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How To Save Money

Why would you save money in the first place? Who does that?

I really hope you are saving your money, paying yourself first, because for the simple reason. If you plan to buy anything major, such as teeth brace (like me), buy a car, a house, you need to start saving money now. Like now!

No buying that trendy books, you don”t need extra perfume, but actually saving money for your future. Have you thought about that before?

Majority of the people don”t think in advance, they don”t examine the future, they don”t think about the future consequences. Are you one of them? Are you buying impulsively?

If you want to learn more about How To Be More Self Aware

What is impulse buying? Impulse buying is in a spur of moment, and it occurs with a wide range of products. It can be chocolate, shoes, scarf, or even a car. Are you one of them?

This is not bad. It is not at all. But the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to prevent catastrophe and bankrupt are: “Do I really need that?” “Am I rewarding myself for that or not?” “Who do I try to impress with it, if anybody?” “Can I come up with something better than that?” “Can I just postpone that buying impulse, think about it, and come back tomorrow?”

There are countless of questions that you can ask yourself before you give your money away.

What I was doing in the past, is that, if I saw some clothing, that  I really liked it, I wouldn”t purchase instantly, but if I just couldn”t stop thinking about this piece of clothing, I would go tomorrow again to that store, try on again, and just purchase it, with no regret.

My Story

Struggling with money all my life, was just normal for me. I thought that is the way how it goes, until just recently, last 2 years let”s say. I realized that I would never have a car if I don”t save.

I would never have a nice vacation, if I don”t save. I would never have that dream house, if I don”t save. I would never build my business, if I don”t save first. I would never retire early, if I don”t save.

And this is harsh! I had to sacrifice that nice clothing, brand new shoes, or new set of make-up.

Now, I have separate accounts. I have retirement account, my saving business account, that I save money on, and withdraw if I need to invest back into my business.

You need to think first, and then say “Jump”.

Many financial advisors, will advise you that you need to have a separate accounts for the things that you wanna achieve, and I totally get that now. It is never too late to become financially free.

There is a book called “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach that I heard about from the Brendon Burchard through this Live Stream. 

If Brendon says that the book is gem, and it helped him, I am going to believe him, and buy the book for some time in the future. Now, I am just going to research about money, investing, and how it works.

Again, if you wanna buy something major in your life, you need to sacrifice yourself, you need to know your values, and what needs to come first.

Save every penny

What I do now?

Spend only on food. Since this Corona, all that I do, is that I go to work, and after work I go home again. What works for me, is that I plan my meals.

Make the plan of the 7 meals that you are going to prepare in a week time. Take a note of the groceries that you need to buy. I go to shopping every Sunday or Monday at least, and I don”t go to grocery shop at all after that. All the rest that is on my bank account, I don”t touch, it just grows. You can do it too!

Our 5 Primary Needs

Food, shelter, transportation, clothing, health

Have you ever thought about what are our primary needs as a humans, or just you itself?

Really, when you think about what are our core needs, you will come in conclusion that all you need is the food, water and shelter, nothing else.

I am very lucky that on a list of a food, shelter, transportation, clothing and health, I only need food and shelter, I cycle to work, I cycle to shop, I cycle everywhere I go. 😀

What about the rest of the things on the list? I can just ignore them, they are luxury. Now, I am not saying that you should be not taking bus, buy a new jumper ever again, but these are the things that you don”t need, if you wanna save as much as you can.

This is an incredible article on ideas how to save money. There are the 100 ways/ideas how you can save money. Open up this article, and read it HERE.

It is truly in depth article about all the ideas on how. I didn”t even thought about some, until I didn”t read it all. Never stop learning!

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. – Warren Buffett Source

What are some of your money beliefs, spending habits?

We are the sum of out habits. If you don”t feel safe and secure, consider thinking about changing your habits, but first, detecting habits that are most destructive for your lifestyle. Do you know what these are?

Tell us in a comments what does money represents to you, and what are some of your beliefs around money?


3 Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom

Finances are the big part of our lives. If you don”t have enough finances you might get sick, your spouse might leave you, your family abandon you. I might be too harsh right now, but it”s true. Money is playing big role in our lives. Those that have enough, and even more, are living happier life, their health, energy and vitality is at the highest point. That doesn”t necessarily has to be true, it depends on your lifestyle, but it play”s big role in your mental and spiritual health as well.

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” –Dave Ramsey

Imagine being completely safe and worry free. How would that make you feel? You would go through life stress free and that is what we all want. The fact that you are reading this, you already know that there are the certain people who are set for life when it comes to money, and I want that for myself and you too. I am never going to be able to buy my dream home staying at the shop assistant job, that is just not going to happen. It is the way how life works. If you want more, you need to go after more. You need to find a ways to make it. Don”t stress yourself out how you are going to do what you intend to do, but know that you will, and you will.

Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe


  1. First of the ways to achieve financial freedom is through entrepreneurship. As I already said, I will never going to be able afford myself what I want staying at the corporate jobs, and you should be thinking that for yourself too. I tried numerous of businesses lately and I got myself into the food business; you can see it here if you want to get food recipe ideas: I entered all sorts of companies, paying large entry fees, but I never got myself into it fully, because I didn”t believe in it, I didn”t believe in my capability. Now, I started this site, and I am even thinking to create an online store, because I finally came to the point that “I can!” Online stores are huge at this moment, people can”t go to shops during this pandemic times, and so, they are buying online. I am going to be one of them, but one of them that is going to create one. Shopify is a great platform for that if you wanna get yourself into selling things online.

“Real wealth is not about money. Real wealth is: not having to go to meetings, not having to spend time with jerks, not being locked into status games, not feeling like you have to say ‘yes,’ not worrying about others claiming your time and energy. Real wealth is about freedom.” –James Clear

I found an amazing documentary on youtube about time and money freedom. I watched it few times already, and I absolutely love it. Press play!

2. The second best way is through the investing. Knowing how to multiply your money. There are the countless of ways how you can multiply your money, you just need to find a way that best work for you, and also, that is fun for you. By fun I mean investing in something you truly believe in. Let”s say you are creative, and you do something with your hands, and you are ready to sell it online, then it would be best for you to put yourself out there, create an ad and pay for it. You would get return on investment for sure. ow people more than ever use internet and all the possible devices. Just try to make money work for you, not you working for money. Investing in something that you believe in, and reinvesting again, you can make money working for you, and you are actually creating asset.


I am not one of those who are already investing hundreds of dollars and investing everyday, learning, studying, reading about the economy, not yet, but I understand if you wanna be financially free, you need to learn how to multiply your money.

I am bringing out a list of what you can do to achieve financial freedom. The list is created by a website. Here is a full article, and down below the exact list.

9 Tips That Will Get You Closer to Achieving Financial Independence
  1. Spend Less, Earn More.
  2. Master Self-Control.
  3. Maximize Your Savings Rate.
  4. Put Your Money to Work.
  5. Utilize A Simple Budget (And Stick To It)
  6. Side Hustle And Invest.
  7. Grow Your Personal Finance Knowledge Bank.
  8. Avoid Future Consumer Debt.
  9. Adopt a Somewhat Frugal Mindset

3. You need to look at money as your friend. You need to cherish money, you need to love it, understand it”s purpose. Money is like your partner. If you are not caring about your partner, he or she will leave you. If you don”t know how to manage money, money will stop coming to you. Money needs to be seduced like a lady. Money loves that we want money. And if we do whatever we have to do to attain it, money will come.


I am not super rich, actually I am not rich at all, not in bank account, with hundreds of thousands, but I look how I spend money, and what I buy with it. I look at money as a exchange, exchange for goods. You give money, they give you electricity. You give money, they give you food. You give money, they give you phone credit, and so on. All this stories about money is very simple, it is simple to get rich, it is simple to be financially free, just we, as a humans, think that always somebody outside us, is much smarter, wiser or more capable of doing things, when in fact it is not, they are not. We are all the same, it”s just, we are not open to it, we are not open to change, and the worst of all, we think we don”t deserve it, that is such a destructive thinking. If we would just change out beliefs, money would pour into our lives like a crazy, and we would all of the sudden live a lives  that deep down we knew we deserve it.

Promise to yourself now, that you will start appreciate money more and actually care about it, love it, because money is such incredible tool, you can make impossible possible with money.


How To Be Good With Money

Success seek for good place to stay. Money seek for good place to stay. Your dream partner seek for good place to stay. You need to be good place to stay for all of that. Everything in life is connected. Money is not going to stick with you if you are not a good master. You need to become good money master in order to have more of the money. Money will stick to you like a glue. Are you a good money master? Where are you with your finances?

You need to love money. You need to have positive expectations about the money. When you read about the money what goes through your mind? Is it that you think how money is hard to earn or is it that you think how money is a beautiful tool to make your life easier to you and people around you?

Money is not going to stick to you if you have a bad opinions about money. It is going to go through your hands so quickly that you even never going to have it.

What are your spending habits? Where do you spend your money the most? Is it something that gives a value to your life, or is it something that you are going to play with for 3 days and put somewhere to collect the dust after your purchases? You need to know where your money goes. You need to know your Ins and Outs. How much do you get every month?

Money should not be your priority but it is a good way to start. Money IS important. Money can buy you happiness. If you don”t believe in that, you don”t know where to shop. haha Money can buy you health, freedom and comfort. There is nothing on this planet for free, and so, you need to have money to pay for all of that.

I loved the books of a Robert Kiyosaki . There are the Audio Books on Youtube that you can listen for an hours and for free. One of the books that I was listening and loved it, is this:

In order to be financially free you need to know money rules.

Some of the money rules are:

  1. The more you learn-the more you earn. You need to increase your financial IQ. You need to learn how money works. You need to learn how to acquire money, how to keep it, spend wisely and then invest back to get more of back. Money loves to be moved. Money loves to be spend. It depends whether you are investing in something that can bring you back money or in something that will just collect the dust on your shelf. Think about where you spend most of your money and really look does that bring you money back.
  2. Pay yourself first. Every time you get some money, you need to put on a side for yourself first. You need to save some portion of your income. The minimum should be 10%. Everybody can save 10% of the money they are getting. No matter amount, everybody can. That is paying yourself first. You need to cherish yourself and save for an emergencies. It will bring you joy, freedom and happiness. Knowing that you have money on bank account will bring you peace and trust. What matters more? The question is, how disciplined can you be. Don”t underestimate putting on a side 5 dollars. That is in month 20 dollars, in a year 280. In 5 years 1.400. That is the power of compounding. It will become bigger and larger after time. That is also called the snow ball effect.
  3. You must live below your means. Look around you and you will see a people going to malls, buying online all sorts of things, that they are going to abandon. How smart is that? Not at all! They are the people that they must have that trendy item. But buying these trendy items for a years, you are not going to end nowhere, just stuck with a hill of worthless stuff.
  4.  Budget, budget, budget. You need to know how much you are coming in and how much is going out. I cannot stress that enough. That helped me soo much. You need to know what are your expenses, where your money goes. In order to solve the problem, you need to know what problem is. Detect where your money goes and reduce the expenses to those that you can live without. For example, I have a notebook where I write a date, the amount that I spent and what did I bought. This helps me soo much to see where my money goes. This is so crucial.
  5. Always, but always pay with the cash. Why? Because money is tangible, cards are not. You having notes in your wallet, you will be more careful on what are you spending your money in, and you

Are you one of those that always struggle with money? Why is that? Ask yourself! I will never forget book that I read, it is called Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. A mother comes to the son and tells him how she is a millionaire. Imagine your own mother is telling you she is a millionaire, how crazy is that? She lived beyond her means. She wasn”t going to the malls and buying stuff that she is gonna play with 3 days and then abandon. She is happy! She feels secure, safe, and she took all the possible responsibility for her life, and the lives of her family. Imagine a life of stress free money! It is possible.

Make today a plan. Make a plan and stick to it. Decide to save at least 10% of your income every time. After some time, you will be proud of yourself, seeing saved money on your bank account.

Act like money is important. People are too much ignorant to everything. Don”t ignore things that are happening in your life, face them. We all witness to something called Corona virus now. What are the chances that you was prepared? Nobody ever dreamed of something like that is going to happen. You see now how important it is to have some backup? Promise me now that you are going to be ready next time you have some challenge, because hey, what matters more than being happy, safe and free? Nothing!

Personal Development

What Is Success?

Success for you doesn”t necessarily means success for me. What is success for you, it might not be for somebody else, and that is all there is.

There is no destination for everything. Once you reach destination, you are not going to be more happy than you are now. You simply won”t. Look at success as a journey. There is no end to your goals. Once you reach your goals, you will want to reach some other, new goals. It is about the journey. It is about be, do and have better than yesterday. It is about growing and evolving every day.

What it is that you wanna achieve in the future? A stay at home mother of 5 and the one who is into career, can be equally happy. You need to define what success means to you.

Successful people are not going to talk about the success at last, but about the journey that they been through, challenges that they faced and they stood up, stronger than ever.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

What are some signs that you will be successful in the future? You are super competitive. You know how to outwork everyone. You know the things, you know them in full.

Success is all about mental state. It is a state that you either feel or not feel successful. It is how you look at things.

I am sitting now at the airport waiting for my flight and I feel quite successful, even thought for some I might not look successful, I don”t have a house, car and all the exotic vacations, but I managed to be successful in all the undertakings.

There are the ways that you can discover what truly matters to you, and what success means for you. It is about asking yourself questions, powerful questions that will reveal who you truly are and what are your values.

Questions that you need to ask yourself in order to discover what success truly means to you are:

I am suggesting that you take a notebook or piece of paper and start writing your answers. Really, and truly, be honest with yourself, and write like there is no tomorrow. Be completely and utterly honest with yourself.

One more things that is really important is that you need to be specific. You can”t just say that you want happiness. You need to be clear to say what things you do to make you happy, with whom and where.

I will never forget when I asked a friend of mine a question related to her work. I wasn”t ask specific question, and guess what, I didn”t get specific answer, not the one that satisfied me, or answered to my question. The day I realized that I need to ask more specific questions, changed entire course of my life.

 “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

— Herman Melville

There are many aspects of life that we need to manage well in order to find happiness, true fulfillment and success. We are body, mind and spirit and we need to feed all three in order to function well. It is the same with life. Just some of the life aspects are: work (your career), health (your physical health), learning (your personal development), social (your relationships with others), spiritual (your relationship with the greater power).

You need to find a way to feed all 5. If you are into spirituality and you are learning all about this, that wont bring you any good in your health or career.

What you get will never make you truly happy – who you become will. -Tony Robbins

I made a Youtube video about this topic, and I am really passionate about this because it is the thing that all should consider to think about it. We need to define what success means to us.

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.

Success provides confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute at a greater level, hope and leadership. Without success, you, the group, your company, your goals, dreams and even entire civilizations cease to survive.

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. These talks say it all.

There is a short video about success and what leads people to success. I highly recommend to watch this video. It is very short and fun. Here it is:

What will lead you to success is: Passion, Work, Focus, Persist, Ideas, Good, Push and Serve.

There is no success if you are not doing anything without passion. You need to be led by love and passion in order to feel and be successful. Work, work, work, nothing without work. I know! There is no easy way to success, but always hard work will guarantee you success. Focus! You need to keep the focus on what and why do you want it. People who have a laser focus to the goal that they wanna achieve never miss the target.

Persistence in everything is the key. To fail, but to stood up is the key to success. You are building confidence by that. Soon after you are realizing that a lion lies within you. Ideas, you gotta have ideas. You need to relax in order ideas to flow to you. Everything in life that you see now someone sometime had an idea in his mind.

You need to be good at it, and the only way to become good at something is practice, practice, practice. In the times that you feel down you need to find that last atom of the energy and push yourself to continue with your work. Serving people is the best and easiest way to get to the riches.

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I wish you all the best!



Personal Development

Attract Money Now

There was not long time ago when I decided to give money without expectations, just to test the universe, and it paid off. I got in return the same say. On my way to work, I throw away 5 euro on the street, wanted to test the universe, and see what will happen. This same day, one woman saw me, and she handed me 5 euro, and she told me that I am an angel. 🙂 I was shocked! I have couple of more stories, that doesn”t make any sense. It works! It really works!

I read that if you wanna receive love, you need to give love. If you wanna receive compassion, you need to give compassion. If you wanna receive understanding, you need to give understanding. It is that easy.

Things, money, and we are, supposed to be shared with others. Nothing should not be stagnant. Everything should be in a state of flow. So, decide today that you are going to be a giver.

Picture above shows the best. How can you expect to receive, if you don”t give anything out? There is no such thing as something for nothing. All the gurus today are teaching and preaching importance of giving. Give something small today, and watch what will happen

Attract Money Now is book by a Joe Vitale that I liked so much. Love to read this kind of books, because it shows me how they transformed their lives, and most importantly, what they did to acquire that.

Don”t be afraid to want money, desire riches and abundance. We are meant to live in abundance. Nobody deserves to live in poverty. Admit to yourself today: “Yes, who am I kidding? I want, and I deserve riches!!” Be honest to yourself. It is not easy road to riches, but you need to be focused on the outcome, and do whatever it takes, in order to live a financial and time freedom.

We are not meant to be working in cubicles called offices, serving people at the restaurants, settle for less than we know we deserve. Remember that:” They want you to be poor!” Decide today that it is going to be opposite. Immerse yourself from today completely, in studying rich and abundant people, and eventually, you will become one of them, not even realizing it. I promise you that!

People choose to live in financial chaos, and they have no idea that they can choose different path.

Joe Vitale teaches of 7 important steps to Attract Money Now, and they are:

  1. Alter How You Think
  2. Give Without Expectations
  3. Prosperous Spending
  4. Ask For Help
  5. Nevillize Your Goals
  6. Think Like an Entrepreneur
  7. Help Your Community & Your World

Every step here is very important. I like the step prosperous spending. It teaches you how to give back, spend wisely and importance of rewarding yourself.

I used to walk the streets, looking all those stores and thinking that I wouldn”t be able to enter there, try something on, and buy it. Today I walk through this same streets saying myself that I can really afford myself that if I want to.

It is all in your Mind. Do you walk through grocery shop too, thinking that is too expensive for you? If you do, next time you see this same food, promise myself that you are going to buy. But not to buy with the regret, or feeling of lack. Buy with a knowing that nothing disappears, everything transforms. That money will come back to you. Remember, money has to be in a state of flow.

This is also important: Do you think you deserve it? Do you like yourself? If the any of this questions you answered with no, then you are vibrating with a lack.

To change that, start working on it. If you think you don”t deserve it, ask yourself is it really true. If you know and have a exact reason why you think you don”t deserve it, ask yourself, can that be changed. Everything outside is in direct proportion of who we think we are inside. It is all about thinking. Change that today. Because life is too short to live in a lack. Never settle for less.

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