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Taking Things Personally

Not all is always happening to you, but for you. You might not even knowing it, but maybe you need to tolerate some things that are happening in your life right now. Life is not easy.  I am not saying it is, but whatever you are going through right now, know that you are not alone, and that all shall pass.

I love the idea of Reacting and Responding that Bob Proctor promotes. Here is the meaning of it, and what is the difference between these two:

There is a huge difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. A response is thought out, calm and non-threatening. A reaction typically provokes more reactions – perpetuating a long line of hatefulness with nothing accomplished.


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I will tell you situation now that I had with my mom, just recently. We were traveling. And so, I was so happy to explore new country with my family. I love to take a plenty of pictures during travel, because all is fascinating to me. We left the stuff at the hotel and went out exploring. My sister and my mom was walking in front of me, and not long after I asked my mom: “Mom! Take a picture of me here, please!” and what she replied really upset me. It was: “Maja! You are boring!” Something like that. What was really interesting, is the fact that I thought that she is going to say something like this.

I am not like everyone else. I am special, you are too. I love to love. I am living in a moment. This 3 beautiful days was special for me, because of traveling with my family.

Do I have to say that we didn”t spoke at all since then. I was thinking all kinds of things like: “Why she said that? “Why me?!” We are traveling, exploring, it is common sense to take a lots of pictures.

The thing is: I took the things to seriously. I thought it”s about me, but it wasn”t. Maybe my mom was a little nervous, I don”t know. And me, taking things too seriously ruined all our trip. Since then, whoever is saying something to me, I am not taking that too seriously or personally anymore. I overcame it!


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We don”t understand why certain things are happening. We don”t know why are people saying all kinds of things, but hese are their programs. These are the things that came out of their mouth, not ours, and so, that doesn”t have to be your own truth.

We worry what other people are saying about us. When really important is what you think about you. You know who you are. You know what are your strengths and weaknesses, you admit that to yourself or not. That is who you are. And so, what are others saying about ourselves should not matter to you.

We often time label everything. We need to find a names to everything, when at the core, things, ourselves, and everything is much grandeur.

I just seen a Youtube video about taking things literally. It is very funny. You can watch it here if you want, and learn from it too:


Learn from everything and move on. Things are said already. Learn from it. There are the people that are dying to be mentored. Dying to be coached. And if I am saying to you now, don”t take things to literally, believe me. Learn form my experience.

If you are going to be upset about someone, you are upsetting you, no that person. Re frame things that are happening.

You don”t wanna feed yourself with negativity. Notice this destructive thoughts and know that you are harming yourself with them. Think love, faith, joy and happiness.

We are learning all your lives. And it is completely normal to feel upset and taking things  too seriously, but notice it, there is the difference, know that doesn”t serve you, and let go. Focus on the good.

Please, tell me what you think about this Post. Do you know somebody who takes things too personally?

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Love, Maja!