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I hope you educating yourself? If you educate yourself you do not have nothing to worry about. What is your interest? Imagine yourself researching whatever interests you, every day for at least an hour, in 5 years you can become an expert in it. Don”t you agree? 5 years from now you can get there, the question is where.

It is a simple thing. Self education is important for success because it helps you to think big like other successful people. It makes you think beyond limitations and this is the biggest reason why people succeed in life. Most people are not comfortable thinking big because they believe it is impossible to achieve.

Look at all great achievers, we all know who they are. Do they have a college degree? Not at all! Bill Gates was passionate about the computers and softwares, he researched it, developed it, and who is he now? Oprah Winfrey? Tony Robbins?

They are all great achievers that helped change millions of lives. How? By self education.

You know that scientists are always coming to some conclusions, discoverings and ideas, they are researching everything. You know that doctor will find out this exact information 5 years later. Why? Because they are not educating themselves. They are not catching out with new discoveries. And this same doctors are helping us get better.

Choose and decide now, at this moment, to study, to study deep, things that you are interested in, and nobody can take that out of you.. You becoming wise, smart. Nobody can beat you up.

Every human being needs oxygen to survive in the world. Education is as important as this because education gives people the knowledge and skills they require. Education is important to people of all ages and it has no limit. Children require education in order for them to learn how to speak and to write.

Self education in your chosen field can get you to the heights that you can not even imagine. To know about something today, that you nailed it, you can turn into business.

Look at the coaches, life and business ones. They first developed themselves, and they now teach others. Internet world is full of coaching sessions, courses and seminars. People are crushing it, and now it becomes multi Billion dollar business. People are spending millions and millions to educate themselves online.

I hope I inspired you to study your chosen field. To study more about the thing that you are passionate about. That, and only that, will bring you success and wealth in life.

That is my opinion only. What is yours? I want you to give us a comment below.

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Treat Your Life As A Business Not A Hobby

In another words, treat everything in your life as a business, not a hobby, be as best as you can.

I”ve been through some free course now, about the making money online, and guy said that people are not succeeding because they are treating their businesses as a hobby, not a business.

I can relate to that, because I didn”t treat myself as well good enough. I didn”t treat my online business as seriously as I could. You know the saying: “What you put out comes back to you!” It is true! If you are not appreciating enough job that you do, business that you build, they are not going to appreciate you either.

Everything is in accordance of how much we give out. You need to put a things, money and effort in a state of flow. If you giving just half of what you really can, you are going to get half back, maybe even less. So treat yourself as a business, your business as a business, not a hobby, and your life will be a safe haven.

I like the quote very much that Jay Z once said: ” I’m not a ‘Business-Man’! I’m a Business… man! 

Do you like it too? We treat our possessions for granted, we treat ourselves for granted, our bodies, our parents, siblings, everything and everybody, and that”s what we get out as well.

Know, that all is within you, and that you can take your life, yourself and your business to the next level, but only if you will go full into it, immerse yourself into everything that you do, giving best of yourself, living the life of no regrets.

I am pumped up. I really am. I will never stop learning.

What are your thought about this? Taking full responsibility and taking everything seriously, but enjoying and believing in journey?

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Love you all!