Self Talk

It is veeery important what are you saying to yourself. I”ve been talking with myself lately, and honestly, it feels sooo good. Guys, we need to loose our minds. Life begins outside of the mind. Loose your mind and start living life.

It is really crazy, but feels so good. Self Talk everybody has. Somebody positive, somebody negative. Use the positive one. Reprogram your mind and start thinking positive thoughts. Why? Because thoughts becomes things.

Here is an actual song that I like so much, about talking to yourself and asking for advice.

We already have everything that we need and it is within ourselves. Start talking to yourself, either out loud or silently. Ask for advice, ask questions.

You should be your own best everything. Friend, lover, spouse, mother and father. If you are alone and you feel lonely, you are not in a good company. Look within yourself and ask yourself some questions. Be really open and honest with yourself. Am I really happy? How do I feel now? The things that I do now, where will actually get me? Can I change something? Am I doing the things that really matter to me?

You know the voices that we are hearing at the back of our minds? Really listen them, ask yourself does that really serves me, and if not, re frame them, say out loud the opposite.

Self talk helps you concentrate and focus. Talking with yourself out loud helps me concentrate on the tasks that I have to do and keeps me focused on what really matters. Julius Caesar talked to himself, Napoleon talked to himself. They achieved something, right? 

It is relieving. Imagine throughout the day you”ve been through different situations. You are coming home and there is nobody to talk to. We need to let that go, let that out, talk with most important person in the room, you.

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