your own plans, and your own life, in second plan. Don”t do that to yourself!

We are all different and so unique. We all live differently, we look differently, we work different jobs, etc. Why you are here where you are, I don”t know. But that is exactly what makes you unique, and your life a grand design. Comparing yourself to others should not take a place, if you understand yourself and you own your life.

Have extreme ownership of where you are in life right now, compete with yourself from yesterday, and you should be feeling better about yourself.

Focus on the quality of your life, not the quantity of your likes.

This is huge. How quality are you eating? What is your lifestyle? How are you spending your days off? How do you rest and relax? You should definitely have a closer look of how you spending your everyday life. Things that you do on a daily basis should be quality made, otherwise your life and lifestyle will suffer.

You are so much more than the likes you get.

We live in material world right now, and we came here knowing that. The only problem is when we attach ourselves to something. We act like if we don”t get that thing we are not going to be happy, or vice versa, and yet, if we get that thing, we will be happy. Why are we not happy now, with what we have, and why are we comparing ourselves to those that we think they have it all???

Become your authentic self right now.

To stop comparing yourself to others you need to know how special, authentic and unique you are. Once you realize that, comparing yourself to others will just naturally stop, and you are going to live like free life.

Don”t get me wrong, we all compare ourselves to others, the question is this. How do you feel about that? If you feel like being inspired with seeing how others live their life that is the good way of comparisons.

What do you think about that?


How To Not Feel Overwhelmed


Do you feel like you have so much to do, but not enough time? Yes?! Then keep reading. I will give you tips and tricks about how you can control your emotions and go through they easy, relaxed, and full of trust. Do you feel like you need all of this in your life? Then you are on a good page.

Is there a day in your life that you felt good, not overwhelmed, and relaxed, full of trust? Admit to yourself! You and me, everyone around us, are wired to look for a negative, but why? Why do we notice what we don”t have, where we are not yet, and what we don”t have? Why is that? Why do we miss on appreciating and noticing what we already have? Because there is so many things to be grateful for right now. No matter where you are right now, no matter what you are going through, there is always something that you can be grateful for.

Meaning Overwhelm

I think big problem in our society is trust and faith. Trust in ourselves first. We say we will quit smoking, but we continue to buy cigarettes, ad then we beat ourselves up, because we think we failed, but that is so far from the truth. That is exactly what makes you feel bad. Beating ourselves up for the things that we are not doing, but we should.

How does being overwhelmed look like?

You forget the things, you mix up the dates, you can”t focus on single thing, you are messy, dirty, you look stressful, you drop the things, you are frumpy, it is easy to irritate you, your appetite may change or you could skip a meals, etc…

“The way you live your days is the way you live your life”
― Brigid Schulte, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the TimeSource

I used to feel very overwhelmed, but why, because I was noticing what it is not, but should”ve be done, and missing on most important time, time NOW. Thinking about the past and future can overwhelm you to extent that you can become very stressful. And you feel like you could pull all your hair strands from your head. This things are real! Please, focus on what makes you feel better, follow good feeling thoughts.


We all feel overwhelmed at some point in our lives, and that is O.K. We are humans after all. even majority of the people feel overwhelmed most of the time, even every day, and to get rid of this emotion, we need to be able to just relax, just relax. Take a deep breath, say out loud: “All is well in my world!” and do every day our tasks will full trust, faith and total immersion. Not to multitask, but to be fully in the task after task. Give ourselves all into what we do. Do you feel like this would help you stay focused and not to feel overwhelmed again? Comment in a section below. And tell us what you do, to stay focused?!

I want you to be focused on what you want all throughout the day. Constantly thinking how you would rather feel like, and just switch, just switch to that better feeling thoughts. It is not simple, I know, life can sometimes be really hard, but it is not impossible. We should be able to control our emotions, and we can, just be consistent, work on yourself, and control your emotions. These tools are simple but not easy, and I promise you, if you are going to practice it, it will become your second nature.

Take a break and take a deep breath. Just ponder, think about something very carefully, make a choice, and take action towards it.

I really love the things that can elevate our mood instantly. Here is a Video of the Rachel Hollis and she is giving you advice on how not to be overwhelmed during this pandemic times.

      1.Focus on the things you can control

Like, you can”t control the government, you parents or a spouse, your kids, only yourself, your emotions. Do I think it”s easy? No it doesn”t easy, but it”s worth it. And the things that are the best in life, often times takes time.

      2. Create stability with daily habits

It means like, embrace your daily habits, make them stronger, better, do something different, implement new, better ones.

      3. View as an opportunity, not the challenge

How often do you use the word PROBLEM? How does it sounds like, when you hear someone talking about problem? It weights a ton, right? It sounds so heavy. It doesn”t have to be like that. What you can do is, talking about that as a solving puzzles, a mystery. Does this sound better? I am sure it does. Stop using word problem, instead, use words such as: challenges, game, opportunity to grow… Ways are many.

       4. Edit your social media intake

What makes us being overwhelmed is watching other peoples lives. Watching and living their life, instead of focusing on your. Of course you are going to be overwhelmed, because you are missing on most important things, and that is you in the being now.

       5. Plan moments of joy into every day

Plan every day like it”s your last. What is the point of being serious. Nobody should be serious all the time. Life is a game, this is a game, so play with it.

Put the music on, and dance like nobody is watching. Put your favorite sweat pants and watch the movies that you really like. It is that simple.

What are some of the ways you are trying to feel overwhelmed a little less? Share with us in a comment below. Have you found this article helpful? What are the tips and tricks that you are going to start implement in your own life?

Do you know somebody who is in stress right now? Share with them this article, and help them raise up like a Phoenix.