How to live magically

For me, life by itself is magical. Just look at the sky and you will see endlessness. How often do you think what life is, what is all about, and who you are? Me, all the time!

We often times take things very seriously. We seriously go through the challenges not even realizing that we are like a hard rocks, we don”t know how to relax. In my opinion, if you wanna live magically, you wonder how to live magically, because hey, you know someone out there is living it, just relax, be childish, and be very very curious. Ask questions! Ask questions very often.

Just look around you. Look at the flowers. Have you ever thought about the flower seed growing and blooming into the beautiful flower, just process of all this is so beautiful and magical.

“Deep down in my heart, I am always smiling because life is such a magical, mysterious, and wonderful thing.”
― Debasish Mridha

A method that I use very often is that I pay attention. I pay attention to the birds chirping, trees, flowers blooming. There is so much more. Just pay attention to your surroundings. Raise your head up and notice, really notice.

I remember now I have a book The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. It can help you understand how to look at the things differently. (Affiliate link) To find a book, simply open up the link and search for the book. I really trust this site called Book Depository. They shift worldwide for free and they have a variety of books to choose from.

“What you have thought all the time as Fairy Tales is actually the way life is.” -Bashar

Packed with inspiring explanations of space, time and evolution, laced with humor and clever thought experiments, The Magic of Reality explores a stunningly wide range of natural phenomena. What is stuff made of? How old is the universe? What causes tsunamis? Who was the first man, or woman? This is a page-turning, inspirational detective story that not only mines all the sciences for its clues but primes the reader to think like a scientist too.

  1. Wonder. Wonder as much as you dare.
  2. Connect. Open up to what is.
  3. Seek Flow. Play with the borders.
  4. Give. What a thing: giving pays off.
  5. Follow a Star. Live with purpose.
  6. Mystery. Embrace your mysteries.
  7. Do Wishes. …
  8. Be the Change.
  9. Be crazy. Play with all possibilities.
  10. Love. Love unconditionally.

This list is from the site called Revolution, and this is their full article. So, so good! Please, open up this link and read the article fully.

Wonder! Wonder all the time. Ask as many questions as you can. There is so much out there that we cannot see, feel, taste or touch, but that doesn”t necessarily mean that the things doesn”t exist. How crazy is that?! Have you ever wondered what got you here and why? Why you do what you do, and what do you really want?

“What you have thought all the time as Fairy Tales is actually the way life is.” -Bashar

Connect. Connect deeply to what is. Meaning, just enjoy the moment. Look around yourself, and really see the people, your partner, kids and family. Soak up their stories, notice their smiles, listen to the birds. Connect with your current situation, don”t try to escape from it, but fully accept the situation and really see and understand what got you here, why you are “stuck”, and how to get out of it.

Live magic

I love this video with Bob Proctor. I listened to this video tens of times. They are basically saying that you need to find a thing that has meaning to you. You are trading your life for it, and that is why you NEED to find something that has meaning to you. Many people think with their brain, but what about their hearts? What does your heart telling you? Where will your heart led you if you listen your heart? How bad do you want to be happy, fulfilled and have a total peace of mind? Don”t you think that in order to feel all these emotions, you need to follow your heart, or no??? Tell us in a comment below.

Not everything in your life you need to understand. Some things you can explain and understand why they happened, but some don”t, and you never will, and that is O.K. Just keep questioning to what you can understand, and the things that you can”t explain yourself, just except it.

“Yes, we all die but there’s a tendency to focus on the end too much. Life can be a wondrous, sparkling comet trail that we leave in our wake for others to marvel at.”
― Stewart Stafford

Spiritual teacher called Bashar once said that fairy tales are inspired by life. Life inspired fairy tales! Do you believe in it? I believe there is someone who live really magical life. I believe there is someone who live magically. It is absolutely possible. How you might think? Well, I think we should be truthful to ourselves. It is about how you feel, and what do you really, really want.

You can”t live magically life if you do not know what you want are you are not aware of the how you feel. How do you really feel? You can create better feeling emotions. How? By thinking better feeling thoughts.

Have you ever asked yourself why is it that happened to me, but soon after you realized the meaning of it, because something wondrous has happened? Everything has meaning. Steve Jobs once said that you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. This is so true! Now you see that whatever has happened to you in the past had a meaning and purpose, it led you to the person who are you now. How crazy is that!? And how magically it is?! Because it is! Period!

What do you think about this and how you see at this life, with what lenses? Remember that your focus creates your reality, forever and always.

Love you all!


Personal Development

How To Be More Self Aware

Why would you want to know who you are? Why would you want to know your talents, strengths and weaknesses? Why is important? Why would you care? Who should care?You should be your own best self! You should know who you are, so you can improve your weaknesses, work more on your talents, try to make the most out of your strengths.

Self-Awareness can make you feel more happy, because you are more aware of your actions, feelings and emotions. Your relationships can improve, you can better perform at work…

If you wanna develop self awareness you need to ask yourself some deep questions? Just ask! But yourself! This is the only way how you can get to know yourself better. Asking yourself questions at all times, on a daily basis.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”
― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

You can”t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another, is another quote by Ernest Hemingway that I love so much. It teaches us that all is within you. All your flaws and victories. People travel massively. They are being bored in their home country, and that is all right. But if you are not happy in your country, how can you be more happy in another? You can”t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. You better know who you are!

You need to find yourself again. You need to forgive yourself and praise those victories. You need to know yourself better.

Yoga and meditation is one of the tools that can improve your self-awareness. I like it so much, especially meditation, and yoga of course (I don”t know which is more important to me), because it teaches me to be more self-aware of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, actions, etc. Yoga is one of the self-aware tools to wake up your body, to be more awake in general.

Self awareness doesn”t stop you from making mistakes, it allows you to learn from them. You are not going to beat yourself up by making mistakes, rather, you will learn from them, accept them, and move on, try different approach.


When it comes to making mistakes, you are aware that this is a journey. The ones who are successful now, they made most mistakes, and you should know about that, be aware of it.

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,”
― Amit Ray

Don”t compromise yourself. You”re all what you”ve got said Janis Joplin. Know who you are and you are going to be unstoppable. Do you know the saying: “Know Thyself”? It is knowing your core being. It is knowing why you are doing certain actions. etc.

You cannot move from one point to another (better one) if you are not aware of the situation that you are in now. You need to accept the situation you are in now. You need to look closely at the situation, what led you to here, how you ended up here, and how you are going to move on to next, again (better one).

Journaling is one of the best methods to get to know yourself better. What did they say, what it meant for you, how you felt about that, how did you responded to this. It is really great method to see what is going on underneath the surface for you.

Mindful activities. When you wash your hands. Shower. Feel that water on your body. Rubbing soap in hour hands. It is training you to be more mindful in other situations.

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”
― Socrates

Record yourself. 😀 How bad do you wanna to get to know yourself better? You can record just your voice, or record yourself whole, talking to camera. It is a great exercise to see how the world perceives you. Tonality of your voice and your face expressions are everything. You are going to better perform selling yourself, at a job interviews, you will have better communication in general, your relationships will improve.

Working on your perception you can deliver your message better. People will start taking you seriously. But with a poor posture and low tone of voice will not take you anywhere. Start acting like the most confident person, like the one who has all in his or her hands. That is working on yourself. Working on being more self aware.

“Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance.”– Anthony de Mello

How do you spend your free time? What excites you? When have you been last time in awe? What are your hobbies? Passions? How you are going to spend your time after reading this article? Who are you really? In what state of the emotions you are most of the time? Are you in a bad or a good mood most of the time?

What are the things that you don”t like about yourself? What are some of your mistakes that you regret about? Take a notebook and write it down. Things that you don”t like about yourself.

How to Become More Self-Aware Throughout Your Life
  1. Look at yourself objectively. …
  2. Keep a journal. …
  3. Write down your goals, plans, and priorities. …
  4. Perform daily selfreflection. …
  5. Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits. …
  6. Take personality and psychometric tests. …
  7. Ask trusted friends to describe you.
  8. Ask for feedback at work.

This is such a beautiful article by a person who beautifully describes self-awareness, what it is, how to achieve it, and it tells you that is all up to you, the mindset that you wake up with in the morning upon laying at night in the bed. So good! Read it!

I am going to bring you just one quote from this article that resonated with me the most. And it goes like this:

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung

I really hope I inspired you and opened your eyes to the one more world inside you?! I hope I helped you discover more of who you truly are?!






Positive Thinking

Why you should think positive


“You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will.”


You are what you think

Think positively and you”ll feel able to manage and do well. Think negatively and you are likely to feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Positive thinking brings hope; the feeling that what you want can happen or that events can turn out for the best. Negative thinking creates a spiral of unhelpful thought’s and difficult feelings. Even when good things happen, negative thinkers tend to see the negative aspects of a situation.

Of course, everybody”s view of the world is different, but if you think life is mostly good, you”ll notice opportunities and good things in your life; if you think life is difficult, you will find obstacles and difficulties in life.

For example, if someone congratulates you on a piece of work you”ve done and you say; “Thanks, but it wasn’t that good”, and then tell them about the aspects that didn’t go so well. In situations like this, for you, things have to be perfect or they don’t count.


Conscious Thought


Moving on from negative thinking

Recognize negative self talk. Happiness doesn’t depend on how few negative thought’s you have, but on what you do with the ones you have.

Your negative thought’s are so powerful because you rarely have conscious awareness or control over them. You simply accept your thought’s and respond accordingly.

Think of something you would like to do in future – travel somewhere, follow an interest or hobby, change your career direction, leave a job or relationship – but haven’t done yet. Write down your thought’s and feelings about it.

When you”re in the habit of thinking and interpreting events in a negative way, it”s not easy to say positive things to yourself. It”s also not easy to say positive things to yourself when you”re worried, stressed or upset. It”s not easy but it is possible.

If you change the way you think, you will create a change in how you feel, what you do and how you behave.

Just realizing that your mind is thinking negative thought’s means you have already begun to de-fuse from those thought’s; separated yourself a little bit from them. Writing them down can separate you from them too – instead of letting negative thought’s swirl around in your mind, you can see your thought’s as just letters and words on paper.


Positive action


Taking positive action

Whatever way you choose to see it, positive thinking alone won’t get you what you want.

Whatever it is you want, you must plan, put in time and effort and work towards achieving what you want. You have to make the most of the opportunities, take some risks and be prepared to deal with obstacles, setbacks and disappointments.


“Success depends on your backbone not your wishbone.” Kamari aka Lyrikal


Having things that you want to do and achieve – having goals and aims – can give you a positive path to follow. In fact, working towards goals both requires and develops optimism and positivity.


“No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you”re still way ahead of anyone who isn’t trying.” Tony Robbins

Finding and keeping motivation

You may hear yourself say some of the following:

  • I”m not ready
  • It”s not the right time
  • It”s going to be too hard
  • It will take too long

These excuses can often sound quite convincing. But if you believe them, if you stay in your comfort zone, doing the same old activities and tasks on autopilot and not trying anything new, you could well be missing out. Nothing will change and you won’t get what you want in life.

So how to get motivated and stay motivated? By thinking positively, of course!

Decide what is the one thing you can do right now. Then do that one thing. Give it your full attention. Answer that one email, make that first phone call. Start filling in that form. Just clear out one drawer.

After a short time, the positive feelings which you would like to achieve from doing that activity start to emerge naturally. You don’t have to wait for your thought’s and feelings to change before you get going. Get going and your feelings will change.

Motivation is made up of three aspects – what you think, what you feel and what you do.

Recent research suggests that the way you sit or stand can actually affect the way your brain functions.

  • Stand or sit straight
  • keep your head level
  • relax your shoulders
  • spread your weight evenly on both legs
  • if sitting, keep your elbows on the arms of your chair (rather than tightly against your sides)
  • make appropriate eye contact
  • lower the pitch of your voice
  • speak more slowly


She is confident


Building your self-esteem and confidence

The best place to start building your confidence and self-esteem is from a position of strength. Instead of focusing on what you believe you can’t do, focus on what you know you can do and what you know makes you feel good about yourself There are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Focus on the things that make you feel good about yourself
  • Identify your qualities
  • Through positive personal affirmations
  • Positive people
  • Positive news

Dealing with disappointments and setbacks, trauma and tragedy

Continue to have goals. Let them drive you forward. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” And that”s positive thinking!

Perception of the events is that you think you did wrong and now you feel like crap! And the more you replay events over in your mind, the worse you seem to make them. It”s like a game of Chinese whispers going on in your head: the more you replay it, the more distorted it becomes.


“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare


Positive thinking: Find happiness and achieve your goals through the power of positive thought

Just a short story about why you should/must think positive if you wanna live positive life.

Because you cannot think/be negative and live positive life. It’s impossible.

That’s the law. You know for the expression; “Like attracts like!”

In order to live positive you gotta think positive. It’s that simple!

Read this book called Positive thinking and I very liked it, that wrote Gill Hasson. Here is the link: https:to/2yqDdFF

P.S. Know that I will get commision if you click link above and you buy a book.

Book is full of advices and very inspirational.

Tomorrow I will make a whole Post about all the things that are very important in order to live happier life.

So, stay tuned!

Much love!



When Everything Changes Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch

Love Changes


I love changes. Do you? I”ve been through many changes in my life and because of that I grew like a person. Changes push you, you are becoming more self-aware, and you have more understanding of what life is. Have you ever thought about this; But you might think subconsciously that you; “Cannot handle it!” But know that everything in life is not a straight line. You are learning by ups and downs, trying to do something.

I loved his book. Now that was second time that I read this book, and this second time I understood more, because it was easier to read.


Neale Donald Walsch talks about nine changes in this book, and they are:

1. Change your decision to “go it alone”

2. Change your choice of emotions

3. Change your choice of thoughts

4. Change your choice of truths

5. Change your idea about change itself

6. Change your idea about why Change occurs

7. Change your idea about life

8. Change your identity


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Now, let”s talk about some point in the book. I know how upsetting it can be when some things don’t, won’t and can’t work. You push and push, but nothing is happening, you don’t see results. Know that universe is just testing you out. You might not see any results, but with every your action all the puzzles are coming into place. It takes thousands of them to see the whole picture. You just keep working forward.


When you connect with somebody else, you connect with yourself.


What often happens when people are suddenly faced with really life-impacting change is that they disconnect from their soul by burrowing deep inside their story. Your story does not live in your soul, only in your mind. Separate yourself from the story, you are not your story, you are much much bigger than your story. Talking and bragging about what just happened keeps you there what just happened. Separate yourself from this story and look into the future. Make the most out of it!


Everything is moving. Nothing is constant.


I don’t care what you”ve lost or what has so drastically changed, you can start your life all over again, and achieve even greater hights. The trick in life is not to try to avoid change, but to create change. Don’t be afraid of change in your life. You are growing as a person like that.

There are six things that create your reality in this physical experience that we call life. They are: Events, Data, Truths, Thoughts, Emotions and Experience. If any of these six elements change, your reality will change. That means that if you want your current experience of the current change in your life to change, you have to change one of the elements.

Events of your life are created by conditions and occurrences inside you-in your mind. It is there, I said, that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.


event + data + truth + thought + emotion = experience = reality


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What are you going to make of it?


Your “reality” is not what you are seeing, but what you think you are seeing after you have added past data. Ten other people may have experienced it in ten other ways. This is important to always keep in mind. To always keep in mind. Nobody else is walking around with your past. Nobody else has your history. This means that no one else in the universe can encounter, understand, or experience anything at all in precisely the way you do.

No one else on earth has a mind like yours. So it is that all humans, while also members of the same species, do not react identically to the same stimuli. A snake does nor experience anger. Did you know that? You can’t make a snake “mad”. You can’t make a snake “happy”either. A snake is simply in an eternal state of being what it is.





I”m willing to bet that if you assessed things very honestly you would agree that some of the worst things that ever happened to you were actually some of the best things that ever happened to you. These things taught me lessons about life that I can’t imagine I could have learned any other way.

When you understand that all change happens in order to sustain harmony in the universe…when you believe that, even though it seems unbelievable…when you are certain that life was meant to be happy…and when you know that all stories can have a wonderful ending if you do not block them with bitterness, anger, resentment, frustration, or non-belief in even the possibility of a wonderful ending (for most, the biggest block of all)…then you can change your thought about what is occuring-and thus, change your idea of what will occur.
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You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are not even the soul. You are all three – and more. You are Spirit that forms all three. You are The energy. You are The essence.


Please do not regret

all those moments that have brought you


If you are reading this,

then your perseverance has been answered,

and a Grace is coming.

So for now, hold on loosely to where you are.

And like knots on a rope that mark you reaching,

hand over hand

you will continue to climb –

sometimes through ecstasy,

sometimes through white agony,


into evermore light.

This same formula over

and over again.

Until that day you find yourself

just a beacon;

only flame.

In a place

where even Love Itself has come undone.


I hope this text will help you come into realization that change occurs because you want to, and because that is normal. You can handle change, believe me. Don’t be afraid, changes always happening for the better, never for the worst. Change is an announcement that something is not working. The change that has occurred in your life has happened because disharmony was present.


Love change!


Your sincerely,