How Bad Do You Want It?

Life is so beautiful! Do you really believe it is, or you doubt everyone saying the same? There are so many opportunities in this world at this time. We are living in the decade when you can achieve almost everything you set your mind to. Isn”t that amazing?! I feel so privileged living and being on this earth, where we all live spirituality, but at the same time material world as well.

You can create almost everything at this time. Internet is such a blessing for us, because it is full of resources about how to do this, how to do that, how to do everything. What it is that you want? Are you really driven so hard to get it? Are you working on this project daily?

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Internet is full of the motivational speeches and videos. Why it is you are watching this videos? What it is you want? Be honest with yourself, and answer what it is that you kinda want or you really want to achieve that goal as bad as you wanna breathe? There is a huge difference.

THIS is a great book about mastering your mind over muscle. Fitzgerald’s fascinating book will forever change how you answer this question and show you how to master the psychology of mind over muscle. These lessons will help you push back your limits and uncover your full potential. How Bad Do You Want It? Reveals new psycho biological findings including: Mental toughness, determines how close you can get to your physical limit. Bracing yourself for a tough race or workout can boost performance by 15% or more. Champions have learned how to give more of what they have. The only way to improve performance is by altering how you perceive effort. Choking under pressure is a form of self-consciousness. Your attitude in daily life is the same one you bring to sports. There’s no such thing as going as fast as you can–only going faster than before. The fastest racecourse is the one with the loudest spectators. Faith in your training is as important as the training itself.

Because sometimes you just feel tired…you feel weak. And when you feel weak you feel like you wanna just give up. But you gotta search within you…you gotta find that inner strength. And just pull that sh*t out of you and get that motivation to not give up. And not be a quitter…no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse.

‘Till I Collapse – Eminem

There are two beautiful songs that I like to listen over and over again, either when I feel down or feel good hehe. The first one is with Whitney and Mariah When You Believe and Hero song. I love love love these two songs. They make me believe in me so much. So if you need some confidence boost in you life right now, listen to these songs, and don”t forget to sing hehe.

“When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe then you will be successful.”

It is true! If you want as bad as you wanna breathe, then you will be successful. You wanna feel alive, right? You wanna breathe? But how bad do you want these things?

We are the beings that make excuses daily. Don”t be one of them! Nothing is as hard as we think it is. Only the question is; what do you want and how bad do you want it? I have made a Blog Post about two questions you need to ask yourself daily, it is HERE, so please check that out. Please, for the sake of this world, yourself and your closest ones, ask yourself daily questions. What should I do in life? Why that matters? And how can I be of service to others?

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I found lovely article about how bad do you want things, you can read it yourself HERE as well.

Basically, I wouldn”t agree that things necessarily have to be hard. The hardest part is to believe in ourselves, believe that we can, that we will, and continuing to do so, even if we don”t see instant results yet, we definitely should push ourselves forward.

I think things are hard because we want to skip the steps and reap the benefits now, but it doesn”t go this way. It is other way around.

If you want it bad enough, as much as you wanna breathe, only then you are going to get it. People often times think they tried everything. They just have excuses and they like to blame everything but themselves. It is Tony Robbins that said, I remember; if you wanna loose the weight and you tried everything, you would be most handsome person walking on this planet. You see now how we often times think we tried everything. It is hard to do this, it is hard to do that. bla bla bla

I just watched motivational video about how bad do you want it, and that you owe you, everything that you do, and going to do. Please watch it below. It made me smile seeing comment below the video, a guy said, Eric Thomas could motivate a turtle to fly. So true! He is an amazing speaker. Notice comment down below the video: “This guy could motivate a turtle to fly” haha

Things in life are simple, but not as easy. It is simple to make the change, it truly is. The hardest part is to stick to it, do everyday actions towards achieving that goals. By the hardest part I mean, believing that we can, believing that we deserve, and the fear, fear stop us. Fear that we will come across setbacks, fear of failures. You guys, life is so beautiful, and I think we should just go for our dreams, and do whatever it is in our power to bring that to fruition. Because we can! We deserve it! And we are worthy of it! Because you know what? We are loved!

I really hope I helped you open your mind and see the things from different perspective. Please comment on this video and tell us what you think.

To your success!