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What a healthy lifestyle look like

Lifestyle you are living right now is in the direct proportion of how healthy, wealthy and happy you are.

Many people don’t see how destructive their behaviors, habits and lifestyle is. And to answer this question, determine what is it that you are doing wrong, actually come to conclusion what doesn’t serve you, and you need to stop doing it.

Make a list of the things. First, put one big title called something like: “A habits I hold that doesn’t serve me.” And put things such as: staying up late, smoking, thinking negatively, scrolling too much social media, gossiping people, spending money on dumb things, not washing my teeth before bed…

Once you finish that list, take a closer look on the things you wrote, and ask yourself a question: “Is this really s big deal?” “Where did this lead me?”

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis, author of Lotus-Eating

Once you find out why you were holding negative habits, and where that took you, if you continue on with them, make a plan how you are going to reverse that bad habits, and what are you going to do about that.

Your plan to stop this negative habits will be dependent of course on the habits you want to stop doing, and a plan that you are going to have. For each bad habit, make a list of the things you can do to stop your negative habit.

Let’s do the example so you can see how can you do that. Let’s say you want to stop scrolling social media that much. Here is what you can do:

I want to stop scrolling social media that much, stop living other people’s lives, and start living my own life.

I am going to create some time away from my mobile phone

I am going to focus more on me and be aware of my surroundings

I am just going to check my phone fast and leave it behind straight away

Once I find myself scrolling social media relentlessly, I am going to immediately stop it

I am going to learn to go to the shop, go for a walk, visiting my friend, without taking my phone with me

I am going to turn off Internet connection. Turn on only when I need it.

… and so on and so forth.

“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil

Here is a beautiful article on what is healthy lifestyle, and why and how to adopt it:

Many people go to extreme, they stress themselves out, they push their limits, they take big bites, and they get too exhausted, they end up feeling failure, depressed, and unmotivated to continue on. You please, don’t be one of them.

Rather, take small changes, and start with the one. Incorporate in your daily routine only one change. The important thing is to make your changes pleasurable and easy to follow. Pick one thing on the list and stick to it. You will se how many satisfactions will that bring you. And you will want more of it.

Healthy lifestyle isn’t just about food, and water intake, sleeping well, resting often, but about money, relationships, fun, travel. Healthy lifestyle is overall picture of the self. Everything should be included as we are body, mind and spirit.

We also live in material and spiritual world, and we must satisfy all these components.


So, what a healthy lifestyle looks like to you?

Tell us in a comments section below ;*

Ok, let’s sum this up, since this is the post about how healthy lifestyle look like:

P.S. There is no order here 😉

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Sleep well
  3. Meditate every day
  4. Take care of your hygiene
  5. Journal
  6. Have healthy relationships
  7. Forgive and let go
  8. Eat 3 or more times high quality food
  9. Spend time in nature
  10. Move your body
  11. Exercise every day
  12. Travel often
  13. Buy experiences no stuff
  14. Save to invest
  15. Read books
  16. Have fun with your family and friends
  17. Be close with your family members
  18. Go out and have fun
  19. Help another human
  20. Breathe deep
  21. Laugh often

I will finish here since these are the most important, I think. What would be your point here? Have I missed anything here? Again, tell us in a comments below. Thanks in advance!