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Taking Things Personally

Not all is always happening to you, but for you. You might not even knowing it, but maybe you need to tolerate some things that are happening in your life right now. Life is not easy.  I am not saying it is, but whatever you are going through right now, know that you are not alone, and that all shall pass.

I love the idea of Reacting and Responding that Bob Proctor promotes. Here is the meaning of it, and what is the difference between these two:

There is a huge difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. A response is thought out, calm and non-threatening. A reaction typically provokes more reactions – perpetuating a long line of hatefulness with nothing accomplished.


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I will tell you situation now that I had with my mom, just recently. We were traveling. And so, I was so happy to explore new country with my family. I love to take a plenty of pictures during travel, because all is fascinating to me. We left the stuff at the hotel and went out exploring. My sister and my mom was walking in front of me, and not long after I asked my mom: “Mom! Take a picture of me here, please!” and what she replied really upset me. It was: “Maja! You are boring!” Something like that. What was really interesting, is the fact that I thought that she is going to say something like this.

I am not like everyone else. I am special, you are too. I love to love. I am living in a moment. This 3 beautiful days was special for me, because of traveling with my family.

Do I have to say that we didn”t spoke at all since then. I was thinking all kinds of things like: “Why she said that? “Why me?!” We are traveling, exploring, it is common sense to take a lots of pictures.

The thing is: I took the things to seriously. I thought it”s about me, but it wasn”t. Maybe my mom was a little nervous, I don”t know. And me, taking things too seriously ruined all our trip. Since then, whoever is saying something to me, I am not taking that too seriously or personally anymore. I overcame it!


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We don”t understand why certain things are happening. We don”t know why are people saying all kinds of things, but hese are their programs. These are the things that came out of their mouth, not ours, and so, that doesn”t have to be your own truth.

We worry what other people are saying about us. When really important is what you think about you. You know who you are. You know what are your strengths and weaknesses, you admit that to yourself or not. That is who you are. And so, what are others saying about ourselves should not matter to you.

We often time label everything. We need to find a names to everything, when at the core, things, ourselves, and everything is much grandeur.

I just seen a Youtube video about taking things literally. It is very funny. You can watch it here if you want, and learn from it too:


Learn from everything and move on. Things are said already. Learn from it. There are the people that are dying to be mentored. Dying to be coached. And if I am saying to you now, don”t take things to literally, believe me. Learn form my experience.

If you are going to be upset about someone, you are upsetting you, no that person. Re frame things that are happening.

You don”t wanna feed yourself with negativity. Notice this destructive thoughts and know that you are harming yourself with them. Think love, faith, joy and happiness.

We are learning all your lives. And it is completely normal to feel upset and taking things  too seriously, but notice it, there is the difference, know that doesn”t serve you, and let go. Focus on the good.

Please, tell me what you think about this Post. Do you know somebody who takes things too personally?

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Love, Maja!

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How To Get a Clarity Of Thought

How clear you are about what you want? How precise you are how that should look like? Do you have a clarity of thought? How important it is to have a clarity of thought?

Let”s say you are very unsure about something. Does that bothers you? Of course it does! Being unsure about something, and constantly thinking about it, drains our energy. We need to make a decisions. Decide! Just decide! Only by making decisions will move us forward, nothing else. By not making decisions is also making decision, but the difference is, just by making one will move you forward.

I, myself, made a video about the clarity, I really hope it will help you make a decisions. I hope you will like it and find a value out of it.


There is a catch. You should not be focused on the past and what has happened and who you were in the past. The trick is, constantly remind yourself on what is important for you, who you wanna become, what do you wanna achieve and where you wanna be. It is very simple, right? Only the ones that achieved something are being fully focused on what they are building. It takes practice and repetition. Never give up. Your future self will thank you for.

Every time you think of what it is and what has been, your dreams and goals are moving out from you. That is because you live in the past. Learn from the past and move forward. It is that simple.

I love love love the part in a book called “Man”s Search For Meaning” than I read today. If you wanna understand why you are now here, just connect the dots looking in your past. And to create your dream future, you need to be clear of what you want and have a clarity of thought of what do you wanna achieve.


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This part in the book goes like this:

Consider a movie: consists of thousands upon thousands of individual pictures, and each of them makes sense and carries a meaning, yet the meaning of the whole film cannot be seen before its last sequence is shown. However, we cannot understand the whole film without having first understood each of its components, each of the individual pictures. Isn”t it the same with life? Doesn”t the final meaning of life, too, reveal itself, if at all, only at its end, on the verge of death? And doesn”t this final meaning, too, depend of whether or not the potential meaning of each single situation has been actualized to the best of the respective individuals knowledge and belief?

I really hope you understand the chapter about the connecting the dots looking backward.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path; and that will make all the difference.”   -Steve Jobs

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I really hope I inspired you of the importance of clarity of thought and how to have a clarity of thought. I put all my heart and soul into it.

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Love you all, Maja!


Losing my mind

Losing my mind helped me so much. I”ve been so caught up in my mind. I was thinking destructive thoughts, but now I loosed my mind, and I feel much much better.

Our minds are so powerful. You are not even realizing it, but you think thousands of thoughts all day long. Some of the thoughts you can hear, you are aware of them, while on other you cannot even pay attention, because they are very quiet, and I think that these are beliefs that are very old, thoughts that you was thinking for a long time, and it is challenging to realize them and try to destroy, to re frame them.

Look at the world a little bit. Everybody is looking down, scrolling their phones, thinking who knows what. They let all the media influence them. They don”t know anymore how to raise their head and look at the sky. They don”t know how their neighborhood looks like anymore. They are in their head most of the time. We need to learn loose our minds and head, and get into the heart. We need to think with the heart.

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For me, everything became better when I decided to loose my mind. You need to open yourself up to a new and crazy things, you need to take a risks, you need to know that you have a limited time on this planet earth and live to it”s fullest.

I”ve been doing a research about loosing mind and it is not in a positive way. I don”t know what are they thinking about that, but here I am talking about the thoughts that we ran over and over again in our heads. We need to think broadly. We need to be aware that we are much much more than we think we are. I personally talk with myself and it feels wonderful. You need to go out of your head and ask yourself is it really truth, the thoughts that you think of.

To lose your mind doesn”t necessarily mean a bad thing. It is realizing of thinking destructive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and re framing them. Lose your mind and get into the heart. You need to think with your heart. What are your hearts desires. Lose your mind and don”t believe everything that you heard of, either from yourself or from others. Know what is your truth, and never stop questioning everything.

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Everybody seems normal. They behave normal, they are living “normal” life but where will that get them? They are afraid to do something new, to stretch themselves, to take a risks. How do these people live? Are they really happy? Do they live their highest potential? I don”t think so!

If you wanna live extraordinary life, you need to lose your mind and get into the heart. Heart knows all your hearts desires, listen to heart, lose your mind and get into the heart once and for all.

I hope I inspired you, for real. I think, to lose your mind and go crazy a little bit, is not a bad thing. Majority of the people are normal, and look how they live their life.

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Self Talk

It is veeery important what are you saying to yourself. I”ve been talking with myself lately, and honestly, it feels sooo good. Guys, we need to loose our minds. Life begins outside of the mind. Loose your mind and start living life.

It is really crazy, but feels so good. Self Talk everybody has. Somebody positive, somebody negative. Use the positive one. Reprogram your mind and start thinking positive thoughts. Why? Because thoughts becomes things.

Here is an actual song that I like so much, about talking to yourself and asking for advice.

We already have everything that we need and it is within ourselves. Start talking to yourself, either out loud or silently. Ask for advice, ask questions.

You should be your own best everything. Friend, lover, spouse, mother and father. If you are alone and you feel lonely, you are not in a good company. Look within yourself and ask yourself some questions. Be really open and honest with yourself. Am I really happy? How do I feel now? The things that I do now, where will actually get me? Can I change something? Am I doing the things that really matter to me?

You know the voices that we are hearing at the back of our minds? Really listen them, ask yourself does that really serves me, and if not, re frame them, say out loud the opposite.

Self talk helps you concentrate and focus. Talking with yourself out loud helps me concentrate on the tasks that I have to do and keeps me focused on what really matters. Julius Caesar talked to himself, Napoleon talked to himself. They achieved something, right? 

It is relieving. Imagine throughout the day you”ve been through different situations. You are coming home and there is nobody to talk to. We need to let that go, let that out, talk with most important person in the room, you.

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Personal Development

Fearless Living

Either, we are living in comfort zone, or we are not, we are pushing ourselves forward. What do you think? Where majority of the people live? Of course, you would say, we are living in our comfort zone. We eat same foods every day, we go to school and job same route, we hang around with same people every day, we wear same clothes, brush our hair same way, use same make up strategies. No wonder our life ends up the same way, nothing changes.

In order to change that, imagine yourself doing same things every day. You cut yourself of to know somebody more interesting, you cut yourself of new hair style that would fit you better, you cut yourself of knowing how this new route to your job is much easier and quicker to go to.

Commit yourself today to do the something different, to implement something different in your everyday routine. You can do such things as go to the park on your day off, not bringing your phone with you, just inhaling oxygen, reminding yourself how important it is to connect to mother nature again. Go to shop and buy a pair of trousers that you would never do. Go to shop and buy yourself a gift, gift for trying make things happen.

You are not a laboratory rat. You”re a human being. You can master your fears. But first you have to know them. What are you fearful? What are your most fearful thoughts? Come on! Be aware of that. And go for it feeling full fearful, and notice what will happen, nothing, fear will disappear, and you will come to realization that this were just your thoughts.

I will tell you now how fearful I was being before my Bungee-Jumping. I knew I wanted to do that, and it”s fun, feels amazing. I woke up that day excited, I couldn”t believe I was going to do that, but as time was getting closer I was getting more nervous. The moment when I was standing on the edge of the biggest bridge in Croatia, I would never forget. I felt tremendous fear. My heart was racing like crazy, I thought I would die. It took me more that 5 min to jump over the bridge.

The interesting thing happen the moment I jumped, I felt total bliss, I was flying. They wouldn”t do such thing if it”s dangerous and lots of people died, right? So, everything that is happening you created in your own head. Since that day nothing else was the same. I completely changed when it comes to fear. I am feeling fear every day of course, like everyone else, but I am going for it anyway. And guess what, feels amazing, my confidence grew tremendously.

I wrote a Blog Post about Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is here if you wanna read. I also recommend great great book by Susan Jeffers called: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” that I loved so so much. You can check out book here.

No direction is wrong, just pick the one and go for it full hearted.

Lets imagine you faced some fear and you stayed alive. Nothing happened, except you grew as a person. Now you are on your Wheel of Freedom. You feel free, happy, satisfied, confident, you feel like the world is yours. That”s how people feel when they face their fears. So, you are on your wheel of freedom, you are not trying to prove yourself to anyone, you are not trying to prove anything. You are not trying to hide, to save your face, put up a facade, not trying to get caught, not trying to cover up. You are simply being you. When you are on your Wheel of Freedom, the whole world is better for it, and you feel free.

I love to read books like this. It gets you thinking what fear does to ourselves, to our lives, what is life all about, and why we should face our fears. It is fascinating. Fearless Living is the book that I read, by Rhonda Britten, and got me inspired to write about the fears again. I loved the book, if you would like to read and check out the same, you can do it so here.

The beauty of Fearless Living is that as you master your own fear, you”ll be in a better position to look after the people you care about when they”re the ones who need help. And you won”t lose your own sense of self as you reach out to them.

But first, if you need some sort of help, ask the right people, find the one who already living the way you wanted to. Right people at the right time helps you summon the courage to show more of who you are to the world. Yet when the most of us attempt to connect with people, both those who are already important to us and those we”re hoping to get to know – we avoid truly revealing ourselves.

I hope I inspired you to take action. Face those things that bother you and set yourself free. Life will never be the same.

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Until then, shine bright like a diamond.

Love ya all!


Again, buy yourself a copy of Fearless Living here.