3 ways to be more courageous

1. The first way is to know that you are not going to live this life forever, and being in this body forever. Many people live like they are going to live forever. You are not! They are not! Not in this body, time, space, reality. Just go for the things that you really really want. Know that failure is the part of the process, that will led you to the place where you really wanna be. Universe loves the ones who are courageous, who are being themselves, and those that take actions. Universe loves and gives support to those who are going after the things. Universe is sending them people, circumstances, options and showing the way to go. It”s like a total support, push, wind on your back.

Let”s repeat again. The first way to be more courageous is to know that you are not going to live this life forever and that you have only this life now. I try to live the life of no regrets. And in order to live the life of no regrets, giving myself fully, in any situation, I go for the things, if they are really interesting to me. I try to make them work. Giving myself all into it.

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2. Be willing to look stupid. I am going through some things right now, where I came to a point, that I can”t be something person is expecting me for. I tried to pretend like everything is fine, and it worked for couple of days, but then, I wanted more. I needed to look stupid, cry like a river, but open myself up to the person and be completely honest, about what am I going through. Explain that this is not me, and that I want more.

What are the things you wanna pursue, but you are afraid of looking stupid? Maybe you wanna start your own business. You wanna build your audience, but you are afraid of looking stupid, and that people might judge you. Don”t know where to start, you are trying all kinds of things, different ways, to what is my opinion, is that; If you are trying to build your business helping others, and be honest and sincere, try to help your customers, then there is nothing wrong with that. I always say; selling is helping.


3. The fact that you are reading this, I assume that you wanna learn, grow and push yourself. Is that right? I wanted to do this as well, but I knew in order to do that I had to face some fears and do the things anyway. I wanted to give a guy my number, and it took me two months to collect some courage and I finally did it. Do I need to tell you how I felt afterwards?! Amazing! It was like I reached the mountain top. I gained tremendous amount of confidence.

The second biggest fear that I faced after I gained courage is that I jumped over the biggest bridge in Croatia. I will never forget the feeling standing on edge. Feeling tremendous amount of fear, my heart was beating like a hard rock festival, it felt like it”ll jump out of my chest, feeling that I will never forget.


Now, to be more courageous is about doing every single day some small little actions. That is what I think! What it is that you think? You are not going to wake up one day, feeling courageous like never before. It is working on being more courageous every single day, and naturally, over some time, courage will be your second nature. What do you think about this? And what it is that you are doing every single day in order to achieve that? Because hey, to get some bigger things, you need to act and be bigger. That is the way!

Interestingly, the very experience of fear itself is the tip-off moment, the signal that a possibility for action is opening up and so a choice needs to be made.

I did yesterday something that I never did before. I asked a guy that I was dating with 10 months to be my boyfriend and I asked him to live with me. He rejected me, but I got great amount of courage and confidence in me after that. Of course I was feeling sad, but I knew that I needed to do that, in order to continue to grow and to be stronger. I know now, how to handle beginning of my next relationship. And what is most important, I knew I need to have a courage, face the fear of rejection and ask anyway, because I knew that will bring me peace of mind, and it did. I feel happy now. I didn”t even drop a tear since that time.

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I love love love to write here. And I love to share what am I going through right now, or any time later, I will continue to write here, because it feels so good. Imagine you now writing something, and the person from another side of the world reads it, and helps him or her, but it takes courage to open yourself up, and share your stories. Do you like to read and listen other peoples stories? My blog reads only 5 visitors a day, but I have courage to continue writing, and I think that is the best way to be recognized after some time, because I had a courage to continue no matter what circumstances right now.

How you are planning to be more courageous in life? In what life segments to would like to push little bit more? In what life segments you would like to achieve more of something? Tell us in a comments below! Because, what you write in a public, has a deeper meaning to you, it is more powerful when you speak that out, or write it down in public, you are putting that out to existence. You should definitely not keep the things for yourself, learn to say at loud what do you want, and don”t be afraid of it.

Now you write to us. Why is it that you wanna be more courageous?