See Yourself Thriving

Whether you are going through some stuff today, or you will go in the future, you must see yourself thriving. Why? Because if you don”t, you might give up. You might give up, if you cannot see yourself thriving. You must see something bigger than you. We are all seeing stuff on a daily basis, imagining them, and if you cannot see yourself thriving, you will see the opposite. The things that we all don”t want to see and experience.

We are imagining things every day, every single moment. Let”s say you decided to work on some project, that you think it will change for where this humanity is going, and you have some everyday obstacles, making you doubt the thing that you are working on. How you will go through that challenges? Will you imagine seeing yourself going through that challenges, or will you imagine yourself giving up? There is no other way! Seeing yourself thriving, or watching yourself dying. Not figuratively dying, of course.

Why we, as a humans, don”t imagine ourselves being happy, and what it means for us to be happy? Why most of us imagine things that we don”t want to happen, and neglect those that we truly desire? Imagining us being happy?

I watched a video on You Tube about the woman that was basically saying how she was going through some stuff, and she was imagining herself thriving. Imagining yourself thriving is imagining yourself surviving. And we all want to do that. Thriving, rather than surviving.

I just finished reading an article about the imagination, what is possible, and about the working towards your dreams, and I loved it so much, please open up THIS link and be inspired too.

Also, there is my Blog Post as well. Closely related to the imagination, thriving, and about the things that we can make them possible. You can read it HERE.

We all have free will. I believe that something is written in the starts, but in general, we all have a free will. Free will to imagine the most of our lives, or free will to imagine the least of our lives. The question is, what are you going to do about that? Will you imagine positives, or the negatives?

“To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes.” – Bruce Lipton

And truly, there is something magical about the imagination. In our imagination we can create miracles, but imagining yourself in the wanted situation, you are shifting yourself to different reality, and you start to live there.

Vision boards are one of the methods if I can say it this way, to help you visualize and give you focus on what you want, instead of what you don”t want. There are countless of the success stories on vision boards and people that achieved amazing results, they started to live the lives on their vision boards.

Simply, whenever you see a picture that you like, and you want to have that thing, or you want to live that kind of lifestyle, cut the picture, or download it and print it, then stick to your vision board. I used canvas board that I bought in dollar store, and it works perfectly. Here is my vision board:

Here is an amazing Ted Talk about the chasing what you want, and not just taking what you can get:

We all imagine things on a daily basis. Why would we want to imagine the things that we don”t want, and then miss on the opportunity to imagine what we really, really want? Why are we wired to think negatively instead of positively? Why do we swear on our lives situations, instead of thinking: “There is something good going to come out of this?” Why are we wired to be negative beings? This is going to be a mystery of mine forever. What do you think about that? Tell us in a comments below.

Have an end goal in mind

Let”s say that I want to build a business around personal development, and I am committed to it. I see myself all throughout my life, learning, growing, and trying to be a better person. What will that require me to do? It will require to read whenever I can. It will require to connect with like minded people, and share ideas about that. It will require me to do whatever it takes to be on that track whenever I can.

I would also have to continue to have that website, write a posts, not just for you, but for myself too, because it will keep that ball rolling. I am building momentum by that. 

I often times imagine myself surrounded by the beautiful people that are truly living their potential, and I imagine myself how I have got there. I took actions that everybody were afraid of taking. I took some financial risks. I sacrificed my time. I sacrificed going out, buying alcohol, but instead, I stayed home in my bed, and I read. I sacrificed all the things that “normal” people do to entertain themselves, but instead, I did some things that lesser people do, and I took road less traveled. I imagined myself in all of that. That is seeing yourself thriving.

We all go through some hard times. We all go through some storms and bad weathers, we feel lonely, not understood, in lack. But, what if we live our lives now, and see the grandiose in the our lives now? Would you feel better? Of course you do! I feel better too, to just be O.K. where am I now.

We would like to hear from you now? How do you imagine yourself to be? What do you do? Where do you go? How do you feel about that?

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Love ya all!



Motivation for 2020!

Year is just a year. It is what you make out of year. Everybody had a both, good and bad years. Some things you cannot control, and why you would. It is not a good thing trying to control everything around you. You just live this life and give best of yourself in New 2020.

You need to be able to motivate yourself. Nobody is going to come to you and tell you how you must do this or that. You need to find your own reasons to motivate yourself and succeed in life. Really, you, need motivate you.

I made a youtube video as well about the motivation. Watch it here:

I hope you will get some inspiration from this video.

I believe how we need to make resolutions on a daily basis. If you are going to start new thing first of January, what are the chances you will continue with this resolution all throughout the year? Researches show how 95% of people stop with their resolutions by the 15. of January. Just a 15 days of doing the thing and then giving up. This is exactly why we are not making resolutions anymore, because we know we will not go through.

Make a resolution to be better NOW, every and each moment. This is the secret of life. Every and each moment give best of yourself, but ask yourself first what really matters to you.

Everyday is a fresh start. Everyday you are choosing who you are going to be this day. You may woke up and decide that you are going to apply for a better deserving jobsall day long and feel wonderful. You may decide instead to go to office, spend all day long with your kids. You may be tired of being tired, and you may do whatever it takes to work on your body energy.

women s white top and orange floral skirt
Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Pexels.com


Believe in yourself once and for all. You are here for the reason and purpose. You are for the reason on this planet earth. Believing in yourself is so crucial. Believing in yourself, people will believe in you more. You will automatically act different, talk different and walk different. People will trust in your ability if you believe in yourself.


No one has dreams like you have yours. No one can dream your dreams, thas is why your dreams are yours. You are not dreaming this dreams, for no reason. You are dreaming your dreams, because they are yours, and you know you are capable of bringing them to fruition.


The one who have a will, will find a way. Have you ever came across situation that you couldn”t stand anymore, and you decided to do whatever it takes to make it happen, to change, to make situation better? You had a will, and you used all the forces to made that happen. At first you didn”t know the how, but after making that first step, second showed up, third showed up, and after some time, you came out of a difficult situation.

make this day great quote board
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I have a purpose and goal about this blog, but still, I know almost nothing about blogging. So, should I just continue or wait to learn what is really like being blogger? Of course not .To wait for something to be sure about, you might wait forever. Everything is unsecure. Life is unsecure. Crossing the street is unsecure. Do not wait for a perfect time, because there is no such thing as perfect time. To do the perfectly right is now, with the tools and resources you have now.


No one can dream your dreams. You are holding your dreams for some reason and purpose. No one can dream your dreams. Everybody hold dreams that they know they can bring into fruition. You better version of you knows who you are. Don”t stop! Start with a small baby steps. Every day, take small actions towards your goals. It always seems impossible until it”s done


Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star. While walking on this planet earth, don”t forget to look above you. There is whole different world. Looking at the sky, notice how there is limitless space, what will make you feel better. There is something beautiful when you realize you are drop of the ocean and the ocean as such. Think of yourself as a high valuable person, but also, see others as a special beings as well, and appreciate them for who they are.

multicolored bontainer
Photo by Ihsan Aditya on Pexels.com

Know that days, months and years will pass. What is important is what are you doing with this day today, month and your plans for the year. Live a life of no regrets. You might regret what you did in the past, but the time is now, now you are creating future. Nothing just comes easily, we need to work for it. What it is that you want? Create a list of the things that you want for this year to be. That might be developing new skills, creating a second income or finally graduate. What it is that you really want, and put the time and effort to get it.

For the times that you don”t feel motivated, you just don”t know how to inspire yourself. You need to inspire yourself daily. You need to read blogs, listen podcasts, go to seminars. You need to inspire yourself daily. Let inspire you a life that you know you can live it. Imagine a life of your dreams, know that you can, and let that inspire and motivate you. It is that easy!

I really hope this blog post now inspired you and motivated you to get that butt out of seat and plan your amazing future, because truly, everything is in your hands.

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Until that time, I wish you all the best and have an amazing and productive 2020 year.




The Beauty Of Writing

Writing! Beautiful writing! Putting thoughts on a piece of paper, clearing your mind. I need that. We all need that. Someone more, someone less.

I have a 7 to 8 notebooks that I am writing in, all at the same time. One is my gratitude journal, the other is my to do list notebook, at least I call them that, but at the end, they all end up with all sorts of notes, and that is ok, as soon as it”s tidy. 😀

Two weeks ago i lost one of my notebooks, I had everything in it. All my dreams and desires, I wonder where is it now. It was at Tony Robbins seminar, there were 12.000 people, no wonder I couldn”t find. How was there, you can read here, and watch the video here.

I think everyone should have some notebook to write in, to sketch, to plan. Putting something on a piece of paper you materialize that, it becomes visible, it is like you materialized your thoughts. You let go, and let God. It is very powerful.

Journaling can make you calmer, journaling can give you a clarity.

There is one game that I like. Take a piece of paper and pen now and write down 3 sentences, words, or any thoughts that you have, on a word Mother. Write it down! Now father, now money, now relationships, friendships, future, success, failure.

Writing down things on a certain subject can give you a clarity, of where are you at.

Now, look at what you wrote, on all of this words. Do you like it? Maybe you are going to be surprised. Maybe you would not believe that you wrote that down. Why?

Our mind runs 24/7. We cannot be aware of every thought that we think of. There is subconscious mind as well. He is much quieter.

I like my leather Vintage notebook that my sister gave me on a first picture above She bought it on Amazon site. I like it very much, and it”s quality, shiny and soft paper. You can buy for yourself here. It is perfect as a gift as well.

Every good plan and program should start with a plan on a piece of paper first, making sure that is visible, so that can remind us of importance of our goals.

I hope I inspired you to write more. I will certainly not stop to write. There is so much more to write about. Just by writing and putting that content online, you can influence people in so many ways, depends of what is your intention. With what intention you wrote that content? Don”t forget, people on the other side always feel why you are saying that, and what you wanna accomplish with this.

We all read something online all throughout the day, the question is what.

Personal Development

How To Think Like Bill Gates

It took me quite a lot to read this book. It is full of years this and that, people that passed through Bill Gates”s life, their names, so, was bit harder to read that kind of book, for me.

But it made me think and realize how he thinks.

Let”s get to business!

Bill was encouraged to occupy himself with interests that would stretch the mind. There are those people that like to watch TV, be informed about other peoples lives, and those that are living their lives as best as they can. There is a huge difference!

Bill Gates was doing creative work, trying to build a programs, computers and whatever goes with it. Remember, your brain is like a muscle. If you are not stretching your brain, your brain dies. Do some work today, play a games that will stretch your mind. Read, read a lot.

Bill Gates always thought about himself how he could do anything he sets his mind to. Where would I be if I believed in myself in the past, as I believe in myself now. I would be in a completely different place. It is very important, actually it is crucial to believe in yourself. You gotta believe in yourself, and believe you can achieve all your hearts desires. He believed, and still believes in himself, thats why he is the one of the richest guy in the world.

He once said: “Smartness is an ability to absorb new facts. To ask an insightful question. To absorb it in real time. A capacity to remember. To relate to domains that may not seem connected at first” It is a credo that has served him well.

Don”t compare yourself with anyone in the world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.

Bill Gates

Find Your True Calling

Do you have something that fascinates you? Something that blows your mind? Something that constantly you wonder about? I am sure you do! So, embrace that. And start learning, research about that, and do some testing. Bit after bit, you will become familiar with this thing, and that will get the ball rolling, and soon after that, you will realize that only your brain was limiting you. Find your true love and intend to nurture it. That”s what Bill Gates did.

Gates possesses enormous personal resources and self motivation, but he also realized early on, that he needed to find like mids with whom to collaborate, if he was going to fulfill his grandest dreams.

You might have now your big big big goals, but if you hanging around with people that don”t have any goals in life, they are not driven by anything, you are not going to succeed in life. they will hold you down.

If you have some goals in life, make sure to find like minded people. People who will encourage you, people who will tell you: “You can!” Find people like this and stick to them.

A winning team needs members who are all prepared to learn from each other. Gates is blessed with sufficient self belief that he is not afraid to work with people who may have skills that surpass his in certain areas, and who are unafraid to challenge him.

If you are reading this and you read till now, I believe you wanna succeed in life. Is that right? Tell yourself! “I wanna succeed in life!” “I will succeed in life!” and “I am already successful!”

That is all grand, but do you know how to make choices? Do you? Do you know how to make a good one? Do you know what do you really want? You see, Bill Gates knew how to make a choices, and most importantly he sticked to this choices, that”s why he is succeeding.

Second important thing is to think more broadly. Let”s suppose you made a choice, and now you are thinking how to get there. You came up just to two ideas of how to get there, but there are many other ways, and you can tap into that intelligence, just if you think more broadly.

There is a lot more written in this book by Daniel Smith

How to Think Like Bill Gates (How To Think Like series)

I really hope that will help you realize how some big minds work. How and what do they think. I truly believe we all can tap into the greatness, just the only thing we need is to believe in ourselves.

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