Cut The Crap And Feel Amazing

Many people let other people and the circumstances to let them down. Why is that? Because they think that is normal. It is normal to take whatever someone is saying to you, but is it really true? No! Cut the crap that doesn”t serve you, that doesn”t uplift you, and that doesn”t make you feel good.

Life is too short to dance how other people make music. You should be able to make your own music, and dance, make the moves as best as you can and know how.

These are the ways on how you might be taking the crap in your life you don”t even realizing it:

  • You feel bad in certain environment, stressful or nervous

I was working at the restaurant that was far from my house and I asked for the transfer in another same restaurant chain, the one closest to my house. As soon as I arrived, I realized that this is going to be a challenge for me. A management that didn”t know how to lead, the restaurant location was very busy, unorganized staff, and the worst of all, the manager was telling me every day things like: “Why you had to come here, I didn”t want you or need you!” I felt terrible, but I knew that this is not because of me, it was her. She was the one who was going through some stuff in her own personal life.

  • People that you are seeing doesn”t make you feel good, you feel drained after speaking with them

I knew plenty of people that just wasn”t for me. I remember a guy that I met in a bus. We were both listening music and enjoying it. At one point our eyes met, and then we started to talk. We were seeing each other after that, but soon after I realized that he was too pushy. He was acting like he is the most handsome guy in the entire world, and he wanted to be seen with me wherever we go. I just wanted to be natural, I wanted to be me.

One day when we were walking through the town, and he had his important talking moment, I just turned around and left the opposite direction. He tried to follow me home, but I was determined  to end up this relationship. Since then, I felt like new born.

Cut the crap people from your life. People that doesn”t make you feel good, people that drain your energy, people that doesn”t really ask you how you feel, and people that always want something from you, other than you. Life is too short to have those people around you.

  • You feel like a crap, your emotions are very low

I felt bad most of my life, I admit it. And I started to feel amazing the day when I got really tired of feeling bad about myself and my life. I decided to feel amazing, and guess what, it feels amazing to find the amazing in this amazing life. haha You know what I mean?

Not all the time you will feel amazing once you decide to do so. For example, two nights ago I was drinking, and the day after I felt terrible, had a headache and the zero energy. All day long I spent in my bed, doing nothing, just sleeping. Of course I felt bad, and the worst of all I beat myself up for that. Now that I am feeling much better, I am asking myself why I just couldn”t relax, and enjoy my sick moments, instead I beat myself up.

We are always going to go through some “stuff” and that is ok, that is life. Life is roller coaster, up and down, it is not a straight line. As much as you try to find the good in everything, you will find the good in everything. The question is: “How hard are you willing to work for that?”


  • Job that you are working at is not satisfying to you, zero joy

Say stop. We are trading our precious time for that unsatisfying job. Life is too short to give our time to the people and company that we don”t believe in. And that is true! The moment you realize that you don”t like it, and that you feel scared of being at the same job all your life, should be motivating to you.

I am going through the same. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And I started some entrepreneurship endeavors years ago, but it didn”t work, and I quit. I started again couple of years ago to do the things that I really like to do, scale it, build it, and then work on that full time. But I still work for somebody else, and that is O.K., it is not going to last forever, I will build it now, and never give up.

If you are at the job that doesn”t motivate you, commit to finding a better one. For example, I breathe and live entrepreneurship before and after my actual job. You can do the same. Everyday go to job marketplaces and look for the job that is better for you than the one you currently have. If you don”t have an education for that, go and sign up for the school, either online or physically. I guarantee you, if you are going to look for the better, you will find the better.

When it comes to finding better job, job that suits you, in case you don”t know yet what should you go for, try different jobs. I changed plenty of jobs. None of them satisfied me enough. Why? Because I wanted to be free, I wanted to be fully creative. For me, entrepreneurship was the only way.

Repeat after me: “That was the last year of tolerating less than I deserve!”

  • Complaining

Why do we complain? Why humans complain? Is it because we are not taking full responsibility for our lives or what? Because hey, if you take extreme ownership of your life, there is no room for complaining. You know that you created everything what is going on around you.

Complaining is such a waste of energy and time. Instead of thinking happy thoughts and planning your amazing future, you complain of the dirty kitchen floor. Big no-no! Who cares about the floor?! Go and focus on creating your dream future.

What do you think? What are some of the craps that you need to eliminate from your life, that grabs your attention from the things that you really want for yourself, family, and friends?


How to change attitude

Being aware of the attitude that you have towards something is everything. People don’t realize their broken or bad attitudes towards something that is not serving them. How do you know if your attitude towards something is good or bad? Simply, your results show. If your money results are good, and you feel happy about it, then your attitude towards money is good, and you should be keeping that attitude.

What is your attitude towards money, relationships, life, work, other people, life, animals, universe, God, etc.? It is important to have an attitude that will work for you, in your favor.

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Research! Research about the things that you wanna improve upon. That is how you change your point of view. That is how you broaden your perspective. Isn”t that amazing? Like you can change your attitude in a matter of a day. How? Again, by researching it. There is so many information out there, people that already done what you need improve upon. Just find someone who already did it, ask them how, copy them, and you should witness miracles in your life. Don”t believe me? Test it!

“An attitude of positive expectation is the mark of the superior personality.” – Brian Tracy.

Attitude is just a settled way of thinking or feeling about something, says google. Google terms like this, research about it! Here is the key word, SETTLED! It is a settled way of thinking or feeling, but that necessarily mean it has to forever stay that way, you can change it, only if you truly want to. How bad do you want it? 

It is a settled way of thinking. How you settle by this way of thinking, that is exactly how you can develop another settled way of thinking, but you need to know how, what and why. You need to develop another and think another set of thoughts. Choose the one that does serve you. Choose the one that sparks joy in you. Choose the one that makes you feel good about you, your life, your everything. This is how you change your attitude. By changing your self first. Your thoughts and your actions.

Tips for Changing Your Attitude to Make Your Relationship Better
  1. Make up your mind! You must decide that you not only want to change your attitude but you WILL change it. …
  2. Let the past hurts go! …
  3. Stop giving yourself permission to be negative. …
  4. Change your thoughts! …
  5. Have a grateful heart. …
  6. Change what you can.

Positive Attitudes List

ChangeHard workingSelf-reliant
CooperativeNot jealousSocial independence
GloomyMatureAccepts others points of view
DecisiveOpen mindedThoughtful towards others

This is amazing article from the website. I truly relate with all the points about how to change your attitude. Please, open up this article and start learning how to change your bad attitudes.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Ask yourself questions every day; What is good in my life? and What has to be done? Where I need to improve upon? This is exactly how you develop your awareness. Asking yourself questions like these every single day.

Attitude is everything. It governs the way you perceive the world and the way the world perceives you. … Your inner dialogue is the software that programs your attitude, which determines how you present yourself to the world around you.

Attitude is the way you think.

Your attitude is something other people can actually see

They can hear it in your voice,

See it in the way you move,

Feel it when they are with you.

Your attitude expresses itself in everything you do,

All the time, wherever you are.

Positive attitudes always invite positive results.

Negative attitudes always invite negative results.

Attitude makes a difference every hour, everyday,

In everything you do for your entire life.

What you get out of everything you do,

Will equal the attitude you have when you do it.

If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways

To solve the problems you solve,

And are letting go of the things

Over which you have no control.

You can develop a positive attitude by emphasizing the good,

By being tough-minded, and by refusing defeat.

– Author Unknown


The Importance of Having the Right Attitude in Life. Our attitude is what influences all our actions. It is only the right attitude, which gets us good results. All the smiles and hand-shakes are not going to get you far, if you do not have the attitude to help others, without any selfish expectations in return.

8 Ways to Improve Your Attitude
  1. Always act with a purpose. …
  2. Stretch yourself past your limits every day. …
  3. Take action without expecting results. …
  4. Use setbacks to improve your skills. …
  5. Seek out those who share your positive attitude. …
  6. Don’t take yourself so seriously. …
  7. Forgive the limitations of others. …
  8. Say “thank you” more frequently

What is your attitude towards the bosses, managers? Can you handle authority? Me no! No more! That is exactly why I started this. I wanted to create something on my own, and be my own boss.

It is not that I hate them, I just think life is too short to listen peoples orders, their wants, and what they would like from us to do. if you decide to stay and grow in your company, you better develop your new fresh and positive attitude, because if you do you might be promoted. Nobody wants to have a negative and bitter coworker.

Make up your mind today and start to develop fresh new attitude of what is going on in your life, your circumstances, and your life will start to flourish.

I found an amazing video with Joel Osteen. He is just a great speaker, and until now I watched it 10 times. Please open this video and start learning more about the attitude that you need to develop. Watch it here: 

Self - help

How To Find A Partner Fast

It is much easier than you think. I always wondered why are some people going from relationship to relationship. There are always guys/girls that are coming in their lives, and often times I”ve been alone. No serious relationship, just a guy here or there. Until a day, when I was talking with friend of mine and my sister about that mystery of mine. I told them how am I really worried about when am I going to find a guy.

So we was talking about relationships and how to be happy in it. Soon after we realized how am I having some blocks, not letting anyone in my life. I wasn”t confident at that time and I realized that I didn”t like myself either. Do I need to tell you that I am looking better than ever now. I am affirming myself how I am worthy and beautiful. How it is easy to find a partner, and how everyone wants to love, and to be loved. I was working on my mindset. I was riding a bike, grocery shop, cooking and affirming yourself how I am worthy and deserving to have somebody in my life. Words that you are telling yourself matters. More than you think.

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Soon after that conversation I created a meetup, posted it online, and this guy responded with yes, the rest is history. We met for a drink soon after the meetup one day, and continuing to seeing each other.

Let go of the time and place you are going to met your future partner. What is most important is that you get ready for it. You need to be ready for his or her arrival. You need to open yourself up. You need to feel and be happy and open. You need to look good, love yourself for who you are, and loving life. When I say you need to look good, is that you need to dress up to feel good. Clothes that are pleasing to your body, and choose the one that you feel good and confident in.

Really, what are you saying  to yourself on a daily basis, moment by moment? And do you really love and accept yourself for who you truly are? Answer this questions now! Do you? You need to love you first. Nobody is going to believe in you if you don”t believe in you first. What are the chances that you don”t appreciate yourself and so, you are expecting from somebody else to accept you. You need to be your own everything first.

I”ll never forget when a friend of mine told me about his criminals that he was doing and admitting to him and myself how he didn”t love and accept himself. Luckily, he is out of the criminal, because now he knows who he is and understands life. People that are committing crimes are the ones who don”t know who they and other people are. That may sound ridiculous to you, and you may wonder what that has to do with attracting your partner, but it is closely related. In order to find a partner for a lifetime, you need to be first your own best partner first.

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Put yourself out there. Plan to have a nice and good conversation with everyone. Enjoy yourself and potential partner will show up, unexpectedly, when you least expect. Then, it will be naturally for you, things will just flow. You are not going to turn around, and you will find yourself already in relationship. These are exciting times.

Get ready for his or her arrival. As I already said. I was preparing myself mentally for his arrival. I was repeating affirmations such as: “I am opening myself to the new relationship.” Get ready, dress up, shave your legs. 😀 Seriously! You are going to the world not making yourself ready. Cut your hair, do something, get yourself ready. You will feel better automatically.

People seek partnership, people seek somebody to share their life with, to be heard, they wanna share their victories and failures. Be in a good partnership with yourself first. You need to be listening you first and meeting your needs first. Don”t ever seek for somebody outside to meet your needs. People, guys and girls love somebody who is whole and complete. It is sexy when you are confident. People love to hang around with somebody who is confident, independent and fun. Be first all these things and potential partner will stick to you like a glue.

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Be happy. Everyone wants to be around happy people. Happiness is magnetic. It is contagious. It is very easy going to be with someone who is positive, optimistic and sees everything from the bright side.

Know yourself first. I often found that if you wanna love and appreciate others you need to know and respect yourself first. Know who you truly are. Know all your weaknesses and strengths. Know what do you like in a partner. Who he or she needs to be. Know what you could tolerate and the things that you cannot, things that you don”t want in your life under any circumstances.

You need to know you are deserving and you are able to have and keep life partner. To work on attracting your partner makes no sense if you are first not believing you deserve and you can have someone in your life. Everybody deserves that special someone in their life, and so do you.

You will find a partner when you seek a partnership, when you seek for a best friend, when you seek to give other love, attention and understanding. People don”t wanna one who is too attached to them, that feels like being in jail. But in order to achieve that, you need to be in alignment with you. You don”t want somebody who is in neediness all the time, its frustrating.

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While you walk around, interact with people, raise your head, give them a smile, truly and honestly, give a smile to the one, anyone, who seems interesting to you. It is practice. Practice to allow anybody to come into your life.

This is not a rocket science, just open yourself up, get ready, and work on your confidence.

I really hope I helped you. I want to hear from you now, what you really liked in this post, and what are the steps that you need to do first in order you attract a partner you will really like?

Comment this post down below, tell us what is your situation and don”t forget to like, share and subscribe for more amazing content in future.

All the best!