Time Management

Making peace with time

Time is huge. Why? Because everything happens within the time. There is past, present and future time. People can get easily caught up with time. If you are too much in the past, it’s not good. If you are too much in the future it is not good as well. All happens within the now.

Those that call themselves high achievers, like me, I think they struggle with time a lot.

If you want to learn about time and how to manage yourself in it, go to Udemy website, and find a course that suits you. Learn more about time management, strategies and tactics to get more stuff done. There is literally someone out there, who can help you finally find peace with time. So be helped, and sign up for some time management course.

People want a lot of things to get done in this century. If you are one of them, and it seems like there is no enough time for everything that you want to do, stick with me here, and I’ll help you with that, finally find a peace.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” —Saint Francis de Sales Source

Make a peace with time

Straight to the point

It is overwhelming, I know, but if you decide to change your bed sheets, and it is time to do that, why would you think cooking?

We can’t do two things at the same time. One task at the time. Which one is more important?  Food or clean sheets? Food. Then do the food. Only after full belly, change your bed sheets, and then take a nap 😀

Be fully present in whatever you do. Think what you do. Watch what you do. Don’t think cooking while you doing your bed. We are not wired to multitask.

I will never forget when I heard Jim Rohn saying how when he was in the office, he was thinking beach with his kids, but when he was at the beach with his kids, he was thinking office. You see now how this is broken? Who does that? Only those that can’t be in the present moment and struggling with their values.

Time is the most valuable commodity

So precious that you are unable to buy more. Once lost, it can never be replenished. Time is also the commodity that is most often wasted by people. -Simon Sinek Source

Really see time as the most valuable commodity. You are never going to be able get back the time. Once used, it will never return, so use it wisely.

Are you big on time? Trying to make the most in time and you really want to be productive? Then continue to read carefully.

Let’s say you wake up hour and a half before you need to leave the house. You have an hour and half to get yourself ready for that task.

First determine and get clear on why you need to go there, what are you going to do, how you are going to do it, who else is going to be there, how long will last, what do you need to bring, and so on and so forth.

What is the next important thing I should be doing

Always ask yourself this question. What is important to me and how should I prepare myself for this place that I am going to.

Do I need to get a shower? Is it important? What should I wear? Is it convenient? …

First, get yourself all dressed up for example, and only then do the jewelry. When you go to the bathroom, do all the bathroom stuff.

If you are in the kitchen, do all the kitchen stuff. While you are waiting for water to boil, make yourself a breakfast, take a bite and prepare the food that you are going to bring with you.

Videos are best on that. Nothing can’t explain you better than the video, better than the written word. I hope video above will explain you better about the time, and how to make a peace with it.

Slowing down will also help you. Don’t do anything in the rush. Practice being in the present moment.

Let’s say you are cutting your vegetables for the dinner. Feel the water washing peppers. Watch how your hands go putting them on a cutting board, take knife, feel the cut… This is being in the present moment. We all think it’s only about cutting vegetables, but there are whole range of the preparations before that cutting act. I hope you get the point?!

You are already successful

Don’t be worry about time. Time is only illusion and we are only passengers.

It is really only about finding what is working for you, that’s all. For me, doing one task at a time really works, it makes me feel I have control over me and the time. It is really that simple.

Are you doing To-do lists?

To-do lists are bunch of ****. We are not machines. We are not meant to make endless lists of the things we need to get done. Luckily, I stopped making to-do lists long before. It made me feel terrible. Sometimes, I didn’t feel like doing some things, and I would usually postpone it, and then make another one, rewrite it, for the day after. Stop doing to-do lists and your are going to feel new born, happy, free and alive.

Did it helped you a little bit this post? Again, don’t worry, just relax. You can even chant yourself these words: “relax”, “relax”, “relax”, “trust” 😀


The fact that you want to make the best out of time, you are already successful. Many people on this planet waste their time, you are not one them, and you are never going to be, so relax.

Do one task at the time. If you are washing your hands, then wash your hands, and from that point on, when you finish washing and drying your hands, you can ask yourself: “What is the next really important move?”





Motivation for 2020!

Year is just a year. It is what you make out of year. Everybody had a both, good and bad years. Some things you cannot control, and why you would. It is not a good thing trying to control everything around you. You just live this life and give best of yourself in New 2020.

You need to be able to motivate yourself. Nobody is going to come to you and tell you how you must do this or that. You need to find your own reasons to motivate yourself and succeed in life. Really, you, need motivate you.

I made a youtube video as well about the motivation. Watch it here:

I hope you will get some inspiration from this video.

I believe how we need to make resolutions on a daily basis. If you are going to start new thing first of January, what are the chances you will continue with this resolution all throughout the year? Researches show how 95% of people stop with their resolutions by the 15. of January. Just a 15 days of doing the thing and then giving up. This is exactly why we are not making resolutions anymore, because we know we will not go through.

Make a resolution to be better NOW, every and each moment. This is the secret of life. Every and each moment give best of yourself, but ask yourself first what really matters to you.

Everyday is a fresh start. Everyday you are choosing who you are going to be this day. You may woke up and decide that you are going to apply for a better deserving jobsall day long and feel wonderful. You may decide instead to go to office, spend all day long with your kids. You may be tired of being tired, and you may do whatever it takes to work on your body energy.

women s white top and orange floral skirt
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Believe in yourself once and for all. You are here for the reason and purpose. You are for the reason on this planet earth. Believing in yourself is so crucial. Believing in yourself, people will believe in you more. You will automatically act different, talk different and walk different. People will trust in your ability if you believe in yourself.


No one has dreams like you have yours. No one can dream your dreams, thas is why your dreams are yours. You are not dreaming this dreams, for no reason. You are dreaming your dreams, because they are yours, and you know you are capable of bringing them to fruition.


The one who have a will, will find a way. Have you ever came across situation that you couldn”t stand anymore, and you decided to do whatever it takes to make it happen, to change, to make situation better? You had a will, and you used all the forces to made that happen. At first you didn”t know the how, but after making that first step, second showed up, third showed up, and after some time, you came out of a difficult situation.

make this day great quote board
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I have a purpose and goal about this blog, but still, I know almost nothing about blogging. So, should I just continue or wait to learn what is really like being blogger? Of course not .To wait for something to be sure about, you might wait forever. Everything is unsecure. Life is unsecure. Crossing the street is unsecure. Do not wait for a perfect time, because there is no such thing as perfect time. To do the perfectly right is now, with the tools and resources you have now.


No one can dream your dreams. You are holding your dreams for some reason and purpose. No one can dream your dreams. Everybody hold dreams that they know they can bring into fruition. You better version of you knows who you are. Don”t stop! Start with a small baby steps. Every day, take small actions towards your goals. It always seems impossible until it”s done


Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star. While walking on this planet earth, don”t forget to look above you. There is whole different world. Looking at the sky, notice how there is limitless space, what will make you feel better. There is something beautiful when you realize you are drop of the ocean and the ocean as such. Think of yourself as a high valuable person, but also, see others as a special beings as well, and appreciate them for who they are.

multicolored bontainer
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Know that days, months and years will pass. What is important is what are you doing with this day today, month and your plans for the year. Live a life of no regrets. You might regret what you did in the past, but the time is now, now you are creating future. Nothing just comes easily, we need to work for it. What it is that you want? Create a list of the things that you want for this year to be. That might be developing new skills, creating a second income or finally graduate. What it is that you really want, and put the time and effort to get it.

For the times that you don”t feel motivated, you just don”t know how to inspire yourself. You need to inspire yourself daily. You need to read blogs, listen podcasts, go to seminars. You need to inspire yourself daily. Let inspire you a life that you know you can live it. Imagine a life of your dreams, know that you can, and let that inspire and motivate you. It is that easy!

I really hope this blog post now inspired you and motivated you to get that butt out of seat and plan your amazing future, because truly, everything is in your hands.

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Until that time, I wish you all the best and have an amazing and productive 2020 year.




Life Is Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

I love love quote by Steve Jobs. It goes like this:  “You can’t connect the dots looking forwardyou can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

I will tell you what I think about this quote and my meaning of it. Let”s say that you have some big goals for yourself in the future. You believe somehow that you can do it. You understand that everybody can, but you don”t have a clue how the hell is going to happen. Nobody knows! You cannot connect the dots looking forward. Nobody can! You cannot know with what are you going to deal with. Nobody knows! Tomorrow is a mystery and the time is NOW. Just decide NOW how that picture has to look like.

Looking backwards you can see how all happened for a reason. Everything fall into place. If the details of a problem fall into place, you suddenly understand how they are connected and you can solve the problem. You understand where your actions led you. You understand where your story that you was telling yourself and others led you. It is that simple. I believe now, looking back at your past, you understand why things happened.

black and white blank challenge connect
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“you can live your life forward, but understand it


You don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t know the future. So, dots cannot be connected looking into the future, only looking into the past.

I am a big believer into believing in ourselves, believing that is possible for us.

Have you ever played jigsaw puzzle? A beautiful landscape picture broken into thousand pieces (1.000). You know how it looks like. You seen picture on the box, you picked that one, but there is a journey to make that picture whole. You start to make the picture. You found couple of puzzles and you get distracted. You go and leave it laying there. The next day you are committed to do as much as you can. You have a laser focus on what are you doing, but all of the sudden you got tired and bored. You leave all and go doing some other things. I believe you get the point by now?

There is a journey to everything. Whatever you wanna accomplish is already here, you just need to connect these dots. And there will be times when you will feel tired, fed up, feeling like quitting because it”s too hard, but I hope you will never do, because what will you see at the end, this beautiful picture, is worth every day spending on it. Do you get the point? If you do, leave me a comment in the section below.

assemble challenge combine creativity
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Of course, to do all journey is much easier if you do it with your partner, your siblings, family. There will be people that will give you will to finish it all. They will push you through tough times.

If you don”t have a partner to go through whole journey, you gotta do it by yourself. It”s fine! You”ll get stronger! There are thousands of women and man, who go through all kind of situations, most of them pull themselves out as a victor, not a victim. Be one of them!

Everything is happening for a reason. Things, stuff and situations are given to you, because they know you can get through all of this. And if you have to solve some problem, look at this like opportunity, not setback.

We all go through life with a challenges. Always, but always remember that you are not alone. We are 7 billions people on this planet. You still think that you are the only one who is trying to put together thousands pieces (1000)? Think again! The question is here, are you believing or doubting yourself?

I really hope I inspired you here, with this content. I really do!

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Working Hard

What does it mean for you working hard? Do you ever had a feeling of tiredness, but at the same time it seems you didn”t much accomplished? So, staying until late night does not mean you are doing something meaningful.

For example, being at office, does not mean you are doing sales calls, you might scroll Facebook or update software. Do you see the difference?

The most valuable question you can ask yourself is: “What is the most valuable use of my time right now?” By questioning that to yourself, you will naturally draw yourself to the things that really matter.

Hard working hands

I remember a times when I worked in our family business. Those were times when I was working more that 12 hours, but I loved it, and it was our family business. Everybody would contribute that much, if they really care, but the question is, where will that get you. Do you taking proper care about yourself as well. I didn”t! That”s why I had a painful back. Was killing me.

One day I said STOP to everything, because I had to take better care of myself. I stopped working so hard. I focused on myself, my health, wellbeing and everything, and eventually I changed country of living, and thus far that is my best decision ever. I grew as a person.

I still wonder what does it mean to work hard, because let”s face it, people all over the world are waking up. They see potential in themselves and others, and they are trying to pursue their dreams. I am one of them. I try to be specific about my goals and everyday do something about it. I tried to fill myself with coffees, cut off my sleep, but it didn”t work, I felt so tired. Our body and cells needs rest.

If you keep asking yourself question why is that, why is that, why is that, eventually you will come up with answer. I still wonder what is the best use of my time. Should I go out with this friend, or better stay at home and work on my business. If I go out, I might be bored, but most importantly I might meet somebody new. What should I do?

Working hard doesn”t always mean being effective. We should be able to take a break, to sit back and relax. I was told just recently on my job how I am a “layd back”person. I took that as a compliment, because there are very rare people who are able to stay calm in a midst of busy times. I just don”t see anymore why we should freak out about the jobs that we are doing. Everything will solve out, eventually.

Now, your turn! What does it mean to work hard for you? How many hours do you put in your business? Maybe I just need to ask myself question more frequently: “What is the most valuable use of your time Maja right now?” And that will give me clarity, put me away of endless scrolling my Instagram and Facebook feed, and focus on the things that really matter.

How do you managing your time? What does it really mean for you to work hard? Do you feel tired and overwhelmed working hard? Do you feel like on a good track working hard? Do you feel like you wanna be some place else working hard or you have that sense or rightness?

If I helped you with this post, please leave a comment below and answer one of these questions. Have you ever asked yourself questions like these, and if you came up to answer, please let us know in a comment section below, we would be appreciative.

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Good Night Sleep Tight

To have a good night sleep is very important. Since I know myself, I would upon waking up go and prepare myself coffee. There were a times when I had just one cup of coffee, but lately I had 4, sometimes even 5 cups of coffee per day. That is definitely not good for your body, health and the mood, energy.

Until one day, I made myself, it was 7pm, two cups of coffee at the same time. My flatmate thought that I have a company in my room, I was too shy to told him It’s all for me. That night, my soul wanted to sleep so badly, but my body were awake, shaking of coffeein. It was great great struggle to fall asleep.

The morning after I said to myself: It’s enough. I am not gonna having coffee anymore. And guess what? I feel better than ever. When I am tired, I go to sleep. I learned to listen my body.

It helps guys, If you don’t have that thing in your house at all if you are trying to quit coffee of whatever. To have a coffee in your house, just for case if someone comes to visit, it will be more challenging for yourself.

What I do now, is I drink plenty of water, and I feel much better. My skin changed. It’s much softer, shinnier.

You know that feeling of heaviness in your legs? I don’t have any more, It’s gone, with the water that I drink. I believe water flashes in your body all the toxines and stuff that are not good. It cleans your body, inside and out.

Now what I do is, I have a big glass bottle of water in my room, and what I do, I drink water throughout a day. It is always handy and reminds me of importance of drinking water.

How do you know that your body needs water, and that you’re not drinking enough. Your lips are dry, you feel tired and fatigue, skin doesn’t have that shiness, you have a headache, you are craving all the time for food, when it’s on the contrary, you are just thirsty.

I hope you will find this text of value. If you do, please do like or share, and would love to hear your thoughts about consuming coffee, drinking water, this good or bad habits, in a comment section below.

Enjoy your day!