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My experience at Tony Robbins Seminar

It was incredible. As I am writing this now, feeling so happy, but yet sad, with a tears running down my eyes. I connected myself with myself. I literally tapped into my power within, and that is the seminar”s name: “Unleash the Power Within”.

You are never going to find out how that seminar helped me, how I felt there, and what was all about. That was one of my greatest experiences ever, if not the first.

Was very intense. Four days in a row, mornings until evenings. We talked about everything. Basically how to do and be better. We danced and singed a lot, celebrating life.

You might be listening his speech online for free, and you can understand all of that, but coming on the event such this is very much different. You can feel peoples emotions, your own are coming out. You are getting chills. Nothing is the same anymore. We are living by experiences and you could only bring with yourself memories, not the stuff.

I was writing a lot, because they were talking a lot. I don”t know about you, but I am thinking in quotes 😀 and they were talking such a smart stuff, and that was amazing, I had to write that down, so you are going to need a notebook, your own, not the workbook that you are getting for free, and make sure that you put your name and phone number on it, in case you lost it.

I made a youtube video of the experience. I hope I will inspire you, and you will do the same, book a spot in your nearest event about the UPW. Enjoy..

I will tell you now how I got the ticket. I was browsing Internet one day and saw the add about the seminar in London, Tony Robinns live. Got interested, because that was the chance for me. Opened the link and somebody reached out in a chat box, asking me what type of payments I wanna use. I choosed to pay a 100 pounds monthly, which was 9 months before seminar, just a month before the actual event I payed all my rates. So, you guessed it, the seminar cost 900 pounds. Was very handy, and as was time getting closer, I was getting more excited.

So, don”t worry about the money, they want you there, believe me.

I was a part of the 12.000 people from 66 different countries, it was like a rock concert. I was told this, I didn”t believe, but now I do. The public was very large. People were opening their minds, and they were ready for changes, they were doing something to take their life to the next level. I am so happy and grateful that I could be a part of this event. Life will never be the same.

Please, if you read this far, and you are very interested to attend this life transforming event, please, reach out to me, and I will refer you for the next upcoming event, by doing so, everyone will benefit, and you are going to get a 10% discount.

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