Doing something different

I am big on doing something different lately. Why? Because I can’t be in a familiar environment for a long time. My soul asks for more, for challenges, for a bigger and better stimulation.

Doing something different, Blog post, that you read right now, reminds me of the book: “When everything changes, change everything” by Neale Donald Walsch.

We ALL have challenges in life, somebody smaller, somebody bigger. I will never forget when I heard the words: “Big contrast-big expansion, small contrast-small expansion”. This is so true!

People are worried when everything seems to be falling apart, but what if things are actually coming back to place?

Sun setting

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” – Anonymous

Imagine a life of living with no regrets. This is my life motto. Find a life motto that works for you. It can be “do something different every day” or “live a life of no regrets”. Find the one that is most appealing to you, or more of them, and start to live it.

There are 9 reasons why you should find your unique life motto for you, and the website called Psychology today describes it best through this link HERE, if you wanna read it.

There is a YT video on finding your life Motto that I created couple of day ago as well, watch it here, and find your life motto:

People want change, yet they are so fearful of it.

It is cozy and very safe to be in familiar place. And it feels like in meditative place, doing nothing, just observing. But if you continue to do those same things all over again, your brain is not going to expand, your mind is not going to learn anything different. You are going to feel stuck!

Start small

Really, start small. Find every day a thing to do that you have never done before.

If you never seen another part of your city, go and take a walk through this area. If you never made a dinner for your family, go and try what that feels like. Bonus is enjoying food together. You are going to be so proud of yourself!

You see, everything in life is very simple, it’s just us that we make it complicated, and we do, at least I do. We tend to overthink everything. We are afraid of the change.

If you don’t change something about your life right now, life might change it for you in the direction that might not be pleasing to you.  -Maja Marinic

Doing something different helps out to break the patterns. Patterns are continuous actions that you are taking not even realizing it, you are doing them but you are being unconsciously unaware of them.

A pattern is a series or sequence that repeats.

Doing things differently.

What do you think about doing something different every day? Is it something that you want to improve upon? tell us in a comment section below.

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