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The Success Code

I will be now straightforward and tell you what is the code. The code for success is: “Own Your Life!” Own your life!!!

You see, nobody is gonna land on your property, and offer you help, see you struggling and feel sorry for you. They are living their lives, as best as they can. Know that you, and only you, have that magic stick in your hands and make things happen, but only, and if you believe in yourself. Believe in yourself! Believing in yourself will automatically get you doing the things towards success, by not believing in yourself, you are going to just dabble. Is that right or right?

Your habits and behaviors determines whether you are going to succeed in life and feel fulfilled, or living mediocre life and feel unhappy. You body posture, handshake, your voice, everything. Look around a little bit, and observe people, I believe that you could tell something about them just by observing them.

Focus on Listening


Really listen what they have to say. Just by listening people you are building trust. They”ve been heard. It is great feeling right? You would love as well if something is on your mind, go to someone and just talk, share your story being understood.

People put all kinds of barriers if they feel they are being sold to. Many professionals are developing a completely different approach to selling – sometimes described as a feminine approach – more listening, less broadcasting. I encourage people to learn to talk about what they”ve done with confidence but also with dignity. The difference is tremendous.


Try different approaches when somebody shares a story with you. There is this one. Next time when they are going to talk with you, look at them deeply in their eyes, and really listen what they have to say, feel their feelings, concerns, or happy moments. Completely and totally immerse yourself to their story. At times things only happen when you look someone in the eye.

Think of friends or colleagues who have made interesting breakthroughs in the past year or two – exciting new clients, brilliant contacts, an engaging new job or work project. Ask them how the opportunity happened. Some will tell you that opportunities fell into their lap, or they were in the right place at the right time. You may feel your friends have talent or luck on their side, but other factors are also at play. Consciously or not, your friends did something different to move luck in their direction. They spent less time staring at screens, and more time in face to face conversations.

The best way to build trust is to sit down with someone and share time, small talk, refreshments, perhaps a meal.

Some of the most interesting emails begin “I read this and I thought of you…”

One of the best ways to be remembered is to ask for help.


There”s a huge difference someone telling you “I love you!” not doing anything about that, and saying “I love you!” and showing you how much you mean to them.

There”s a sound rule about talking about yourself: “show, don”t tell”, and it applies here. It”s better to give an example than state a fact. Stories are remembered longer than information, and good stories even longer. This is true for describing skills, but even more for personal values. Values are revealed by what you do, not how you describe yourself. Talk about what you”ve actually done rather than spouting abstract values

If I ask you now what are your dreams and desires, you might be telling me all of them, but are you doing something about that. If you don”t, do small steps today towards your dreams and desires, your future self will thank you for. Only that will hold you accountable, not just talking about your dreams.

Success Code

What is your success code? What do you think is crucial to feel and be successful? I wanna hear from you now.

I think everything counts., and when I mean everything, I really mean everything. Your environment, what you eat, where you go, who are your friends, what you do when nobody is watching you, what do you do in your spare time, how you take care about yourself, how you walk, how you talk, what you read, what you consume… Everything!

I am reading a lot lately. All the great achievers recommends to read a lot. I took their advice. I would rather stay at home and read a book, brainstorm ideas, than go with someone not worth my time. I guess I will never stop learning. I commit myself to that. This time I read a book called like this title “The Success Code” that I liked it so much.

Great thing that you can do while reading a book is being totally immersed in what you read, highlight the sentences that are interesting to you and taking notes.

More about how to effectively read a book I made in this video tutorial. Enjoy watching!

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I wish you a wonderful day.

Yours Sincerely,


Personal Development

Invest Like The Best

What is the Investment you may think? What do you think? What is Investment? Is it maybe putting money on a side and saving for future purchases that you are going to make? Or giving someone in need, such as your spouse, cousin, or friend? In either way both are investments.

I want you to tell me! Do you investing any money, and if you do, where are you investing?

Up until now I invested in books, seminars, travels, courses, and everything payed off, because I learned so much. I changed a lot, because I invested in my education.

In what are you interested in? What are your hobbies? What is most of your time on your mind? About what are you thinking all the time? These are all the questions that you need to ask yourself daily. Don”t just think thoughts. Separate yourself from thoughts and notice what is coming to your mind.

I am telling you, never stop learning. People often times sugar coat everything, even life. They say: “Life should be joyful!” But is it really? Maybe you are coming through some tough times, and that is OK, know that you are not alone.

There are millionaires that are alone and lonely, and at the same time, there are people that work ordinary jobs, still alone, but they don”t feel lonely. Why is that? Because they are working on themselves, and they trust process of life. Once, your biggest setback, will be one day your story of success. Never give up! Learn and learn!

Investing in some course that you are interested in, can bring you a knowledge, automatically you will gain a confidence, it will open your eyes, and that will after a while lead you to another course, then another. One day you will wake up and realize that you completely changed, and you will be glad, because you know that investing in yourself should never stop.

Dream Big

Invest like the best and greatest investor. Think about the purchases that you are making. Does it really serve you? Will that bring you back some value? You see, there are these investments (purchases), that are good and these that are bad. Choose wisely! Now you might be wondering how do I know is this good for me or not? Simply, are you buying for yourself, for you to feel good, or for others, in order to represent yourself in the way that they want to see you?

Be authentic! Let go of what everyone might think of you, and start investing your money wisely. It will paid of. And never stop learning!

Life is set of learning curves. Always try to do different things, educate yourself in things that you are interested in, and don”t forget to face the fears along the way. It is crucial to succeed in life and very important if you would like to live the life on your own terms.

What do you think about investing in yourself? In what do you invested, and does that paid you off? What did you learned? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Why did I wrote this Blog Post? Because I am investing in my education, and cannot imagine myself anymore living day to day life without researching about anything, purchasing courses, or doing something new, taking a risks.

Of course! I still didn”t where I wanna be in future, but I trust the process. There is an quote “Success seek for a good place to stay!” And I believe that is so true. Working on yourself in each and every way, can only bring you happiness, and that is all what matters.

I wish you guys every success!

Yours sincerely,



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