Motivation for 2020!

Year is just a year. It is what you make out of year. Everybody had a both, good and bad years. Some things you cannot control, and why you would. It is not a good thing trying to control everything around you. You just live this life and give best of yourself in New 2020.

You need to be able to motivate yourself. Nobody is going to come to you and tell you how you must do this or that. You need to find your own reasons to motivate yourself and succeed in life. Really, you, need motivate you.

I made a youtube video as well about the motivation. Watch it here:

I hope you will get some inspiration from this video.

I believe how we need to make resolutions on a daily basis. If you are going to start new thing first of January, what are the chances you will continue with this resolution all throughout the year? Researches show how 95% of people stop with their resolutions by the 15. of January. Just a 15 days of doing the thing and then giving up. This is exactly why we are not making resolutions anymore, because we know we will not go through.

Make a resolution to be better NOW, every and each moment. This is the secret of life. Every and each moment give best of yourself, but ask yourself first what really matters to you.

Everyday is a fresh start. Everyday you are choosing who you are going to be this day. You may woke up and decide that you are going to apply for a better deserving jobsall day long and feel wonderful. You may decide instead to go to office, spend all day long with your kids. You may be tired of being tired, and you may do whatever it takes to work on your body energy.

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Believe in yourself once and for all. You are here for the reason and purpose. You are for the reason on this planet earth. Believing in yourself is so crucial. Believing in yourself, people will believe in you more. You will automatically act different, talk different and walk different. People will trust in your ability if you believe in yourself.


No one has dreams like you have yours. No one can dream your dreams, thas is why your dreams are yours. You are not dreaming this dreams, for no reason. You are dreaming your dreams, because they are yours, and you know you are capable of bringing them to fruition.


The one who have a will, will find a way. Have you ever came across situation that you couldn”t stand anymore, and you decided to do whatever it takes to make it happen, to change, to make situation better? You had a will, and you used all the forces to made that happen. At first you didn”t know the how, but after making that first step, second showed up, third showed up, and after some time, you came out of a difficult situation.

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I have a purpose and goal about this blog, but still, I know almost nothing about blogging. So, should I just continue or wait to learn what is really like being blogger? Of course not .To wait for something to be sure about, you might wait forever. Everything is unsecure. Life is unsecure. Crossing the street is unsecure. Do not wait for a perfect time, because there is no such thing as perfect time. To do the perfectly right is now, with the tools and resources you have now.


No one can dream your dreams. You are holding your dreams for some reason and purpose. No one can dream your dreams. Everybody hold dreams that they know they can bring into fruition. You better version of you knows who you are. Don”t stop! Start with a small baby steps. Every day, take small actions towards your goals. It always seems impossible until it”s done


Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star. While walking on this planet earth, don”t forget to look above you. There is whole different world. Looking at the sky, notice how there is limitless space, what will make you feel better. There is something beautiful when you realize you are drop of the ocean and the ocean as such. Think of yourself as a high valuable person, but also, see others as a special beings as well, and appreciate them for who they are.

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Know that days, months and years will pass. What is important is what are you doing with this day today, month and your plans for the year. Live a life of no regrets. You might regret what you did in the past, but the time is now, now you are creating future. Nothing just comes easily, we need to work for it. What it is that you want? Create a list of the things that you want for this year to be. That might be developing new skills, creating a second income or finally graduate. What it is that you really want, and put the time and effort to get it.

For the times that you don”t feel motivated, you just don”t know how to inspire yourself. You need to inspire yourself daily. You need to read blogs, listen podcasts, go to seminars. You need to inspire yourself daily. Let inspire you a life that you know you can live it. Imagine a life of your dreams, know that you can, and let that inspire and motivate you. It is that easy!

I really hope this blog post now inspired you and motivated you to get that butt out of seat and plan your amazing future, because truly, everything is in your hands.

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Until that time, I wish you all the best and have an amazing and productive 2020 year.




How To Believe In Yourself

How bad do you want to believe in yourself? I want you to imagine your future self. How that future you feels? Powerful, right? Really, the ones that are believing in themselves can move the mountains. Don”t you wanna believe in yourself more? You are just a very tiny bit aware of your capabilities. The truth is, you are more than who you think you are. There is an lion sitting in yourself, waiting to be released.

Once you discover how powerful you are, nobody will have a power to upset you. You will go through life with a smile on your face and peace of mind, which is most important.

I made a video about how to believe in yourself, if you wanna watch. It is HERE. 

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This is a process. You cannot start believing in yourself tomorrow, but what you need to do, is to take a small baby steps and work on it. Exposing yourself everyday, face your fears, read books and implement taught.

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. -Swami Vivekananda

Really, self talk is very important. What you saying to yourself eventually becomes true. Choose your thoughts wisely. I talk with myself lately, and guess what, feels so incredible, you get the feeling that you have control over yourself and your life, and it is true.

Think Of A Fear You Have Overcome

Everybody has some fears. Everybody! The ones who are rich and the ones who are poor. The only difference is that, there are the people who know that they need to act despite of that, and there are the ones who are continuing to fear, not doing anything about it.

Fear is something that you SHOULD overcome it. Fear is something that you have for a reason. If you fearing something, but you wanna grow as a person, you SHOULD face it. Feel the fear and do it anyway post you can read HERE also.

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I will never forget when I liked a guy and he liked me as well, but nothing happened for a months, and then, i decided to do something about it. I was praying for days God to give me courage, just to give him my number, and I did it. I knew if I do that, my confidence will skyrocket, and it did. I felt so powerful!

Notice when you next time feel the fear, because it is for your personal growth, but do it anyway. What is the worst that can happen? Nothing! Fear is just false evidence appearing real.

I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors. -Joel Osteen

Believing in yourself is not something outrageous, or far fetched, but you need to put a time and effort in it. How to put a time and effort in everything that you want, need and desire you can watch here and learn more: You Need To Put a Time And Effort In It.

Some tools that helped me is affirmations, visualizations and meditations, and of course EFT technique. All this tools help you raise your vibrations. By raising your vibrations you start to see other realities, other possibilities. Self talk is also very important. If you wait for that somebody to believe in you, you might wait forever. So, you better you encourage you: Motivational Videos And Self Talk

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One of the first things you need to develop is Faith. Faith that it is possible. Faith that you can have it. Faith that you can be. Faith that you can do. And soon after you will see the evidences of it.

How computers are created? This guys didn”t first seen computers and then they created them. But they had a faith that the computer can exist, they can create, because they had a faith. Have a faith in yourself and better you, and soon after you will see the way of accomplishing it.

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. -Thich Nhat Hanh

The more you practice choosing faith, the evidence will start to build, and eventually, your faith will turn into a belief.

I just read a beautiful article about believing in yourself. There are the 4 steps to do. The first one is Faith, then Trust, Confidence and Belief. Please do yourself, me and beautiful Christie Inge favor and read her beautiful article about the steps that you need to go to if you wanna believe in yourself HERE.

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Truly, it is not that hard to believe in yourself. The only thing that you need to ask yourself is how bad do i want it. Truly, the ones who believe in themselves move mountains. Life is too short to doubt everything. To doubt life, ourselves, other people. You don”t wanna live this life, the only that you have, living in the doubt.

Find that way to believe in yourself. Question everything that you do and picture yourself courageous. Because you truly is. You came to this planet because you are loved. You came here for the reason. So why doubt?! Somebody, God, Universe, believed in you. The only person that is stopping you is you. So you better you believe in you, and naturally, people around you will believe in you. Why is that?! Because everything comes from you. YOU get to choose who you are going to be, not the outside circumstances.

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” – Brad Henry

Guys!? I really hope I inspired you. For real, because his things are for real. Pretty please, let me know in a comments below have I impressed you and did I give you a hope that you need, faith and belief in better tomorrow?

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Personal Development

The Success Code

I will be now straightforward and tell you what is the code. The code for success is: “Own Your Life!” Own your life!!!

You see, nobody is gonna land on your property, and offer you help, see you struggling and feel sorry for you. They are living their lives, as best as they can. Know that you, and only you, have that magic stick in your hands and make things happen, but only, and if you believe in yourself. Believe in yourself! Believing in yourself will automatically get you doing the things towards success, by not believing in yourself, you are going to just dabble. Is that right or right?

Your habits and behaviors determines whether you are going to succeed in life and feel fulfilled, or living mediocre life and feel unhappy. You body posture, handshake, your voice, everything. Look around a little bit, and observe people, I believe that you could tell something about them just by observing them.

Focus on Listening


Really listen what they have to say. Just by listening people you are building trust. They”ve been heard. It is great feeling right? You would love as well if something is on your mind, go to someone and just talk, share your story being understood.

People put all kinds of barriers if they feel they are being sold to. Many professionals are developing a completely different approach to selling – sometimes described as a feminine approach – more listening, less broadcasting. I encourage people to learn to talk about what they”ve done with confidence but also with dignity. The difference is tremendous.


Try different approaches when somebody shares a story with you. There is this one. Next time when they are going to talk with you, look at them deeply in their eyes, and really listen what they have to say, feel their feelings, concerns, or happy moments. Completely and totally immerse yourself to their story. At times things only happen when you look someone in the eye.

Think of friends or colleagues who have made interesting breakthroughs in the past year or two – exciting new clients, brilliant contacts, an engaging new job or work project. Ask them how the opportunity happened. Some will tell you that opportunities fell into their lap, or they were in the right place at the right time. You may feel your friends have talent or luck on their side, but other factors are also at play. Consciously or not, your friends did something different to move luck in their direction. They spent less time staring at screens, and more time in face to face conversations.

The best way to build trust is to sit down with someone and share time, small talk, refreshments, perhaps a meal.

Some of the most interesting emails begin “I read this and I thought of you…”

One of the best ways to be remembered is to ask for help.


There”s a huge difference someone telling you “I love you!” not doing anything about that, and saying “I love you!” and showing you how much you mean to them.

There”s a sound rule about talking about yourself: “show, don”t tell”, and it applies here. It”s better to give an example than state a fact. Stories are remembered longer than information, and good stories even longer. This is true for describing skills, but even more for personal values. Values are revealed by what you do, not how you describe yourself. Talk about what you”ve actually done rather than spouting abstract values

If I ask you now what are your dreams and desires, you might be telling me all of them, but are you doing something about that. If you don”t, do small steps today towards your dreams and desires, your future self will thank you for. Only that will hold you accountable, not just talking about your dreams.

Success Code

What is your success code? What do you think is crucial to feel and be successful? I wanna hear from you now.

I think everything counts., and when I mean everything, I really mean everything. Your environment, what you eat, where you go, who are your friends, what you do when nobody is watching you, what do you do in your spare time, how you take care about yourself, how you walk, how you talk, what you read, what you consume… Everything!

I am reading a lot lately. All the great achievers recommends to read a lot. I took their advice. I would rather stay at home and read a book, brainstorm ideas, than go with someone not worth my time. I guess I will never stop learning. I commit myself to that. This time I read a book called like this title “The Success Code” that I liked it so much.

Great thing that you can do while reading a book is being totally immersed in what you read, highlight the sentences that are interesting to you and taking notes.

More about how to effectively read a book I made in this video tutorial. Enjoy watching!

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