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Reacting vs Responding

Do you know what is the difference between reacting and responding? The difference is huge. That is why these are two different words with a completely different reactions to same situation.

I found on a google the difference. The exact difference. Here is what our dear friend google says about these two:

There is a huge difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. A response is thought out, calm and non-threatening. A reaction typically provokes more reactions – perpetuating a long line of hatefulness with nothing accomplished.

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You can really choose how you are going to respond to certain situation. I had a situation today, that somebody will freak out, but not me, not anymore.

My dear dear friend moved abroad. I miss this guy a lot. I could tell him whatever was on my mind and I miss him. Today, I send him over a message  to call me, not even realizing that he is back at home. He came back! I was very surprised. I didn”t know as he didn”t told me. And then he was saying how he is here just for a day, getting ready to go with his sister to town. And we are not having time to meet. He is busy. Me, not expecting anything.

A year ago, I would be disappointed, but not today.

Today, I know that I should respect somebody”s decisions and time. I am not expecting from someone to run after me. I am really good with everything. In fact, I am proud of myself how I responded knowingly that there wasn”t enough time to see each other.

Moreover, he had a time to meet our mutual friend, but not me again.

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The difference between me and somebody else is that I don”t take things personally anymore. It is so crucial to know that is not all about us. Ego! Our ego! I know I am the ocean, but also and drop of the ocean. I know he loves me and that is all what matters. Really, what else is important? Nothing!

It is always better to sleep on something. I always say, mornings are much more wiser than evenings. We tend to react fired on, without having much thought about the consequences. We all know that we can hurt somebody saying something.

I remember myself back in a days as a kid. I still hear sometimes how my school mate is teasing me about my hair. Whatever someone told you in a past, I believe you still hear in your head. So, today, think before you react and respond thinking first.

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Live the life of no regrets. But first, think before you take action. and more over what is your intention about that you are going to respond. Learn more about the power of Intention. You can find it here:

The topic about reacting and responding is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your life. You have, we have the power to decide. We have free will to do whatever we want. Of course that something is written in the stone, but on most cases YOU AND ONLY YOU choose and have free will to respond however you want.

I”ve been doing research about this topic about reacting and responding and found on Youtube a woman that perfectly describes the difference with some real life situations. You can find it here:

Live the life of no regrets and next time think before you respond.

I wish you every success, Maja!


Treat Your Life As A Business Not A Hobby

In another words, treat everything in your life as a business, not a hobby, be as best as you can.

I”ve been through some free course now, about the making money online, and guy said that people are not succeeding because they are treating their businesses as a hobby, not a business.

I can relate to that, because I didn”t treat myself as well good enough. I didn”t treat my online business as seriously as I could. You know the saying: “What you put out comes back to you!” It is true! If you are not appreciating enough job that you do, business that you build, they are not going to appreciate you either.

Everything is in accordance of how much we give out. You need to put a things, money and effort in a state of flow. If you giving just half of what you really can, you are going to get half back, maybe even less. So treat yourself as a business, your business as a business, not a hobby, and your life will be a safe haven.

I like the quote very much that Jay Z once said: ” I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! 

Do you like it too? We treat our possessions for granted, we treat ourselves for granted, our bodies, our parents, siblings, everything and everybody, and that”s what we get out as well.

Know, that all is within you, and that you can take your life, yourself and your business to the next level, but only if you will go full into it, immerse yourself into everything that you do, giving best of yourself, living the life of no regrets.

I am pumped up. I really am. I will never stop learning.

What are your thought about this? Taking full responsibility and taking everything seriously, but enjoying and believing in journey?

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Love you all!


Personal Development

Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

Hi ya all! Hope you are fine?! Are you? Know that you are responsible for what is going on in your life, or how do you feel about yourself now and life.

What is taking full responsibility about yourself, your life, how you feel, and what you do? It is being aware that you choose to feel a bad about yourself. You created this thought about not enough, you choose to feel bad about yourself. Nobody implemented that thought or feeling into your mind. You are doing that yourself. Take full responsibility for your own feelings and stop thinking thoughts that bring you down.

There is always a choice. Choose a good one.

I”ll never forget the day when I was at the work, talking with my colleague about the life, and all of the sudden I realized that it is all my “fault”.

I choose to come to other country. I choose to date that guy. I choose to break up with him. I choose to quit my job. I choose to live by myself. I choose to hang around with this friend. I choose to say stop to another friendship. I choose to build my online business. I choose to be alone untill I find someone worth my attention. I choose to dressed up nicely today, put some makeup, take a picture of myself, and post it online. I choose to make myself a healthy dinner today. Etc., etc…

I believe there are some things that you don”t like about yourself and your life, and I”m asking you now, are you going to do something about it, or you will continue to bragg around of how miserable you are.

If you don”t like something about yourself and your life, just change it. First of all, do some research: “How to get better at this?”, “How to make this thing work?”, “What can I do If this thing occurs?”

ResponsibilityBeing responsible means being dependable, keeping promises and honoring our commitments. It is accepting the consequences for what we say and do. It also means developing our potential. People who are responsible don’t make excuses for their actions or blame others when things go wrong.

Responsible person is a dependable, responsible person doesn”t depend on someone or something. Responsible person accepts the consequences for what he say or do.

Of course it is easier to blame others. It is easier to blame the weather and not to go out. It is easier to blame some higher powers for not feeling well and not attending that seminar. It is easier to blame your parents for what life are you living now. It is easier to blame company that you are working for getting not enough money. It is easier to blame others, but does that really serve us.

Take the things in your own hands and live this life for how would you like to live, but first of all, do some research. OK, I need to change my financial situation, how do I do that? My hair is thinning, how to make it stronger? You get the point.

Also, beating yourself up because of you”ve done something that you shouldn”t is not a good thing. You did that because at that time that felt right for you, and that is ok. Imagine yourself fighting yourself. You cannot do that. Just do what feels right for you, and learn something from that experience. We are here to grow, to learn. Do something different today and watch how all grows.

Love ya all!

Take full responsibility for yourself, your own life, for how you feel and what you do, and everything will fall into place.

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To your fulfillment!