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Diving Deep

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Diving deep is a questioning everything, to examine something in great detail. Do you dive deep? You should! You can find the answers! You can! You just need to ask. Why we don”t have a habit of asking questions? I think it is because we will appear weak, uneducated, or stupid. If that is the reason, it is very sad. Sad because we will never grow if we are not learning, not expanding, and so, please, please ask questions. To yourself first! I wrote a Blog Post about the questions you need to ask yourself daily. You can find it here.

You can never be able to change your circumstances if you are not aware of the ones that you have, (read: being aware of the ones that you are doing and that doesn”t serve you.) It is so simple in life. Take Full Responsibility For Your Life is also a post that is related to this one.

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How creative you are? How much on a scale from 1 to 10 is your creativeness? Do you ever wonder why you are here? Who you are? Where are you now and where you wanna be? Who are your parents? Who are your siblings? What they do in life? What are your concerns? Why you worry? What  you worry about? You are never going to be able find out answers if you don”t ask, right? How can you ask? Who you ask?

I am a big believer of starting from yourself. You are your own best everything. Mother, father, sister, brother, a friend. All the answers are within you already. But in order to know some things, you need to be honest, sincere, and ask yourself specific questions.

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I”ll never forget the day when I had to ask a friend of mine something about the luggages at the airport. I send her over a question, but I wasn”t specific enough, and guess what, was I getting specific answer? Of course, not! You need to be specific, and really dive deep into the questions that you need to find out the answers.

I will give you an example now. Let”s say you are a mentor. And the person that hired you wants to take her life on a next level. What do you do? You ask questions right? But not just a random questions. You ask deep ones. The ones with a why, not just the ones with a yes and no answers.

You ask: “What is your biggest accomplishment?  How did you do that? What it took you to accomplish that? How important that was for you? Why this? Why not something else? You get the point, right?! I hope you do!

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There is so much questions that you can ask and come up to astonishing answers. Isn”t that amazing!? Don”t you wanna know why are the things they are? The only thing that I know is that self education no one can take from you. Listen what the rich people are saying. They are saying that if they go broke today, they will be able to attain riches once again. And why is that? Because they developed the skills, abilities, and they come up to some answers. They cracked the code. We can do it to.


Choose Wonder over Worry

Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands Resistance. Definition of Resistance is a refusal to accept or comply with something or ability not to be affected by something. Opposite of that is allow things or people to come to you or make that first step and make a risk. Never stop wondering and go for it. Release this blockages and be open to everything and everybody.


Never stop wondering




One of the biggest frustrations I hear from people is that there”s too much to do, and there”s not enough time. “Not enough time”, of course, is a feeling. A myth! A story that when we buy into it, we run around trying to fit more and more into our schedules and lives. We rush from the next thing to the next thing, without appreciating where we are in this moment. We believe that if we do and accomplish and experience more, we will be happier and healthier and richer and wiser and loved by all. But instead, we”re just stressed the fuck out.

Take a sheet of paper and write down two lines. On a left side things that you would like to do, and on a right side, things that your soul craves, something that you really really want.






I once was the envious seething friend who struggled to be happy for others. When I witnessed others following through on the dreams that were still seeds inside of me, it brought up all kinds of demonic voices in my mind that told me I was not worthy or good enough or moving fast enough. Every morning when I jumped on social media, my story of being so far behind was reinforced by the highlights of others. While it was 9:00 A.M., and I was still in bed, blurry-eyed and yawning, my creative heroes were announcing the movie deal they just got for their book. A couple traveling the world had posted yet another video of their tanned toned bodies, and how they”re making a killing in their careers, which made me want to punch them both in the face. My ex-boyfriend was now engaged and with his fiancée halfway across the world, which could only mean one thing:


Now, I stop measuring my success by likes and page views, and learned to instead measure it by inner truths expressed. It became less about receiving validation and applause, and more about uncovering whatever in me was ready to come through.

Shine your damn light.

Please be happy about your journey. We need more people to be joyful about their paths, and living in alignment with what feels truth for them.


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When you are open about enthusiasm, you will learn two things:

1. Who is truly and deeply an advocate for your success, and

2. Who is truly and deeply threatened by it, and who may even, consciously or unconsciously, try to bring you down.

It is not your responsibility to pull those who fall into the latter category up and out of the crab bucket. You need not be a savior to those who are still finding their way. Only they can do that.

​Jealousy and comparison and envy can devour us, so please do not let how other people feel about you devour you too. I”ve yet to meet someone who hasn”t dealt with some form of envy or comparison. The difference is: those who”ve moved beyond it were able to dismantle the scarcity-driven story in their mind that believed in a world of me versus them. In doing so, they got back to what mattered most: their work, their gifts, and the expression that wants to come through them.

And that”s what”s at stake right now: you best and brightest work. So shine your damn light, and let what you create radiate from the inside out. That”s the best thing you can do for yourself, the world, and those who are ready to receive your work.

To every person who”s fallen into the trap of comparison, remember this: The only person you can measure yourself against is yourself. No two people have the same background, circumstances, desires, values and gifts. When you”re caught up in what they”re doing and how far they”ve come, you”re losing sight of what wants your focus and attention: your own right and true path. Trying to constantly be better can hinder your ability to simply be. What matters is where you were yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and the progress you”ve made since. That is how you get ahead, come alive, and achieve and belong in precisely the way only you know how.



Think about it: if you were to read the biography of someone”s life, and they experienced a perfect childhood with perfect parents, had perfect looks and were loved by all, and then their work went on to become an overnight success, would their story be very interesting.

I think not.

Interesting is Paulo Coelho being rejected over two hundred times before he went on to publish The Alchemist. It sold 65 million copies, was translated into eighty languages, and set the Guinness World Record for the most translated book by any living author. Imagine if he had given up at rejection 1 or 5 or 10 or 99 or 150 or 199? Sixty-five million people wouldn”t have been touched by his work.



You cannot judge someone and love yourself at the same time.

Judgment is a mirror. A reflection. It shows you what you”re denying and repressing inside of yourself. It illuminates where you”re self-righteous. It”s a map, pointing you to the place that you”re afraid to accept within. As Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” What we judge in others wants to be loved and embraced within us. It”s an abandoned part of us calling out, “Hey! Pay attention to me! Notice me! Love me!” But so often we get caught directing our attention outwardly at them, and then we miss out on the wisdom that judgement is trying to deliver to us.