How to have good relationship with parents

Your parents are yours for reason. Thinking that you got the wrong parents, is utter illusion. They are yours for the reason.

Nobody has perfect parents, but they are perfect for you. Learn to love them for who they are, accept them for who they are, and you are going to begin to have an amazing relationship with them.

I struggled for years with my parents. Wanted to change them so badly. Until the day I read the book called “Conversations with God”.

It shook me! Brought me such peace of mind, that I never experienced before. I started to accept my parents for who they are, because book taught me, that I choose that particular people. I choose them for my soul purpose. They are going to be my teachers, for whatever that I needed to learn.

Today my mother is a very nice lady, and my father very sweet man.

You are probably witnessing, that the people who are successful now, some of them, had some major issues with their parents in their childhood. That is so sad! And that is exactly what pushed them forward. They took 100% responsibilities for their lives, and they made it happen for themselves. They didn”t wait for their parents to change. They changed! Their parents taught them to be better version of themselves.

Parents are pushing us to be, do, and have better.

Parents are the best teachers

One of them is Yahya Bakkar. I love this guy so much. Love to follow him. This guy is the best teacher to his kids. He struggled a lot with his parents, being in foster homes. He been abused and abandoned. It is such a terrible way of raising a kid, if this is raising kid at all. But that taught him to be better himself to his kids. And as far as I could see, he is doing great job. You can follow him through this link on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yahyabakkar/

In some sense every parent does love their children. But some parents are too broken to love them well. Wm. Paul Young

We often times forget that our parents also have fears, wisher, desires, and many more. We forget that they are the separate beings from us, and vice versa. They also forget that we have our own dreams and desires separate from their dreams and desires.

What to do in this case?

Tell your parents what are you going after and why. Tell them about your websites that you wanna grow, how are you planning to grow them, and why. Tell them that you want to coach people, because people is your greatest passion. Explain that you need to take some time to study human behavior, and therefore, you would not be available for them all the time.

Tell them that whenever you are away of them, you are probably working on your dreams.

Relationships are everything.
Communication is the key.
  1. Schedule some quality time with them
  2. Ask them how do they feel
  3. Offer your help in whatever they do
  4. Talk about your feeling and emotions
  5. Go and travel together
  6. Tell them about your goals and aspirations
  7. Do not react, only respond
  8. Do not argue or fight with your parents
  9. Learn to listen and understand them
  10. Realize they are people, too
  11. Be appreciative for what they”ve done for you so far

Most parent-child relationships are broken.

But you don”t need to be one of them. The first step is to educate yourself. Educate yourself who your parents are, understand their needs. If they are asking you to do something for them, do that wholeheartedly, without complaining.

We often times resist for what they asking as for. Instead, we could do that from the happy place. Happy that we have parents still in our lives. It is a big difference.

You don”t want to regret after a years, of not putting time in your relationship with them, but you want to do everything from the place of love.

Every time from now on, you are going to have some challenges with your parents, ask yourself: “What would love do?” and act from that love perspective. Be love, and act from love!

We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves. Henry Ward Beecher Source

Our parents are teaching us how to do something and what not to do at all. They are teaching us life lessons.

Parents and kids are often times nervous, angry, dissatisfied, and they don”t cease to hide it, but they show aggressively, and that is the bad way of shoving how you feel.

It is almost like, we forget to have a nice, open and peaceful conversation with our parents or kids, and the more we hide about how we feel about that, the more we seem to be dissatisfied. We can”t go any longer, and pretend that everything is O.K., when it is not. Nobody will fix our relationship with our parents if we don”t do that.

It is about open communication full of love, care, and understanding.

Often times, it is not about the kids, but is about parents. Parents are the one that first react to their kids behavior, so parents need to learn how to interact with their kids.

Nobody loves force and conditional loving. We need to find effective way to show our kids for what we want them to do, we need to be confident ourselves first, and only then our kids will with confidence respond. We all need to be great example first!

That should not be a hard work, only time invested, and lots of love and patience, wanting relationship to work.

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We wish you happy parent-child relationship because nothing else matters. It is crucial to live happy, fulfilled and stress free life.