Millionaire Mind Hacks

People say that we need to first work on our mindset. And I believe it”s true. Why? Subconsciously, if you believe you cannot have anything you want, chances are that you are not going to have it.

I like this guy, Wesley Virgin. Why? Because he has a lots of energy, he is energetic and loving. For me! You can feel who is really honest and sincere, and I can feel this guy really is.


Online business is something that will just grow and grow. People all over the world are waking up. They are tired of being tired. They see others now how they travel, they buy, and they gift to others. They see that it”s possible, and so, they want that for themselves too. That is beautiful! Keep looking for solutions. Now is the time to build your online business. The time has come! People buy online more than ever, people attend online courses more than ever, people talk with people online more than ever and make friends. Why don”t you want that for yourself too, and then teach others how to free themselves from the corporate world too. Wesley Virgin reveals his truth here and is shoving you how.

Look at this energetic guy. He was dead broke, and look at him now:


Focus is defined as to concentrate on something in particular. Focus  is defined as to bring into view. An example of focus is to put all of one’s energy into a science project. An example of focus is to adjust a microscope to better see a specimen.

Focus is so important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. Without good focus, all aspects of your ability to think will suffer.

Affirmations are very very powerful. You affirming yourself every day not even releasing. You tell yourself either you are smart or dumb. Why would you not affirm yourself you are smart? Because you are! Even more than that. Wesley Virgin has a great set of CDs that can help you fix your self-esteem, put you in a state of loving, appreciating, and accept yourself for who you are. You can buy these CDs here 

Everything in life is achievable. The question is do you believe this is true or not. Whether you believe it or not, you are right. Choose to believe in yourself. Choose to trust everything. Choose to do every day small baby steps towards your goals.

This guy is so energetic and passionate. You can hear in his voice how confident he is in himself and in what he do. I like confident people. He didn”t been all the time like this, but he was working on himself. He used to cry like a little baby and praying God to help him live a life he knows he deserves it. There are two kinds of people on this planet. The ones that do something about it, and the ones that don”t, they are watching TV and sitting in the pub.

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To be around confident people is contagious. Find a mentor who is your role model. The one that will inspire you to push you forward. Wesley Virgin is that for me. You can find his secrets here, how he attained wealth, and most importantly, he set himself and his family free for the rest of his life. How cool is that?

Making money online doesn”t necessarily mean it”s easy. No, it is not easy, but its possible. Once you figure things out, everything will fall into place, and you will get that ball rolling. Get that ball rolling I mean more and more people will come to your site over time, and purchase what you have to offer, but you need to build that trust in them.

Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin explains how to build an online business. Everything these days is automatically. Everything works in our favor. We have more than ever time, but at the same time, there is no time left haha. The question is what are your priorities? Wesley Virgin explains here how to build an online business and where to start, if you are confused.

We are living in a world where everything is possible. Living in a world of high achievers. There are the people that are showing us how everything is possible. And we should believe them. Why you think this house and that car in not possible for you to have it? The ones that are having that and even more, are not any smarter than you, they just believed in themselves and most importantly they took action.

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You don”t need any magical things to achieve success that you desire, only strong will, investments, and hard work and dedication. To invest money is crucial. This training and teachings by this guy is one of that. Investments that will pay you back for sure. But it takes time. The question is, how bad you want it?!

Everything in this world takes time and patience. The world that we living now looks completely different than 20 years ago. We evolved! We grew! Our consciousness is much better, and so, we can create more amazing stuff for this planet, and help people all over the world with just one click of the mousse. Impact!

Take this teachings now and learn how to take full ownership of your life. Live a life stress free, and be able to be, do and have whatever you want. How that sounds like?

Nothing will fall in your lap just like that, you need to work for it. Don”t be afraid of that. Do do hard work now to have a better future. Take risks and invest money. Teachings and trainings are one of them.

What you can find in a Millionaire Mindset Hacks training is:

  • Welcome to the overnight millionaire system
  • Wesley Virgins story
  • Overnight millionaire program
  • Money mind conditioning audios
  • How to make money online for beginners
  • How to earn $1.000 per day with no skills
  • Join me on social media
  • This video is for future millionaires

I really hope I helped you see the sea of possibilities, because there is. There are the countless of possibilities that you can go into and earn money from. These days more and more people are working from home and they build their own business and brand. You can be one of them. Choose to do than now and here before it”s too late.

I wish you every success!




When Everything Changes Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch

Love Changes


I love changes. Do you? I”ve been through many changes in my life and because of that I grew like a person. Changes push you, you are becoming more self-aware, and you have more understanding of what life is. Have you ever thought about this; But you might think subconsciously that you; “Cannot handle it!” But know that everything in life is not a straight line. You are learning by ups and downs, trying to do something.

I loved his book. Now that was second time that I read this book, and this second time I understood more, because it was easier to read.


Neale Donald Walsch talks about nine changes in this book, and they are:

1. Change your decision to “go it alone”

2. Change your choice of emotions

3. Change your choice of thoughts

4. Change your choice of truths

5. Change your idea about change itself

6. Change your idea about why Change occurs

7. Change your idea about life

8. Change your identity


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Now, let”s talk about some point in the book. I know how upsetting it can be when some things don’t, won’t and can’t work. You push and push, but nothing is happening, you don’t see results. Know that universe is just testing you out. You might not see any results, but with every your action all the puzzles are coming into place. It takes thousands of them to see the whole picture. You just keep working forward.


When you connect with somebody else, you connect with yourself.


What often happens when people are suddenly faced with really life-impacting change is that they disconnect from their soul by burrowing deep inside their story. Your story does not live in your soul, only in your mind. Separate yourself from the story, you are not your story, you are much much bigger than your story. Talking and bragging about what just happened keeps you there what just happened. Separate yourself from this story and look into the future. Make the most out of it!


Everything is moving. Nothing is constant.


I don’t care what you”ve lost or what has so drastically changed, you can start your life all over again, and achieve even greater hights. The trick in life is not to try to avoid change, but to create change. Don’t be afraid of change in your life. You are growing as a person like that.

There are six things that create your reality in this physical experience that we call life. They are: Events, Data, Truths, Thoughts, Emotions and Experience. If any of these six elements change, your reality will change. That means that if you want your current experience of the current change in your life to change, you have to change one of the elements.

Events of your life are created by conditions and occurrences inside you-in your mind. It is there, I said, that events are turned into data, which are turned into truths, which are turned into thoughts, which are turned into emotions, which are turned into experiences, which form your reality.


event + data + truth + thought + emotion = experience = reality


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What are you going to make of it?


Your “reality” is not what you are seeing, but what you think you are seeing after you have added past data. Ten other people may have experienced it in ten other ways. This is important to always keep in mind. To always keep in mind. Nobody else is walking around with your past. Nobody else has your history. This means that no one else in the universe can encounter, understand, or experience anything at all in precisely the way you do.

No one else on earth has a mind like yours. So it is that all humans, while also members of the same species, do not react identically to the same stimuli. A snake does nor experience anger. Did you know that? You can’t make a snake “mad”. You can’t make a snake “happy”either. A snake is simply in an eternal state of being what it is.





I”m willing to bet that if you assessed things very honestly you would agree that some of the worst things that ever happened to you were actually some of the best things that ever happened to you. These things taught me lessons about life that I can’t imagine I could have learned any other way.

When you understand that all change happens in order to sustain harmony in the universe…when you believe that, even though it seems unbelievable…when you are certain that life was meant to be happy…and when you know that all stories can have a wonderful ending if you do not block them with bitterness, anger, resentment, frustration, or non-belief in even the possibility of a wonderful ending (for most, the biggest block of all)…then you can change your thought about what is occuring-and thus, change your idea of what will occur.
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You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are not even the soul. You are all three – and more. You are Spirit that forms all three. You are The energy. You are The essence.


Please do not regret

all those moments that have brought you


If you are reading this,

then your perseverance has been answered,

and a Grace is coming.

So for now, hold on loosely to where you are.

And like knots on a rope that mark you reaching,

hand over hand

you will continue to climb –

sometimes through ecstasy,

sometimes through white agony,


into evermore light.

This same formula over

and over again.

Until that day you find yourself

just a beacon;

only flame.

In a place

where even Love Itself has come undone.


I hope this text will help you come into realization that change occurs because you want to, and because that is normal. You can handle change, believe me. Don’t be afraid, changes always happening for the better, never for the worst. Change is an announcement that something is not working. The change that has occurred in your life has happened because disharmony was present.


Love change!


Your sincerely,