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What is present moment and how to practice it

Present moment is all that you have. Everything begins and ends at the moment, not tomorrow, nor yesterday, but in the present moment.

It is very important what you are going to do in the present moment. Present moment will determine your future. Everything that you do today, will set you up for tomorrow.

Whatever that you want to accomplish tomorrow, in a week time, or a year, you must start today, and in the present moment. That can be researching, planning, finding the right partners, whatever.


Years ago I heard someone saying: “When you are in a rush, you stop creating.”

It shook me, because I was always in a rush. Always trying to get somewhere on a time, trying to accomplish as much as I can for that day, always in great stress, not being able to really see and feel the moment, appreciate for what I already have.

Present moment
Present moment


So the solution, if you want to practice being in the present moment, is to slow down, just do everything at the slow pace. Really, nothing easier than that.

Were you ever in a rush, driving your car 100 miles per hour, trying to reach the destination, not even remembering the journey? I am sure you did that at least once. This is not being in the present moment.

Being in present moment is taking time to drive, setting an intention for your destination, enjoying listening the radio, actually seeing the landscape while driving, remembering all the town and villages that you driven through.

This is being in the present moment, and actually enjoying it.

“So slow down.” Maja Marinic

I found for you an amazing video about 8 ways how to practice being in present moment. It is here:

Best practice for me is certainly feeling your movement. Feeling your feet touching the ground, feeling your legs walk you from point A to point B, feeling water on your hands, feeling toothbrush brushing your teeth, etc.

If you practice being in present moment, it can increase your joy and happiness. Why? Because there will be no room for the anxiety of the future or guilt of the past, you will simply exist and BE. We are not human doings after all, but BEings.

My video version about present moment; it might be of better help for you, and to understand more;

So how are you going to practice being in present moment, and why are you going to do that anyway?

It is very important to know why. Why is important to you, and why you want to practice it, what are you trying to accomplish?

Here are again ways how to do that:

  1. Breathe consciously
  2. Slow down
  3. Feel your feet touching the ground
  4. Feel your body sensations
  5. Meditate


Present moment is all that we have because past we only hold in our memories, good or bad, and future is yet to come, if at all. Sorry to say that, but it’s true. We don’t know what future holds!

So to practice being in present moment, being aware of what we are doing, how we are doing it, and the how, we can create our own reality.

Everything is happening in the now, past, present and the future, that is exactly why it is very powerful.

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Mental Health

How to stop being overwhelmed

We are living in a fast paced environments these days, and this is not good for us. We need to take a step back or pause, have a rest, relax, think what truly matters to us.

People breathe very shallow, they are stressed, they feel like there is just too much for them to grasp. To do lists are endless. Do you feel us? Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes?

Your emotions are your indicators. Every day, watch how you feel, and always look for the ways how to feel even better. If you are happy, know that you can be even happier. Comfort yourself! Take a warm shower, put the perfume on, actually relax.

It is a decision.

Decide that you are not going to let overwhelm overtake you, anymore, and do whatever it takes to slow down, practice being in the present moment.

If you are in a rush, you stop creating. I heard that years ago from Esther Hicks, and I truly believe in that. Why?! Because if you are rushing, some accidents might happen, and think about it. If you are rushing, you don”t actually believe and trust in the divine, yourself, and the life.

Just stop and pause for a second

You miss on something much bigger when you are rushing, and that is the present moment. Put the thought in the present, forever and always, and you are going to be good for life.

Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion. But just getting started is usually not that difficult. Emily Giffin Source

People think that is normal to feel overwhelmed, but that is far from the truth. The normal feel is to be in the state of flow, not force. We are not machines, we are simply human beings with emotions and feelings. Things happen! We need to learn how to adapt!

Things happen!

Accept that we live in the material world. There is so much going on these days around us, and we need to learn how to take things one step at a time.

Let”s say that you planned your day fully. You exactly know what are you going to do in every hour of the day, but there is something that is going to interrupt your day, look for your attention.

It is in those moments that we need to learn to let go, to what we were doing previously, give our full attention to the new, and switch to it fully, without judging.

Breathe, don”t forget to breathe!

We feel overwhelmed because we let things to control us, instead, let us to be in charge of the things. We are in charge of everything. So let yourself be in control of your feelings and emotions.

It is in our decision, every day, whether to be in the state of flow, or force. Let yourself decide now, that no matter what is going on around you, you are going to be in a flow state.

We want inner peace and knowing, believing and trusting. We want to be at ease.

The point is not to take whole cake at once, but enjoy every single bite of it.

Take this seriously, same as coffee. The point is not to sip all your coffee at once, but enjoy sip at a time, sip by sip. Smelling it, feeling the taste, texture. Do you get the point?

You are feeling overwhelmed, because you think that there is so much to do, but what if I tell you, that there is so little to do?! And it is, there is so little to do! Relax and let go!

Learn to live peacefully in the midst of mess.

Practice being in the present moment, and if it”s really necessary, even though your house is at the mess, make in purpose and intentionally even more messy house, and learn to accept it, and let it go.

We don”t need nothing to do, literally nothing, but there are the things, that we would like to do. So actually do those things, but one step at a time. One by one.

You are not that important.

Don”t get me wrong, but you are not. Nobody is going to remember you, once you leave this planet. Live your days fully, and don”t stress over unimportant things. Because what is really important? Shelter, food, water, clothes, bed, a little money, our family and friends… What else?

Learn to relax and let go.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.”

—Paulo Coelho Source

Whether you have so much to do or so little to do, you are going to be tested any ways. If nothing comes your way, no matter how hard you try, know and believe that it will, eventually, it must. That is the law!

Please, don”t multitask, again, we are not machines, we are humans, and we change our thinking, priorities, within the days, learn to adapt. You can”t be at another place, if you are at this place right now. Work towards that new place that you wanna be in, and don”t forget to have a fun with it.

Don”t take everything so seriously.

Life supposed to be fun. So have a fun with it. Smile, dance, celebrate yourself.

Read more about why do we take life so seriously HERE.

Let us know how do you feel when you feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. Where does it manifest in body? Do you feel tension in your chest?

Mental hearth is very important. People think that what is going on with them and around them is the truth, and is fixed, but that is not true.

We need to learn how to control our emotions and feelings, calm our temper down. It is not that hard, I promise you. It just takes practice! How bad do you want it?

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