How To Stop Self Pity

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Why it is that we self pity ourselves? Who are we to say we are in unwanted situation? What that even means? There is no positive or negative, only thinking makes it so!

Self pity is coming from thinking small

What do you guys think? There is amazing book about “The magic of thinking big:”

Who are you to think that you are in unwanted situation? I will always say that somebody out there is praying to be in your situation. I hope you are having fun for where are you now, and what your situation is.

True Story

The other day I was walking with friend of mine and she was telling me stories about how stressful she is now that she became pregnant, and how stressful it is to move out to a different house, change the country and stuff like that.

I was like this is stressful to you? How come?! I was thinking this is the ultimate success for me. To have a guy, baby is on the way, planning future… But no!

The very next thing she said to me that many people admire me. Admire me?!?! Who am I to be admired to? I am just an ordinary girl, living by herself, doing her own stuff, going out here and there. There is nothing special in my life.

But it”s wasn”t for her. She admired me that she doesn”t have that freedom that I have right now, she doesn”t have that free will that I have. That was like, woow!

Can you see now that we see success differently?

Emotional Scale

There is something called Emotional Scale believe me or not. 😀 There are many emotions that we experienced until now, or will experience. The problem that we face, is because we stay for too long at one, and that is why we feel stuck.

You need to have a drive, you need to want feel better about yourself no matter what. You are now in the bubble and you feel comfy, because you are lazy to do something about yourself, your life. Isn”t that true!?

It is scary to reach out to a person and ask how, buy that book, because what will my spouse think. Scary to invest that money!

Everything is scary and uncertain, but guess what, we are going to do it anyway, because we have extreme ownership about our lives, extreme.

The most important thing

The quality of your life is the quality of the questions you are asking yourself. In this blog post I talk about the Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Daily

If you do this everyday, I promise you, you and your life will shift yesterday. Like you can change your past. hehe Not quite literally, but you get the point.

Everyday, ask yourself: “How do I really feel?” and “How can I make it better?”

Check maybe you are focused only on you

Faith plays huge part

We don’t have a faith in ourselves, that is why we self-pity ourselves, and we don’t believe in God.

Saying that you believe in something and then worrying, self pitying yourself is not a faith. It is contradictory. That is not a real faith.

Everything is interconnected in life.

Ask yourself: “In comparing to what?”

In comparing to not to have your parents alive. Have somebody to sleep with, but you don’t love him or her anymore?

In comparing to what?

There can always be worse. Always! We complain because we think the world is spinning around us, we miss to see that you are not the only individual that is going through tough times.

You are the world yourself, they are the worlds themselves. It is selfish to think you are only one who is in unwanted situation.

Remember this: ” If you feel bad, check maybe you are only focused on you.” And that is so true. We often times can”t see far from us, but there are another world. The are the people that need attention too.

A lesson

I watched video on Youtube from the Coach Corey Wayne, it is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3jSBRR6Gos.

He was basically saying that he knows the people who has some physical disabilities, but they decided to make the most out of their lives, see the good in that are they disabled to. Isn”t that fascinating?!

Like how dare ara you saying that you are in unwanted or negative situations?! Look around you! There are the people that sleep under the bridges. Husbands manipulate their wives. Moms have a sick kids. Who are you to think only about you?

You are the world. We are all worlds. Take extreme ownership about your life and keep moving forward, towards the better future.

Here is the video that I made also:


You are going to feel like imbecile

After studying and researching all those people that they were disabled and in great poverty, but now succeeded, they are happy and they live their lives to the fullest, looking at yourself and your life, you are going to feel like imbecile.

Why we feel sorry for ourselves now and create same situations all over in our head, but instead, look honestly for where we are now, accept that, and then move on, create a better tomorrow? Why?

We don”t believe in God

I am not saying that you should believe in a God, and that God exists, but I am saying that you don”t have a faith in belief in life, in you, the creator that created you for some reason and purpose. We don”t believe in some greater power, and yet we don”t believe in ourselves.

What do you think? How to stop self-pity and why do we self pity ourselves? Are you pitying yourself? How that feels like? Is it uplifting, motivating, or energy draining? What made us think we are not good enough? There is something wrong with ourselves our lives?

“No more excuses. No more self-sabotage. No more self-pity. No more comparing yourself to others. Time to step up. Take action right now and start living your life with purpose.⁠”
― Anthon St. Maarten