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How to live a good life

The quality of your life equals the quality of your emotions. If your emotions are O.K. and your life will be, but if your emotions are low and destructive, your life will be miserable. Put your emotions in order, control your emotions, don’t let emotions control you, and you will lead a good life.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

First, you need to determine what good life means to you. Is it a stay home mum or a woman that is completely focused on her career? A good life will mean to you a being single and date multiple men at the same time, or find your twin flame and have a deep connection with one human? These are just two examples. What do you really truly want? Take a sheet of paper and a pen, and write it down. What do you really want?

The game of your life takes courage

I will never forget the day at work. I was really going through some tough times and I had some burning questions inside myself. That day I was at the door, pretending to be a “meet and greet person” being completely desperate about my life’s situation, begging and praying God for some answers. Until I saw a bus, with a big letters on him saying “The game of your life takes courage” and I was like: “Oh my God, that is it, I need to be more courageous. And then shortly after I saw another bus saying on it: “Build your future step by step”.

After this day everything shifted, nothing stayed the same, because I changed. I started to look for ways how to be more courageous and take necessary steps to make changes in my life, and live that good life finally. And I did.

We all want to live a good life. Not man on this planet exists saying or thinking he wants to live a bad life. Who likes to suffer? No one!

A beautiful lady in her Blog post made a list of the things that make a good life. Here it is: Please, read this Blog post of her, and remind yourself how easy and simple is to live a good life. Tell us what you think 😉

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough. -Oprah Winfrey

I am going to make a list of the essentials about good life, and how to live it. I must say that these are the things I apply in my every day life, and it helps me tremendously. Here is the list:

  • Eat healthy balanced diet three times a day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Sleep 8 hours per day
  • Do some form of exercise every day
  • Rest and relax when you are tired
  • Meditate every day
  • Make time for yourself and the things you want to do for yourself
  • Speak of yourself and others in a positive way
  • Avoid negative people, places, circumstances
  • Do what you love to do
  • Love what you do
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Spend time in nature at least two times per week
  • Always look for ways to do good
  • Be genuinely interested in other people
  • Spend quality time with your family and friends

I will tell you what happened today that I figured would be of help to you here, to realize what is like to live a good life.

Well, we were at my grandmothers place and my mum, while we were having a lunch, saw her mum, how she was after the meal, eating with her hands, without washing her hands, opening the door, walking through her house dirty hands.

She was so bitter complaining about her, how poor hygiene she has, and she don’t know to wash her hands. Later on, she was complaining how she walked in the house with dirty shoes on freshly cleaned floor.

Look, we all have something that is going to annoy someone, and that is O.K. But being bitter about something or someone is just going to ruin their relationship. They are blind (my mom is blind) to see that their mom (her mum) is still alive. And what is worse, my mom is blind to see that every time we return from her mother’s place, we always bring home with us some presents/gifts from her. Eggs from her chickens (we don’t need to buy in the store), homegrown veggies, and lots other stuff. She is blind to see all those gifts, but yet still, she complains about her hygiene.

It is about the focus. Where is your focus. If you are only focused on the things that are not right, you are going to have miserable life, but if you are focused on the good, things and people you do have, you are going to have a good life. It is that simple.

Where your focus goes energy flows. -Tony Robbins

By the time now you probably already figured what good life means to you, and some of you, I believe, already live good life, the one you always dreamed of.

For those that is looking to live a good life; tell us in a comments below, what good life means to you, and how you are going to achieve that. Can’t wait to hear from you :))


Seeing perfection in everything

What is perfect for you? How do you see the things that are not seemingly perfect? Can something be amazingly perfect? What about all the things? Some of them?

We live in the world of the social media, and people post things that are seemingly perfect. Would you post a picture of yourself just coming out of bed, hair all around, make-up under your eyes, wrinkles on your face? Of course you wouldn’t! Because we are not looking presentable, and that is O.K. No one would do that!

Don’t take things too seriously or personally.

People are feeling bad for themselves, because they take things too seriously.

We don’t post things because we wan’t to show you how we are prettier than you, but because we feel good in our own skin, and we wan’t to show the world, inspire one another. Do you feel me here?

Not everybody has that intention, and that is also O.K. People have all sorts of intentions doing same things. Again, do not take things seriously. People in it’s core don’t wanna hurt you intentionally. They are in pain!

Seeing perfection in everything.

Let yourself be inspired by what you see.

There is perfection in feeling tired, being dirty, broke, single, exhausted…

You are tired for the reason, for example. Maybe you worked hard, and now you are feeling tired but satisfied. Being tired is a perfect state to go to have a rest. Aren’t you happy knowing that you are going to bed, have a good night sleep, cozy up in a warm and clean sheets. Is there any better feeling than being totally exhausted and going to bed? I don’t think so. You see, perfection in even being exhausted. Train yourself to see that.

Apply that to whatever you want, whatever is your situation. In being broke (studying finances), being single (leveling yourself up), dirty (reason more to enjoy shower)…

All is perfect as it is!

We are the beings of the movement.

We strive, grow and learn doing things, going places, working towards something.

Determine what is not working in your life but you want to improve upon. Make a list of the things you want to make it work in your favor. And then study it. Study it deeply! And start implementing learned as you go.

There was a saying from Jim Rohn, I think. It goes something like this: “If you study your chosen field for 5 years, only an hour a day, in 5 years you can become national expert in it.”

I believe that to be true, because the more I study my chosen fields, the more people come to me for an advice.

Have you heard of something called “divine order”?

The Divine Order was the belief that everything in the universe has a specific place and rank in order of their perceived importance and “spiritual” nature.

Everything is in it’s perfect order, everything.

We can’t create everything perfect tomorrow. For what we want to achieve, it takes time, and we have all the time in the world. Do you believe you have a time? I do! All the time in the world.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.
Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.

You are not alone in your troubles.

This sentence I saw when I was truly desperate and I needed change in my life.

Do you believe in signs? Watch this video where I talk about the signs that I had received.

Seeing perfection in everything doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t wanna change, or that we accept for what really is, no. Being satisfied but eager for more, is the key. Be grateful for what it is, but wanting more. Life causes us to want.

Let’s say that you are going through some challenges in life at this moment. You have people challenges. With one particular woman or a man you had fight. How would you feel? Angry? Disappointed? Of course you would!

Why is that a good thing? Because all the things that we call negative or unwanted in our lives, causes us to want. You can’t experience high in it’s fullest if you weren’t been down. You can’t experience light in it’fullest, if you didn’t experience darkness.


Everything is as it supposed to be. I probably said that already few times, but it is. We strive for perfection, but that is far from the truth. Nothing is perfect in this world, not at the same time. There will always be something to work towards to.

People want to have that sense of accomplishment, and so they work so hard to make house clean, kids fed, husband satisfied, striving career… Can it all be perfect at the same time? No it can’t! And never will be.

We need to practice seeing perfection in everything. Do you really want to practice that? If not, what do you want to practice towards to?

Once you see something that you judge. Let’s say you judged your family member. Stop for a second, and ask yourself. Can she or him be the way I wan’t them to be? Of course not! And so, train yourself to see perfection in them. See him or her how they have a nice hair, they walk like a million dollar, or they have a beautiful smile. These are just examples.

The more you are going to practice seeing in them something positive, you are going to notice more and more positive stuff from them. Isn’t that fascinating?

I was practicing that with people I worked with. They all had different eating habits than me, they were gossiping, talking about fashion and makeup… I don’t talk about these things, but I find that very interesting in them to listen, and it was fun. Now when I think about them, I think how amazing those girls were, and they still are.

We can’t all be the same. Life is not created for parading people the same way, dressed the same, talk the same, no no.

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