How To Raise Your Vibration

Don”t you wanna live your life to the fullest? Everyone would love to feel happy, fulfilled and joyful all the time. It is possible, for the majority of time, but it takes practice, lots of refocusing on the things that you want, feeling good about your current situations, taking actions regularly and believing in yourself. How to raise your vibration never been easier.

The key word here is feel. Feelings are so powerful. Cherish the ones that you feel the best with. Go and make the shortcut, find the reason why should you be grateful NOW.

I have a list of things on a piece of paper that I go through whenever I feel negative emotions. The list of things you can do too are: laying on your bed and listening favorite music, spend time in nature, read a book about your favorite topic, playing with your pet, meditate, watch comedies… Make your own list. Everybody”s list are different, you make your own unique.

There is so much more, like a movements, like drinking plenty of water and gratitude. Also, let”s say you “hate” your job, and you are trying to build your own business, just to end that slavery and become time free and financially free. Everyday you are running thoughts in your head like a: “When will all stop?”, “Why am I here trapped even though I know I can do it much better?”, “Why me?”, “I feel so tired, this job sucks energy out of me!”, “Why I need to go through all of this?”, “Not one more day there!” You get the point?!


That would not put you in a state of gratitude, excitement and joy, right? So, re frame it! You can say something like this: “Soon I will quit that job.” “I am working on it.” I am building my on line businesses, and eventually I will quit that job.” “Nothing lasts forever, so this will end up as well.” Do you understand now the power of re framing words? Words that you speak to yourself and out loud are also powerful. Everything is, all that you emanating out comes back to you.

There is actually a thousands ways how to vibrate high, how to feel good. There are thousands of books, courses, teachings, one of them is this one HERE. There is a small test that will show you where are you on the list when it comes to manifesting either your soul mate, dream job, lottery, or anything else. This audio book is life changing. The changes will not occur if you don”t open yourself up to a new things, new teachings. Open yourself up, think outside of the box, and watch what will happen. Just open yourself up, really listen what they have to say, and work on it, take some action, NOW. Tomorrow might be to late. Don”t forget that you are creators, not observers.

man holding woman s hand

I am assuming that you already work on your belief system, otherwise you would not end up reading this article, being on this Blog. How to raise your vibration?!?! Simply!!! Just do, speak, think, visualize, eat, drink, smell, wear, go, have, read, watch that you feel good about. It is that easy. Train your mind to look for good in everything. Set that phone on a side, stop scrolling, stop watching others peoples lives, and really focus on the things that you want.

Don”t forget to ask yourself all throughout the day: “How do I really feel?” We often times ask other people how do they feel, but what about us. More about this topic I wrote in this post if you wanna read further:¬†Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily¬†Please, do that for yourself, and for your family, friends, society and the world. Your mission is to grow on this planet, never stop questioning everything, read, learn and don”t forget to apply. THIS audio book is one of them. I believe in it!


Divine Intervention

Hi all! Read this book by Hazel Courteney about how she was channeling spirits. You might read this now and think: “My gosh!” “Spirits, what are they?” “What is all about?”.

Well, her idol was a Princess Diana, she even met her a couple of times, until one day she started a meditating, aka quieting her mind, and Diana now dead from the higher realms was coming into her consciousness to talk to her, about her accident that she has, that car crash, and the secrets of life.

Now, I am not inviting you to believe this story, just open your mind to a possibilities like this. And ask yourself: “Why would someone write a book, publish this, talking about how she can communicate with Diana”s dead spirit. I choosed to believe her. Loved this book, because, from the higher consciousness, you are realizing what is possible, and you are getting all the answers that you may have.

I am going to write this in paragraph some things that resonated with me. I hope it will with you too.

Diana from the higher realms says:

Whatever is expected tends to be realized, meaning that when we think and believe certain events are going to happen, we can literally bring them into being. What you think about the most is what you will have in your life. If you think about losing your job, not having enough money, not being happy enough, then this is what will expand and become your reality.

At the end of the day we should all remain as much as possible in charge of our own futures – after all, most of us can still choose what we want to do. It is true that some things might be set in stone, but the rest of life is moveable feast.

About the sun:

The sun was never meant to harm us, it gives us life. Without sunlight, humans, animals, plants and the planet will die. It is now well-known that sunlight helps to raise serotonin and other hormone levels which elevate mood and boost the production of vitamin D which protects our bones and teeth. Ultraviolet light helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, assists with weight loss and is an effective treatment for psoriasis. There is hardly a person on the planet who does not feel better and healthier after spending some time in the sun.

Eating meat:

When an animal is killed in an inhumane way, the fear the animal experiences resonates throughout its entire body and releases negative energies. And when people ingest too much invisible, negative energy they can become sick. Animal species will remain on the Earth longer if you love them with more respect, but those that are mistreated will become extinct. But be assured that they are cared for in our realms and pet lovers should know that their animals go on as we do.

Purpose in life:

If people want to know what their purpose is, all they have to do is to ask the higher realms for help. Once people offer to work for the light, they are never refused. Remember after Norma “woke you up” it was four years before you heard the word “write”. But because you had the intention to help others and your motives were honorable, the higher realms helped you. It takes time to set things in motion and you had to help yourself. This you did by reading so many books and going on courses. You did not sit and wait for things to happen – you went out and made things happen of your own free will. You created your own reality. We also live on planet that allows most people free will and those of us who have it are free to choose what and who we want in our lives, We moan a lot of things go wrong, but if we look at virtually any situation objectively, we still have choices.

We are all special:

No matter how rich or famous anyone is – they are only human. They get sick, have accidents and die just like anyone else, On earth many of you worship people because they are famous, wealthy or have great standing. Every single one of you is special, most of you don’t realize just how special, and what a huge difference you can all make.

Loving yourself:

Before you can save the world or anyone in it, you must first learn to love, and look after yourself. Everything begins with the self. I have long believed that the way to save ourselves a lot of grief and chronic illness is to take more responsibility for ourselves and our actions. Our lives would then change for the better. Don’t pay attention to things that you have no control over – it just wastes precious time and energy. All you have to do is take the first step – and you begin a positive chain reaction.

Try to replace every negative, angry, jealous or judgmental thought or act with a positive, kind thought or act. Concentrate on what you can change not what you cannot. Look at your life and examine what is wrong in it. What don’t you like about it? Who do you like having in your life? Who drives you crazy? Then write down three things you would like to change about your life. And do it today. If you want something badly enough, you have to be willing to make it happen.

If you are sick, buy a book on your specific condition. Book shops are groaning with highly informative, alternative ways to become and stay well. If you are suffering from lack of confidence, lack of money, low self esteem or guilt, there are thousands of self-help books out there written just for you. I fully appreciate there are millions of people who are too sick or disabled to help themselves and who need constant care and attention, and that the great majority of those who care about these people have the patience of saints. But most of us can choose what we eat, what we do for a living and we can choose our thoughts…and our thoughts create our reality.