How To Be Good With Money

Success seek for good place to stay. Money seek for good place to stay. Your dream partner seek for good place to stay. You need to be good place to stay for all of that. Everything in life is connected. Money is not going to stick with you if you are not a good master. You need to become good money master in order to have more of the money. Money will stick to you like a glue. Are you a good money master? Where are you with your finances?

You need to love money. You need to have positive expectations about the money. When you read about the money what goes through your mind? Is it that you think how money is hard to earn or is it that you think how money is a beautiful tool to make your life easier to you and people around you?

Money is not going to stick to you if you have a bad opinions about money. It is going to go through your hands so quickly that you even never going to have it.

What are your spending habits? Where do you spend your money the most? Is it something that gives a value to your life, or is it something that you are going to play with for 3 days and put somewhere to collect the dust after your purchases? You need to know where your money goes. You need to know your Ins and Outs. How much do you get every month?

Money should not be your priority but it is a good way to start. Money IS important. Money can buy you happiness. If you don”t believe in that, you don”t know where to shop. haha Money can buy you health, freedom and comfort. There is nothing on this planet for free, and so, you need to have money to pay for all of that.

I loved the books of a Robert Kiyosaki . There are the Audio Books on Youtube that you can listen for an hours and for free. One of the books that I was listening and loved it, is this:

In order to be financially free you need to know money rules.

Some of the money rules are:

  1. The more you learn-the more you earn. You need to increase your financial IQ. You need to learn how money works. You need to learn how to acquire money, how to keep it, spend wisely and then invest back to get more of back. Money loves to be moved. Money loves to be spend. It depends whether you are investing in something that can bring you back money or in something that will just collect the dust on your shelf. Think about where you spend most of your money and really look does that bring you money back.
  2. Pay yourself first. Every time you get some money, you need to put on a side for yourself first. You need to save some portion of your income. The minimum should be 10%. Everybody can save 10% of the money they are getting. No matter amount, everybody can. That is paying yourself first. You need to cherish yourself and save for an emergencies. It will bring you joy, freedom and happiness. Knowing that you have money on bank account will bring you peace and trust. What matters more? The question is, how disciplined can you be. Don”t underestimate putting on a side 5 dollars. That is in month 20 dollars, in a year 280. In 5 years 1.400. That is the power of compounding. It will become bigger and larger after time. That is also called the snow ball effect.
  3. You must live below your means. Look around you and you will see a people going to malls, buying online all sorts of things, that they are going to abandon. How smart is that? Not at all! They are the people that they must have that trendy item. But buying these trendy items for a years, you are not going to end nowhere, just stuck with a hill of worthless stuff.
  4.  Budget, budget, budget. You need to know how much you are coming in and how much is going out. I cannot stress that enough. That helped me soo much. You need to know what are your expenses, where your money goes. In order to solve the problem, you need to know what problem is. Detect where your money goes and reduce the expenses to those that you can live without. For example, I have a notebook where I write a date, the amount that I spent and what did I bought. This helps me soo much to see where my money goes. This is so crucial.
  5. Always, but always pay with the cash. Why? Because money is tangible, cards are not. You having notes in your wallet, you will be more careful on what are you spending your money in, and you

Are you one of those that always struggle with money? Why is that? Ask yourself! I will never forget book that I read, it is called Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. A mother comes to the son and tells him how she is a millionaire. Imagine your own mother is telling you she is a millionaire, how crazy is that? She lived beyond her means. She wasn”t going to the malls and buying stuff that she is gonna play with 3 days and then abandon. She is happy! She feels secure, safe, and she took all the possible responsibility for her life, and the lives of her family. Imagine a life of stress free money! It is possible.

Make today a plan. Make a plan and stick to it. Decide to save at least 10% of your income every time. After some time, you will be proud of yourself, seeing saved money on your bank account.

Act like money is important. People are too much ignorant to everything. Don”t ignore things that are happening in your life, face them. We all witness to something called Corona virus now. What are the chances that you was prepared? Nobody ever dreamed of something like that is going to happen. You see now how important it is to have some backup? Promise me now that you are going to be ready next time you have some challenge, because hey, what matters more than being happy, safe and free? Nothing!

Personal Development

Invest Like The Best

What is the Investment you may think? What do you think? What is Investment? Is it maybe putting money on a side and saving for future purchases that you are going to make? Or giving someone in need, such as your spouse, cousin, or friend? In either way both are investments.

I want you to tell me! Do you investing any money, and if you do, where are you investing?

Up until now I invested in books, seminars, travels, courses, and everything payed off, because I learned so much. I changed a lot, because I invested in my education.

In what are you interested in? What are your hobbies? What is most of your time on your mind? About what are you thinking all the time? These are all the questions that you need to ask yourself daily. Don”t just think thoughts. Separate yourself from thoughts and notice what is coming to your mind.

I am telling you, never stop learning. People often times sugar coat everything, even life. They say: “Life should be joyful!” But is it really? Maybe you are coming through some tough times, and that is OK, know that you are not alone.

There are millionaires that are alone and lonely, and at the same time, there are people that work ordinary jobs, still alone, but they don”t feel lonely. Why is that? Because they are working on themselves, and they trust process of life. Once, your biggest setback, will be one day your story of success. Never give up! Learn and learn!

Investing in some course that you are interested in, can bring you a knowledge, automatically you will gain a confidence, it will open your eyes, and that will after a while lead you to another course, then another. One day you will wake up and realize that you completely changed, and you will be glad, because you know that investing in yourself should never stop.

Dream Big

Invest like the best and greatest investor. Think about the purchases that you are making. Does it really serve you? Will that bring you back some value? You see, there are these investments (purchases), that are good and these that are bad. Choose wisely! Now you might be wondering how do I know is this good for me or not? Simply, are you buying for yourself, for you to feel good, or for others, in order to represent yourself in the way that they want to see you?

Be authentic! Let go of what everyone might think of you, and start investing your money wisely. It will paid of. And never stop learning!

Life is set of learning curves. Always try to do different things, educate yourself in things that you are interested in, and don”t forget to face the fears along the way. It is crucial to succeed in life and very important if you would like to live the life on your own terms.

What do you think about investing in yourself? In what do you invested, and does that paid you off? What did you learned? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Why did I wrote this Blog Post? Because I am investing in my education, and cannot imagine myself anymore living day to day life without researching about anything, purchasing courses, or doing something new, taking a risks.

Of course! I still didn”t where I wanna be in future, but I trust the process. There is an quote “Success seek for a good place to stay!” And I believe that is so true. Working on yourself in each and every way, can only bring you happiness, and that is all what matters.

I wish you guys every success!

Yours sincerely,



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