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Diving Deep

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Diving deep is a questioning everything, to examine something in great detail. Do you dive deep? You should! You can find the answers! You can! You just need to ask. Why we don”t have a habit of asking questions? I think it is because we will appear weak, uneducated, or stupid. If that is the reason, it is very sad. Sad because we will never grow if we are not learning, not expanding, and so, please, please ask questions. To yourself first! I wrote a Blog Post about the questions you need to ask yourself daily. You can find it here.

You can never be able to change your circumstances if you are not aware of the ones that you have, (read: being aware of the ones that you are doing and that doesn”t serve you.) It is so simple in life. Take Full Responsibility For Your Life is also a post that is related to this one.

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How creative you are? How much on a scale from 1 to 10 is your creativeness? Do you ever wonder why you are here? Who you are? Where are you now and where you wanna be? Who are your parents? Who are your siblings? What they do in life? What are your concerns? Why you worry? What  you worry about? You are never going to be able find out answers if you don”t ask, right? How can you ask? Who you ask?

I am a big believer of starting from yourself. You are your own best everything. Mother, father, sister, brother, a friend. All the answers are within you already. But in order to know some things, you need to be honest, sincere, and ask yourself specific questions.

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I”ll never forget the day when I had to ask a friend of mine something about the luggages at the airport. I send her over a question, but I wasn”t specific enough, and guess what, was I getting specific answer? Of course, not! You need to be specific, and really dive deep into the questions that you need to find out the answers.

I will give you an example now. Let”s say you are a mentor. And the person that hired you wants to take her life on a next level. What do you do? You ask questions right? But not just a random questions. You ask deep ones. The ones with a why, not just the ones with a yes and no answers.

You ask: “What is your biggest accomplishment?  How did you do that? What it took you to accomplish that? How important that was for you? Why this? Why not something else? You get the point, right?! I hope you do!

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There is so much questions that you can ask and come up to astonishing answers. Isn”t that amazing!? Don”t you wanna know why are the things they are? The only thing that I know is that self education no one can take from you. Listen what the rich people are saying. They are saying that if they go broke today, they will be able to attain riches once again. And why is that? Because they developed the skills, abilities, and they come up to some answers. They cracked the code. We can do it to.