Segment Intending

Segment intending is something that i have been practicing for quite some time, and it does miracles. I feel better, hopeful, and my mood improved.

What is segment intending?

Let”s talk about the segments first.

I will give you an example.

You are alone in the kitchen, that is one segment. Somebody else enters the kitchen, that is another one. You leave the house, get in the car, that is segment number three. Arriving at the destination, that is segment number 4, and so on. Do you get the point? I know you do.

Now, segment intending is creating the desired outcome. You create it the way you want it, either before or during.

Example: Let”s say you are getting ready to get in the car, and you need to go some place. You say things like: “This is going to be very safe and enjoyable ride.” “I love to drive a car.” “I am going to be enjoying the ride all along the way.” “The scenery is going to be amazing.”

If you want to see the video version, me talking about segment intending, do so below:

Segment intending is something that Esther Hicks promotes, and I love it so much. It brought me such a peace of mind, clarity, and good feeling thoughts.

It is like you switch your mind from the unwanted to the wanted. We want things to happen anyway, so why not create it the way we want to.

It is like not living your life by default anymore.

Stop living your life by default. If you don”t know what is living by the default, here on the picture above it says. It is about lacking in positive actions rather than conscious choice.

Always have good and positive intentions or actions, always, and be always conscious of your choice. You have the power to choose. So choose it wisely!

Let”s say you are going to the shop to buy some milk. The shop is mile away. It takes you about 15 minutes to get there, and you want to walk, so set an intention to do something that will keep you focused on what you want.

You can do things like: counting your blessings all the way to the shop, saying things that you are passionate about, thinking about your goals and what you want to achieve, thinking about the things you are proud of yourself, sending people love…

This works like a magic, I assure you. It is like keeping the focus on the things that truly matters to you. How amazing that is?!

Segment Intending
The Power of Intentions

How To Raise Your Vibration

How to raise your vibration is the closest Blog Post to this one that I think it might help you. Segment intending and working on raising your vibration are the similar things, that interconnect with each other.

We day dream a little and then we kill it with reality.

How many times you were day dreaming and then you stopped it, because somebody else told you to get down of this cloud and get back to the reality?

I was told to do this countless of times by my mother, but I didn”t care much of what is she saying, because I felt good day dreaming.

The problem in us humans, is that we fear a lot every thing that we do, and want to do. That is going to lead us nowhere. We should be striving, and persisting to do the things we are most passionate about, and let other people talk.

Something very interesting happened the other day:

The night before I set an intention that something delightful is going to happen. Woke up the morning after, and said again out loud how something delightful is going to happen again.

I was walking down the road, and practicing sending people love. Passed by a piece of paper, and heard the voice “go back and pick it up, maybe is a message for you”, and there it was, it said “we are not really strangers”.

I created it. I had a courage to say how something delightful is going to happen, and it did. Create the day you you really want. Again, stop living your days by default.

There are people all over the world doing this, and they get an amazing results from this.

Also, expectation creates. How many times you were expecting that the person is going to treat you badly, and it did? Just the way you imagined it!

Segment intending works the same way.

Have you understood the process of segment intending and how it works? Do you need any clarification on that? If so, book a call through this link here, and I will be more than happy to help you.