How to achieve your personal greatness (easy)

For every and each one of us, greatness means different things. For some greatness is great wealth, while for some, greatness is big happy family. What is personal greatness for you?

Greatness is a concept of a state of superiority affecting a person or object in a particular place or area. Greatness can also be attributed to individuals who possess a natural ability to be better than all others.

To achieve personal greatness, you must be great in all your life segments, everything has to align beautifully, work easily.

You can start by making a list of the things you want to improve in your life, and list of the things you don’t wanna be doing, but you know you must do it, in order your life to improve.

Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from a making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that’s left is The Extraordinary. Robin S. Sharma Source

Greatness can be really everything. It can be about how many lives you touched and influenced other peoples lives. It can be about how many times you faced the obstacles, but you kept on going anyways. Really, what is greatness for you?

Personal greatness is within you. You don’t need to look for it, you just need to embrace it. We are all born with greatness, and we are all great one way or another.

To achieve greatness in your life, just be great. You are not becoming someone or something, you are being that, so just BE great in everything that you do, and greatness should follow you, people are going to perceive you as such.

  • Live life to the fullest
  • Always strive for more
  • Be good and do good

Don’t look back. You are not going that way.

Start asking a lot of questions every day. Questions like: “What can I do today to make myself feeling a little bit better?”

To read more about “2 questions you need to ask yourself daily”, read HERE.

You ask question, you get answer. There will be no answer if you don’t ask questions. Ask yourself daily, people around you, Google, or even God, and you must get answer, sooner or later.

Questions can be like:

  1. Why
  2. Who
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. What
  6. How
Personal greatness

To achieve personal greatness I think is all about trial and error. Meaning, you need to try different things to find one that works for you, and lot of research.

There is article that I found for you which covers up 20 books for those that are trying to develop themselves. The list is truly amazing. Click the link HERE and find out what are the books.

Conclusion in bullet points:

  • Study successful people
  • Find what works best for you
  • Try different things
  • Read a lot
  • Ask questions
  • Be great NOW at everything you do
  • Be consistent in all that

That is it for you guys. What do you think about personal greatness and how to find it and embrace it? What are some of your takeaways from this article that opened your eyes?


How to take great care of yourself

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5 minute read

Notice when you take some time for yourself. how you are feeling, and notice when you neglect yourself how you are going to be feeling.

Actually set some time, preferably in the mornings, to take care of you, and do whatever is required.

I do that every single morning. Ask yourself every morning: “What I can do to set myself up for success today?” And actually do that.

It’s different for each and one of us. I need to sleep a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean for only 8 hours.

Actually schedule a time for the taking care of you. That can be twice a week. Even once a week. Whenever you have a time. Actually schedule time for yourself.

I do that my every day off. If I have a two days off from work, I will do this two days. If I have a three, I will do three times a week.

Of course, your taking care of you can be every day, and it should be every day, it”s just that, if you need to do some certain tasks, you will have to have a less time for yourself, and that is ok. You are going to take more care of you, when you are going to have some more time for yourself.

What I am suggesting you is, reserve mornings for that. When you wake up, do whatever it takes to get yourself ready fully for the day.

By self care I mean: meditation, journaling, guided meditations, planing your future, do the pedicure, manicure, hair cut, coloring your hair, shaving, doing eyebrows, dry brushing your body, exercising, doing yoga or running, or both, having sex, detox your body, forgive yourself, call someone, watch a movie that you always wanted to…

These are all self-care actions that you can do.

You cannot help someone if your cup is empty. Fill your cup first, and only then you will be able to fill somebody else’s.

I find it very crucial to take some time for myself. I kinda feel more energized, it makes me feel so fine, and good taken care of.

Wash your face is an amazing book that you should read.


My kinda story

For example; I was getting ready for a sleep now, changed my clothes, got into pijama, and was so tired to get myself into the bathroom, to wash my face and brush my teeth, but I did it anyway, because I knew I will feel better once I do it. And my morning the next day is going to be much more pleasurable.

Self care tips about the taking great care of yourself can also boost your confidence, and self worth as well.

Now, riding my bike on a way home from work, I was counting and reminding myself of the things that I am proud of myself. And it made me feel so good. I even drop a tear or two. This is also part of the self care routine, and you must implement. Train yourself to find the good in you.

So to take great care of you, you need to first want it enough. Only those that are loving life, and wants to take the most out of the life, are taking great care of themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all taking care of ourselves, the way we know how, but there are also those that are brilliant in this. I wanna be one of them! Do you? We want to shine bright like a diamonds! 😀

Nutrition! OMG, nutrition!

You are going to have so much energy if you watch what you eat. When you eat, is not that much important, but what you eat.

Think of the food as a fuel. You can”t fuel your gas with a diesel fuel, if your car uses the normal one. It is just not going to work. You are going to have difficulty turn on the car. Car is going to struggle.

Same with our bodies. Feed your body with live foods, cook yourself, do not buy factory produced food. This food is dead.

Get outside

If you stay in your head you are going to be screwed. You need to go outside, move your body, actually breathe fresh air,  but not the one that has been stagnant in your house. You are going to feel much better.

I, for example, whenever I go for a running, most of my times, I don”t bring my phone with me. It is such a relieving feeling. You can get so much insights from that too, because when you spend time with you, and only you, you get to know yourself better. And you should do that definitely! Spend some more time, you with you, and watch how you are going to feel.

Be true to yourself
Just be you.

Inspire yourself

Start with the nutrition first. If you are looking for some food inspiration. I highly recommend you to check this Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/takes_you_higher/ I put all my heart, soul and energy into it.

Nutrition is something that I value the most, and I think you should be too. You are going to have so much energy.

Elevate your mood

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feeling better. Put smile on your face. I smile all day, every day. At least I try to. And it gives me such a good feeling. You can do that too. Actually ask yourself every day: “How do I really feel?” and “What I can do about it?” Read more on here about Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily

Exercise often

This Blog Post is not about me. It is to help you, by my experience. And I am telling you! After each 30 minutes stretches, doing yoga, or running, I feel like I can touch the sky. I feel so high. And I want you to feel the same way, because nothing else matters. So exercise often!


Think about this way: Nobody is going to care of you if you don”t take care of yourself. Nobody is going to ask you: “Maja! Are you hungry? “Do you need some rest?” Like, nobody! And that is a great thing, isn”t it? Because we don”t want anyone mess around us, and our lives. We want to create it the way we want to, right? So actually do it. And take great care of you, forever and always.

This is the article that I most loved about taking care of you. Read more on how to take care of you here. 

We really hope that helps!

To your success,




How to have inner peace

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Inner peace is something that must be of great value to you. Why? Because that peace in your head is what we all looking for. At least I think so. I certainly do!

You are going to have inner peace when you move your body.

We are the beings of the movement. Staying still, your mind will start to wonder. You are not going to be in the present moment. And that is how all starts. So move your body. Actually go for a walk, ride a bike, or do some exercises and stretches. That is going to ground you. You will go to your body and lose your mind.

For example, I was 4 days ago in the mountains, and so happy. Because I was admiring nature. And the nature is still, peaceful, and that is exactly what is going to do for you too. Make you feel still and peaceful.

Spend quality time in nature every now and then, actually move your body. Nature has that sense of peace and stillness that it grounds you. There are no sounds and distractions.

Being able to see the pictures in your mind, or thinking in pictures can be also huge for you. But the trick is, you must be seeing all the good that you want to experience today and in the future. It is that simple!

People are lazy and bored, that is why they think a lot, they don’t have a peace of mind, and sense of direction in their life. So actually engage yourself in something, and naturally you are going to stop to think, and just be.

We have to do the different things every day, or at least same things different way.

Why? Because then you expand your horizons.

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same things everyday and expect different results. Do you understand now?

And the Wayne Dyer once said: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” How amazing is that?

Your mind wanders a lot, because you have that brain fog. You must change something in order something to be changed. Start small! How bad you want it? How Bad Do You Want It?

How are you accomplishing that inner peace? If you do, tell us in a comments below?

I have inner peace now more than ever. This is what I’ve been doing on a daily basis:

1. Meditate

2. Give thanks

3. Change your schedule

4. Go places

5. Exercise often

6. Set goals

7. Do more of what makes you happy

8. Help someone

Also, have you heard something called “segment intending”? It is that Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks recommend it? Search for them on the Youtube! Their speeches are amazing.

It is basically putting the thought in everything that you do. If you are riding the bike, you actually ride the bike. You are saying to yourself that everything is going to be fine along the way, creating riding the bike the way you want to. Actually looking around and enjoy the ride.

Or let’s say getting ready for the work. Consciously choosing the clothes you are going to wear, saying yourself that today is everything going to go smoothly, and that the time will pass very quickly.

Again, segments are this. You are alone in kitchen, somebody else enters the kitchen, that is another segment. Going to the toilet is the third, making yourself a coffee is the fourth, and so on, and so on.

If you practice this, and actually create each of those segments the way you want, it will bring you that great sense of inner peace.

I really hope it will help you!

Tell us what you think about segment intending in a comment section below. ⬇️

You are struggling, fighting with something, that is why you don’t have inner peace. Relax!

You need to learn how to let go, trust, and relax. You can do that by focusing on your breathing and being in the present moment.

I know I wasn’t have that inner peace, because I was trying to figure things out, and my life, like tomorrow. But what if you are never going to figure things out?

And also worry! Worry is huge. How many times you caugh’t yourself worrying for no reason?

We often times think that if we worry, we care. But hey, too much of the worry will bring you where? More of the worrying about! You need to be focused on the solutions. Even seeking for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People are dying out there to be asked how they had got there. Actually ask people directions!

I think you need to be at great unease, and has to last for quite some time, to want to be at peace again. If you know what I mean. You can”t live all rainbow and sunshine, and want inner peace. Only if we are in unease, we seek to be at ease again. Life is like a roller coaster, not a straight line.

If you struggle a lot, after some time, you must get bored of it. Struggling is not a natural way of being, but be at ease. And you can’t experience total bliss, if you didn’t be through some dark times.

We grow through contrast. By the contrast I mean some loss, people disappoint you, bad boss, somebody offends you, and so on.

Help someone!

Omg, helping someone can be such a blessing to your life. I once heard somewhere that if you are feeling bad, check maybe you are focused only on you. And that is sooo true.

We often times only think about ourselves. Of what we don”t have, what we would like to have, and so on. And that is ok, don”t get me wrong. But hey, what about the people around you, your closest ones, not that closest ones, strangers? Actually go and help someone, give thanks for example, a hug, kiss, give compliment, a smile…, and watch how you are going to feel. I assure you, you are going to feel amazing.

What you say about that?

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Thanks for that!

Love, Maja!


How to stop beating yourself up

Many people are champions in beating themselves up. Are you too one of them? I used to find all the reasons to blame me, to blame government, to blame myself, not believing in myself. That is bullshit! You have every single moment choice to starting fresh. Everyone has!

Like, every second you can turn your life around, every and each second. Your decisions shape your future. Your decisions today, will determine how your tomorrow is going to look like? Isn”t that fascinating?

By beating yourself up, you miss on something huge, the moment now, you miss on the life, and the life is in the moment. Life is not tomorrow, or what we had done in the past, the life is not past, the life is now. So stop beating yourself up!

Sunrise or sunset

Just stop

The moment you notice that you have destructive thoughts and you are feeling down, just stop yourself, and focus to something else. To stop momentum, I like to take a shower, or open my favorite book and read. Just to distract myself.

We definitely need to learn how to detach ourselves from beating ourselves up, being hard on ourselves, and making ourselves miserable. Your only job in the world should be, to make yourself feel good. So let”s make ourselves feel good at all times, and how are we going to do that, by focusing on the good in our lives, and where we wanna go.

Snap out of it

If you are right now in misery state, and you feel like nothing comes your way, just snap yourself out of it. Literally say: “Snap out of it!” and make that snap with your fingers. 😀 What you can do after that, just go and do something that will make you feel better.

Go and take a shower, go for a walk, play with the pet, read a book, listen uplifting music. By the way, here is the song that I love so much, when I need some confidence, and belief in myself boost. Really hope you will like it.

Focus on the good

Really, you can do the miracles only by focusing on the good. Admit that to yourself or not, we all sometimes only see the things in our lives that doesn”t go well. That is OK, and I like to call these days: “down days”. What goes up, must come down, that is in our nature.

What serves me, and gives me that good feeling, I like to make a list, every now and then, about the things that are going well in my life. And I have pretty long list every time I write it. The beautiful part is, that I start to feel good about myself and my life. I am no more focused on the things that I still don”t have in my experience. Good, right?!

Count your blessings

Comparison with other people can be so destructive. There are the good comparisons though, comparison to who you were yesterday. This is the good comparison.

Like, you and me are having a parents that are still alive, hopefully, somebody else doesn”t have that blessing to be with them.

A person who built a business that doesn”t enjoy anymore, and you are at the beginning, you can create an amazing company, so creative, that would everybody enjoy, and have a benefit from it. This is the example of the good comparison. You get the point?!

Accept where are you now

Say to yourself: “The Damage Has Been Done!” I use this phrase or affirmation every now and then when I am hard on myself.

The most important thing after that is: “What are you going to do after that?”. What are you going to do about it? You see, many people doesn”t learn from their mistakes, they keep repeating same old mistakes, and yet they question their ability.

You are learning from your mistakes. And mistakes are not mistakes, they are only learning curves. Do you want to learn something new? Make a mistake, please!

Laugh at yourself

Laughter is medicine. How many times throughout the day you smile, really smile from the heart? It is a medicine, believe me.

Put smile now on your face with no reason and hold it, watch how you are going to feel. I assure you that you are going to feel much better, and your overall vibration will rise.

“Would you take better care of yourself
Would you be kinder to yourself
Would you be more forgiving of your human imperfections
If you realized your best friend was yourself?”

-Helen Reddy Source

Black lady
Black girl

Have fun with yourself

Maybe you are trying to achieve something and you have a goal that you wanna achieve. That is wonderful, it really is, and we all should go after something. That gives us drive, it gives us fuel. But the fact that you are still not there, you should not criticize yourself, instead, have fun with researching it, working on it.

Have you ever heard of successful people talking how amazing it is at the top? How they can afford whatever they want. They don”t need to lift a finger. No!? And you never will! They talk how they have got there.

They talk about the journey that they were on. They talk about how do they failed, but still, they raised up again, and tried again. That is what makes successful people successful, it is called persistence.

It is amazing, right? So have fun with the thing that you are going after. That is all that matters. Have fun along the way.

Now your turn!

What do you think about that? How bad is to beat ourselves up? Do you do that to yourself? How does it feel like? Can you refocus on something else, something that brings you joy and satisfaction? Can you do that? Can you easily refocus?

I had so much fun writing this article. It is one of my favorite subject to talk about, because again, I was a champion in beating myself up, until the time I said to myself, enough is enough. The only thing that makes me miserable is me.

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How to stop comparing yourself to others

Many people think: “Oh, I just wanna be free, I want freedom!” But the freedom, feeling free actually, has many forms. There is also being free of peoples judgements. I think you should be appreciative for who you really are, you should definitely accept yourself. There is no one better than you. You are good as you are. There is no need to compare yourself to others. That is such a waste of the time and energy.

In case you don”t like something about yourself, know that you can change it. You can! If you don”t like your hair, change the style, change something. Change the actual thing that you don”t like. If you don”t like how your confidence is low, and you have a fear of public speaking, change the damn thing. Go out there and speak. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I felt such a tremendous fear to give a guy my number. But I had to do that for my future self, because I knew deep inside of me, that my future self will thank me for. And it did! And I am so thankful for myself now what I did back then, and I am proud of myself that I did that. I compare myself to other people now much less than before. Why?! Because I know that I am special and unique on my own way. And I am! So are you!

Be aware.

You and me might comparing ourselves to others not even realizing it, and then comes the awareness. Being aware that you and me are comparing ourselves to others is huge. Once you realize that, just stop it.

One more thing, who are we that we decide what is good or bad? Often times what we think is bad, to somebody is just enough, and they are happy with that. Everything is objective thinking.

I still compare myself with other bloggers lets say. I compare my hair to my friends hair. I compare myself with the one more successful than I am, but it is O.K. for where are we now. The only difference between me and them, is that they did something different, and they are doing it. I just didn”t discover how I can do the same. And the fact that I still don”t know how will I do that, doesn”t necessarily mean that I will not discover it. It just takes time and lots of trial and error.

Just stop.

Just stop yourself once you caught yourself in comparisons. Know that we are all right in our own reality. There are plenty of truths. Every and each one of us carries our own truth. What is the truth for me, doesn”t have to be to you, and that is how it goes.

Let”s say that a guy you are dating with, is telling you that he had even prettier girlfriends than you, but he wants to be only with you. Who is he to tell you that you are less beautiful than them? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just be with someone who thinks you are beautiful both, inside and out.

Count your blessings.

I used to have a notebook that I was writing in all the things I am grateful for, and I filled the notebook all in. Now I count my blessings at all times, every single moment. I try to find the things I am grateful for.

Why are we wired to see only what is missing and neglecting for what we already have? For what we have, it is enough. Why we always want more? Is that healthy after all?

Learn to compete with yourself instead of others.

I think social media here is huge. People spend so much time watching other peoples lives instead to focusing on theirs. That is such a waste of time and energy. Watching other peoples lives, you are neglecting your life, and you put your own plans, and your own life, in second plan. Don”t do that to yourself!

We are all different and so unique. We all live differently, we look differently, we work different jobs, etc. Why you are here where you are, I don”t know. But that is exactly what makes you unique, and your life a grand design. Comparing yourself to others should not take a place, if you understand yourself and you own your life.

Have extreme ownership of where you are in life right now, compete with yourself from yesterday, and you should be feeling better about yourself.

Focus on the quality of your life, not the quantity of your likes.

This is huge. How quality are you eating? What is your lifestyle? How are you spending your days off? How do you rest and relax? You should definitely have a closer look of how you spending your everyday life. Things that you do on a daily basis should be quality made, otherwise your life and lifestyle will suffer.

You are so much more than the likes you get.

We live in material world right now, and we came here knowing that. The only problem is when we attach ourselves to something. We act like if we don”t get that thing we are not going to be happy, or vice versa, and yet, if we get that thing, we will be happy. Why are we not happy now, with what we have, and why are we comparing ourselves to those that we think they have it all???

Become your authentic self right now.

To stop comparing yourself to others you need to know how special, authentic and unique you are. Once you realize that, comparing yourself to others will just naturally stop, and you are going to live like free life.

Don”t get me wrong, we all compare ourselves to others, the question is this. How do you feel about that? If you feel like being inspired with seeing how others live their life that is the good way of comparisons.

What do you think about that?