Your Words Create Your World

Your words are the most powerful force in the universe. What you speak out becomes your reality. How many times you said to yourself: “I cannot loose the weight!” How many times you said to yourself: “I always drop something!” and guess what you always do? You always drop something.

I”ve been always saying and thinking either at loud or internally that I am small, that the beautiful things in life are not meant to be in my life. This was so wrong! The fact that you are on this planet and you are alive, just show you that God loves you and that you have access to all the things that are out there.

You can”t think negatively and expect to live positive life. If you wanna life positive life, you need to think positively. You can”t expect to think negatively and live positive life. It doesn”t go this way. It is the law. Repeat to yourself every day: “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!”

Since I know myself, I was always saying: “I will never be fat.” “I will never gain weight.” And guess what? I have 36 years now, and I look better than ever. I am very fit. Maybe because I was always saying: “I will forever stay this way!”

Joel Osteen is one of my favorite speakers. He is just a master in delivering the message. Love this speech about how your words create your reality. Do yourself a favor and watch this video, really listen what he has to say, because it”s so powerful.

The words of the I AM are the most powerful words in the Universe. What do you say to yourself and for yourself every day? Do you say to yourself I am so small, or do you say to yourself, I can handle anything that life throws at me? Do you say to yourself I am healthy and strong, or do you say to yourself I am always tired? How many times a day you hear people how tired they are, sleepy, etc. Maybe they are, and they should rest themselves, but repeating more of the how tired you are will just get you more of the tired. Do you understand this? Instead of saying how tired you are, say to yourself: “When I get home, I will get myself ready for the sleep, and I will sleep like a baby. I do this in the last couple of months and I really sleep like a baby, feeling fresh in the morning and well rested.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

When I was working in a restaurant, I wanted to work in a shop, stocking shelves, work on checkouts and that is what I wrote on my CV. Guess where I work now? In a shop, stocking shelves, scanning peoples products. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true! Now, do I really want that? Of course not! At that time, I thought this is the top of the career I wanted, until I realized it. Hey, this is not what I really really want. What I really really want is to be a very well known personal development blogger. That is what I really really want.

Now I am thinking, expecting and creating much much much bigger things. Because there are the things that we think we want, and the things that we really want. Things that I really want are much bigger.

“Your brain is like a plant. If you plant a seed in it, it will grow into a big idea.”
― Jane Kang

It takes practice. Practice always makes perfection. If you were thinking negatively, making yourself very small, it will take some time to develop power thoughts.

I am lately working a LOT on this. When I say a LOT I really mean a LOT. As soon as I open my eyes, I start thinking positively, I express gratitude, I set intention of how am I going to spend my day, and I feel amazing! I will probably never stop doing this, because it makes me feel so good.

Imagine you have an idea about creating a world known website about personal development, and you talk with everyone about this, you have a clear vision of how it should look like. You feel with all your heart that is possible. Would you just set and forget about this? No you wouldn”t!  You would work on it, because you feel and know it is possible for you.

There is amazing quote about how we should taste our words before we spit them out. Words that you put out are so powerful. You basically speak into existence. I am sure, there are some words still ringing out loud in your head from the years ago. Words are so powerful. It can influence you, positively or negatively.

I will never forget a child sitting very close to me, looking myself in the profile and saying out loud: “Mom, a witch! hahaha Kid saw a witch in me. XD Words like that can affect all your life. I decided to not to bother about this. I do have a nose that is not super straight and a jaw that is little bit sticking out, but that is me, and nobody is like me. I am unique, and this is exactly why that makes me special. I am special, you are special, everybody are special on our own funny ways or shapes, and that is beauty of life. Seeing the beauty in everything, seeing the beauty in the difference.

I will tell you how I manifested a guy. For a very long time I lived believing how it is hard to find a guy, and I almost thought how I probably never will. Until the day I spoke with my sister and friend of mine, and after the conversation, I figured out that I have some blocks. For a week I was saying mantras like: “I am opening myself up for a guy!” And this is what I got, I got a guy. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true. Now I am saying: “I am opening myself up for a serious, beautiful relationship for a lifetime. 😀

What do you think about this? And what are the words you keep saying either to yourself or to your closest ones? Do you speak out about your goals, or do you keep them for yourself? Tell us in a comments below.