Life Is But a Dream

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Do you ever feel whatever you been through in the past doesn”t exist, it didn”t exist, and feels like it was centuries ago? That was like an old you, and it was, that wasn”t you. Than was an old version of you.


Life is everything but a dream, or
Life is nothing but a dream?!


You and me are constantly dreaming, either good or bad. You get to choose what are you going to dream about. You wonder how to dream good things? You need to be focused on the good. You just cannot dream bad and expect good. Doesn”t go this way.

Don”t get things too seriously. We often times think life is very serious. It is not. We tend to rush, we tend to hurry, and those are the times that we stop creating, we stop creating our DREAM life. Nothing is happening by forcing something, you just might get a burnout, and then you will blame a God, country that you living in, all that is, just not you. Things will come to you when you least expect.


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Constantly remind yourself how all that is, all that has been, and all that will be, is just a dream. All is temporary. Don”t be too scared to do something new. All will vanish. Don”t be affraid of what people might say about you, the truth is they don”t think about you at all, people think about themselves all the time. They are mostly occupied about their life, not yours.

It is amazing time that we living in ow. It is truly fascinating all the resources that we have. Information and answers that we need, we can find out with one click. Everything is available to us, just the question is, how much we are open to this, and can allow to ourselves, how much we can handle.


“Suffering just means you”re having a bad dream. Happiness means you”re having a good dream. Enlightenment means getting out of the dream altogether.”  -Jed McKenna


Rewire Your Anxious Brain


I came up to idea long time ago of just repeating positive affirmations/words all throughout the day but I wasn”t consistent. Imagine your life transforms by doing some actions consistently. Often times we hear something is good for us, and we think: “OK, I am going to implement that into my life.” But doing this two and a half day, not seeing results, an of course, we give up to this. That”s not how things work. You gotta believe in this method, wanting change your life, and consistently doing this action.

I am talking about mantras, chanting or talking with yourself, however you want.

I will tel you here and now what happened to me today. So, I woke up, and whatever I was doing after opening my eyes I tried to be aware of my moves, what I was doing, and planning the next right move. Such as, upon waking up and taking big cold glass of water, the next right move for me been washing my face in cold water and brushing my teeth all followed by deep breaths.

Have you ever came to destination, not knowing what was during the journey? You see, you”ve been in your thoughts, and that didn”t happen to me today. I was very aware of my each move. Why? Because I was taking deep breaths. Deep inhales, and exhales.

And then I sat on a bike, and as I was spinning that wheel I was talking with myself. Deep breath in, exhale, and then I chanted word LOVE. You can do any, whichever you like.

Try yourself now. Take a deep breath in, naturally, slowly, exhale, and say to yourself, at loud or silently, word love, and repeat three times. I am sure you are going to feel the difference.

What sentences and words I was chanting today and you can too. A word love, peace, relax, breathe, wisdom, I love Irish wind :D, beautiful day, we are living in abundant universe, everyone deserves to love and be loved, I am dedicated to achieve my goals, I am worthy of that and etc. I hope that resonates with you and you know what I mean by that, by chanting words and sentences. If you don”t, leave in a comment section below: “Please, I wanna know more about this.”, and I”ll get that clarified for you.

If you are into self development, trying to improve your life, I believe you are listening majority of your time some motivational speeches, but that has to stop someday. Why?! Do you really believe that the ones who already achieved lot are listening motivation speeches. They are already inspired and doing actions.

Why we tend to watch TV? Spending hours and hours on youtube? Maybe because we are afraid of what we may hear in our head. Maybe if you are going to turn off all your devices you might hear: “You fool!”, “Why did you do that?”, “You shouldn”t do that!”.

Be aware of your self talk. Turn off all your devices, stop listening motivational speeches, and spent some time you with you in a complete silence. Do what I suggested to you. Take a deep breath in, exhale, and say to yourself “I am worthy!” for example. That”s how you are rewiring your anxious brain. It”s that simple.

I made a video on youtube about meditation and how changed my life. You can see it here if you want.

I really hope I helped you and you are realizing how important self talk is. Just chant all the positive words and affirmations all day, every day, followed by deep breaths, continuously, until you see and feel the difference.

If you need and other explanation, please contact me in a Contact section or leave a comment below. And if you read and liked my content until now press that like button and subscribe for more contents like this.

To your self development!





Thoughts are things?!


Is it really that way? Do we truly attract what we think about and who we are? I know that like attracts like, but do really thoughts and what we think about shapes our reality?

About the how like attracts like… I’ll never forget that day…I’ve been in one relationship that I didn’t enjoy at all. You might think now: “Why you stayed then?!” I don’t know! I guess I’ve seen just the goods in him, and all the bads I tried to forget, not to focus on. Until one day, I had that aha moment, when I realized that we was perfect match. I didn’t love and appreciate myself, and then he came into my life like a perfect manipulator.


Thoughts are not facts!


Of course I left him straight after the realization, but the question is still here: “Do we really attract who we are and what we think about?”

Please, please, please! If you read this far, let me know what are your thoughts about this in a comment section bellow. ⬇️ Would love to know!


I wish you a great day!

Yours sincerely,



Positive thinking: Find happiness and achieve your goals through the power of positive thought

Just a short story about why you should/must think positive if you wanna live positive life.

Because you cannot think/be negative and live positive life. It’s impossible.

That’s the law. You know for the expression; “Like attracts like!”

In order to live positive you gotta think positive. It’s that simple!

Read this book called Positive thinking and I very liked it, that wrote Gill Hasson. Here is the link: https:to/2yqDdFF

P.S. Know that I will get commision if you click link above and you buy a book.

Book is full of advices and very inspirational.

Tomorrow I will make a whole Post about all the things that are very important in order to live happier life.

So, stay tuned!

Much love!