Life Is But a Dream

selective focus photo of brown dreamcatcher
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

Do you ever feel whatever you been through in the past doesn”t exist, it didn”t exist, and feels like it was centuries ago? That was like an old you, and it was, that wasn”t you. Than was an old version of you.


Life is everything but a dream, or
Life is nothing but a dream?!


You and me are constantly dreaming, either good or bad. You get to choose what are you going to dream about. You wonder how to dream good things? You need to be focused on the good. You just cannot dream bad and expect good. Doesn”t go this way.

Don”t get things too seriously. We often times think life is very serious. It is not. We tend to rush, we tend to hurry, and those are the times that we stop creating, we stop creating our DREAM life. Nothing is happening by forcing something, you just might get a burnout, and then you will blame a God, country that you living in, all that is, just not you. Things will come to you when you least expect.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Constantly remind yourself how all that is, all that has been, and all that will be, is just a dream. All is temporary. Don”t be too scared to do something new. All will vanish. Don”t be affraid of what people might say about you, the truth is they don”t think about you at all, people think about themselves all the time. They are mostly occupied about their life, not yours.

It is amazing time that we living in ow. It is truly fascinating all the resources that we have. Information and answers that we need, we can find out with one click. Everything is available to us, just the question is, how much we are open to this, and can allow to ourselves, how much we can handle.


“Suffering just means you”re having a bad dream. Happiness means you”re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.”  -Jed McKenna