How to stop comparing yourself to others

Many people think: “Oh, I just wanna be free, I want freedom!” But the freedom, feeling free actually, has many forms. There is also being free of peoples judgements. I think you should be appreciative for who you really are, you should definitely accept yourself. There is no one better than you. You are good as you are. There is no need to compare yourself to others. That is such a waste of the time and energy.

In case you don”t like something about yourself, know that you can change it. You can! If you don”t like your hair, change the style, change something. Change the actual thing that you don”t like. If you don”t like how your confidence is low, and you have a fear of public speaking, change the damn thing. Go out there and speak. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

I felt such a tremendous fear to give a guy my number. But I had to do that for my future self, because I knew deep inside of me, that my future self will thank me for. And it did! And I am so thankful for myself now what I did back then, and I am proud of myself that I did that. I compare myself to other people now much less than before. Why?! Because I know that I am special and unique on my own way. And I am! So are you!

Be aware.

You and me might comparing ourselves to others not even realizing it, and then comes the awareness. Being aware that you and me are comparing ourselves to others is huge. Once you realize that, just stop it.

One more thing, who are we that we decide what is good or bad? Often times what we think is bad, to somebody is just enough, and they are happy with that. Everything is objective thinking.

I still compare myself with other bloggers lets say. I compare my hair to my friends hair. I compare myself with the one more successful than I am, but it is O.K. for where are we now. The only difference between me and them, is that they did something different, and they are doing it. I just didn”t discover how I can do the same. And the fact that I still don”t know how will I do that, doesn”t necessarily mean that I will not discover it. It just takes time and lots of trial and error.

Just stop.

Just stop yourself once you caught yourself in comparisons. Know that we are all right in our own reality. There are plenty of truths. Every and each one of us carries our own truth. What is the truth for me, doesn”t have to be to you, and that is how it goes.

Let”s say that a guy you are dating with, is telling you that he had even prettier girlfriends than you, but he wants to be only with you. Who is he to tell you that you are less beautiful than them? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just be with someone who thinks you are beautiful both, inside and out.

Count your blessings.

I used to have a notebook that I was writing in all the things I am grateful for, and I filled the notebook all in. Now I count my blessings at all times, every single moment. I try to find the things I am grateful for.

Why are we wired to see only what is missing and neglecting for what we already have? For what we have, it is enough. Why we always want more? Is that healthy after all?

Learn to compete with yourself instead of others.

I think social media here is huge. People spend so much time watching other peoples lives instead to focusing on theirs. That is such a waste of time and energy. Watching other peoples lives, you are neglecting your life, and you put your own plans, and your own life, in second plan. Don”t do that to yourself!

We are all different and so unique. We all live differently, we look differently, we work different jobs, etc. Why you are here where you are, I don”t know. But that is exactly what makes you unique, and your life a grand design. Comparing yourself to others should not take a place, if you understand yourself and you own your life.

Have extreme ownership of where you are in life right now, compete with yourself from yesterday, and you should be feeling better about yourself.

Focus on the quality of your life, not the quantity of your likes.

This is huge. How quality are you eating? What is your lifestyle? How are you spending your days off? How do you rest and relax? You should definitely have a closer look of how you spending your everyday life. Things that you do on a daily basis should be quality made, otherwise your life and lifestyle will suffer.

You are so much more than the likes you get.

We live in material world right now, and we came here knowing that. The only problem is when we attach ourselves to something. We act like if we don”t get that thing we are not going to be happy, or vice versa, and yet, if we get that thing, we will be happy. Why are we not happy now, with what we have, and why are we comparing ourselves to those that we think they have it all???

Become your authentic self right now.

To stop comparing yourself to others you need to know how special, authentic and unique you are. Once you realize that, comparing yourself to others will just naturally stop, and you are going to live like free life.

Don”t get me wrong, we all compare ourselves to others, the question is this. How do you feel about that? If you feel like being inspired with seeing how others live their life that is the good way of comparisons.

What do you think about that?