The Beauty Of Writing

Writing! Beautiful writing! Putting thoughts on a piece of paper, clearing your mind. I need that. We all need that. Someone more, someone less.

I have a 7 to 8 notebooks that I am writing in, all at the same time. One is my gratitude journal, the other is my to do list notebook, at least I call them that, but at the end, they all end up with all sorts of notes, and that is ok, as soon as it”s tidy. 😀

Two weeks ago i lost one of my notebooks, I had everything in it. All my dreams and desires, I wonder where is it now. It was at Tony Robbins seminar, there were 12.000 people, no wonder I couldn”t find. How was there, you can read here, and watch the video here.

I think everyone should have some notebook to write in, to sketch, to plan. Putting something on a piece of paper you materialize that, it becomes visible, it is like you materialized your thoughts. You let go, and let God. It is very powerful.

Journaling can make you calmer, journaling can give you a clarity.

There is one game that I like. Take a piece of paper and pen now and write down 3 sentences, words, or any thoughts that you have, on a word Mother. Write it down! Now father, now money, now relationships, friendships, future, success, failure.

Writing down things on a certain subject can give you a clarity, of where are you at.

Now, look at what you wrote, on all of this words. Do you like it? Maybe you are going to be surprised. Maybe you would not believe that you wrote that down. Why?

Our mind runs 24/7. We cannot be aware of every thought that we think of. There is subconscious mind as well. He is much quieter.

I like my leather Vintage notebook that my sister gave me on a first picture above She bought it on Amazon site. I like it very much, and it”s quality, shiny and soft paper. You can buy for yourself here. It is perfect as a gift as well.

Every good plan and program should start with a plan on a piece of paper first, making sure that is visible, so that can remind us of importance of our goals.

I hope I inspired you to write more. I will certainly not stop to write. There is so much more to write about. Just by writing and putting that content online, you can influence people in so many ways, depends of what is your intention. With what intention you wrote that content? Don”t forget, people on the other side always feel why you are saying that, and what you wanna accomplish with this.

We all read something online all throughout the day, the question is what.