How To Not Feel Overwhelmed


Do you feel like you have so much to do, but not enough time? Yes?! Then keep reading. I will give you tips and tricks about how you can control your emotions and go through they easy, relaxed, and full of trust. Do you feel like you need all of this in your life? Then you are on a good page.

Is there a day in your life that you felt good, not overwhelmed, and relaxed, full of trust? Admit to yourself! You and me, everyone around us, are wired to look for a negative, but why? Why do we notice what we don”t have, where we are not yet, and what we don”t have? Why is that? Why do we miss on appreciating and noticing what we already have? Because there is so many things to be grateful for right now. No matter where you are right now, no matter what you are going through, there is always something that you can be grateful for.

Meaning Overwhelm

I think big problem in our society is trust and faith. Trust in ourselves first. We say we will quit smoking, but we continue to buy cigarettes, ad then we beat ourselves up, because we think we failed, but that is so far from the truth. That is exactly what makes you feel bad. Beating ourselves up for the things that we are not doing, but we should.

How does being overwhelmed look like?

You forget the things, you mix up the dates, you can”t focus on single thing, you are messy, dirty, you look stressful, you drop the things, you are frumpy, it is easy to irritate you, your appetite may change or you could skip a meals, etc…

“The way you live your days is the way you live your life”
― Brigid Schulte, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the TimeSource

I used to feel very overwhelmed, but why, because I was noticing what it is not, but should”ve be done, and missing on most important time, time NOW. Thinking about the past and future can overwhelm you to extent that you can become very stressful. And you feel like you could pull all your hair strands from your head. This things are real! Please, focus on what makes you feel better, follow good feeling thoughts.


We all feel overwhelmed at some point in our lives, and that is O.K. We are humans after all. even majority of the people feel overwhelmed most of the time, even every day, and to get rid of this emotion, we need to be able to just relax, just relax. Take a deep breath, say out loud: “All is well in my world!” and do every day our tasks will full trust, faith and total immersion. Not to multitask, but to be fully in the task after task. Give ourselves all into what we do. Do you feel like this would help you stay focused and not to feel overwhelmed again? Comment in a section below. And tell us what you do, to stay focused?!

I want you to be focused on what you want all throughout the day. Constantly thinking how you would rather feel like, and just switch, just switch to that better feeling thoughts. It is not simple, I know, life can sometimes be really hard, but it is not impossible. We should be able to control our emotions, and we can, just be consistent, work on yourself, and control your emotions. These tools are simple but not easy, and I promise you, if you are going to practice it, it will become your second nature.

Take a break and take a deep breath. Just ponder, think about something very carefully, make a choice, and take action towards it.

I really love the things that can elevate our mood instantly. Here is a Video of the Rachel Hollis and she is giving you advice on how not to be overwhelmed during this pandemic times.

      1.Focus on the things you can control

Like, you can”t control the government, you parents or a spouse, your kids, only yourself, your emotions. Do I think it”s easy? No it doesn”t easy, but it”s worth it. And the things that are the best in life, often times takes time.

      2. Create stability with daily habits

It means like, embrace your daily habits, make them stronger, better, do something different, implement new, better ones.

      3. View as an opportunity, not the challenge

How often do you use the word PROBLEM? How does it sounds like, when you hear someone talking about problem? It weights a ton, right? It sounds so heavy. It doesn”t have to be like that. What you can do is, talking about that as a solving puzzles, a mystery. Does this sound better? I am sure it does. Stop using word problem, instead, use words such as: challenges, game, opportunity to grow… Ways are many.

       4. Edit your social media intake

What makes us being overwhelmed is watching other peoples lives. Watching and living their life, instead of focusing on your. Of course you are going to be overwhelmed, because you are missing on most important things, and that is you in the being now.

       5. Plan moments of joy into every day

Plan every day like it”s your last. What is the point of being serious. Nobody should be serious all the time. Life is a game, this is a game, so play with it.

Put the music on, and dance like nobody is watching. Put your favorite sweat pants and watch the movies that you really like. It is that simple.

What are some of the ways you are trying to feel overwhelmed a little less? Share with us in a comment below. Have you found this article helpful? What are the tips and tricks that you are going to start implement in your own life?

Do you know somebody who is in stress right now? Share with them this article, and help them raise up like a Phoenix.