How to achieve vibrant health

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What are the people around you, people that you see on a daily basis? How do they look like? How do they feel like? In what mood are they?

I see every day people that are serious. I am not saying that you need to smile all the time, and be in amazing mood, but the people I see every day are the average.

What is for you first vibrant health?

For me, it is having an outstanding energy all throughout the day. Cooking for myself and my family nourishing foods, and have time to eat them at peace, with no rush. Just feeling well in my skin!

Have my emotions and feelings in place, and expressing them freely, have a peace of mind. Sharing things that I want to share with friends who know how to listen. Feeling attractive and sexy, and have that glow on my face. Be mentally healthy, so no obstacle or challenge that I am facing can put me down anymore, and so on.

Just be vibrant.
Have some vibrant health.

When somebody says vibrant health, how do you picture somebody being vibrantly healthy? Do you want for yourself that to be? How you are planning to achieve that? Is that something in plan for you?

Answer all those questions and you are going to know what vibrant health means to you, and whether you want to go after that all in, or not.

Study, study, study.

There are the countless of books on this topic, videos, articles, courses, and many more. The first book that I have found for you on this subject, and I highly recommend, is:

Your Wealth Is Your Health: Vibrant Health


Health is truly our wealth. What is the point of accumulating all the money in the world, working constantly, if you don”t have a time to cook nourishing meal, or if you are sick all the time.

Be wise of how you are spending your time. Learn to listen your body needs. Does it need rest, sleep, exercise, food, water, fun, relax, go somewhere, vacation???

Health is wealth.
Health is wealth.

We are in do, do, do society and achieve as much as we can. But where is truly living here? Are we taking some time to rest and recharge? I hope you do! Because if you don”t you are going to be screwed. I am not joking here.

What do you feel fight now in your body?

Scan your body. Put your hand on the head, and ask yourself, how do I feel about that? Am I having a headache right now? Why I don”t have a headache? What I might doing right? Do I need to wash my face?

Now put your hand on your chest. Ask yourself: “How do I feel in my heart?” Does it have to open? Why my heart feels so closed and empty? Does it beat properly, normally? What are the times that it beats super fast? Why? And many, many more.

Do the self-assessments regularly, on a daily basis. Ask yourself everyday: “How do I really feel?” And that should give you answers.

Here are 10 habits to get into in order to be your mostĀ vibrantĀ self.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat fresh wholesome foods
  4. Have enough sleep
  5. Set some goals
  6. Work on your goals
  7. Learn to love yourself the way you are
  8. Dance like nobody is watching
  9. Love life and learn to enjoy it
  10. Treat yourself often

Vibrant book will give you all the information you need about how to build your vibrant self, and then, hopefully, help other to do the same.

It is an audio program on how to get energized, own your health, and have that glow on your face. Would you like that to happen to you? If yes, buy this audio book HERE, and start your education to your better, vibrant you.

What is the first thing that you should do?!

If you don”t have vibrant health at this moment, you feel sluggish or anything, you really need to ask yourself why? What led me to take and do all those choices in the past? Why I wasn”t taking good care of myself?

To have a vibrant health, you really need to love yourself, life, and you need to want to take the most out of the life. How you can expect to have a vibrant health, if you don”t want to take the most out of the life?

I always loved life, that mystery of life. And since I know myself, I always wanted to live to the fullest. You see, you can”t do that if you are not healthy. You will have a headaches if you are in front of your computer all day. Your belly will start to grow and your back hurt, if you don”t exercise your body

Love yourself and the life dearly. There is so much to do, places to go, and you really have to have a zest for life, love all the ups and downs, and happenings, seasons, see the beauty in everything.

Where are you on a scale 1 to 10 about loving life?

I truly believe that if you answered below 5, that you are not having a super body, mind and spirit, and that if you answered above 5 that you loving life, appreciate for who you are, and working towards your better future, because you own it.

Answer that question right now and really see where are you health related, but be honest, be brutally honest with yourself. Because, there is the key. Being honest!

Does this post helped you in any way to look at yourself and your health in any different looking way? Opened your mind to what is possible to you, or made you think about the choices that you have made, or you are going to make?

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Losing my mind

Losing my mind helped me so much. I”ve been so caught up in my mind. I was thinking destructive thoughts, but now I loosed my mind, and I feel much much better.

Our minds are so powerful. You are not even realizing it, but you think thousands of thoughts all day long. Some of the thoughts you can hear, you are aware of them, while on other you cannot even pay attention, because they are very quiet, and I think that these are beliefs that are very old, thoughts that you was thinking for a long time, and it is challenging to realize them and try to destroy, to re frame them.

Look at the world a little bit. Everybody is looking down, scrolling their phones, thinking who knows what. They let all the media influence them. They don”t know anymore how to raise their head and look at the sky. They don”t know how their neighborhood looks like anymore. They are in their head most of the time. We need to learn loose our minds and head, and get into the heart. We need to think with the heart.

battle black blur board game
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For me, everything became better when I decided to loose my mind. You need to open yourself up to a new and crazy things, you need to take a risks, you need to know that you have a limited time on this planet earth and live to it”s fullest.

I”ve been doing a research about loosing mind and it is not in a positive way. I don”t know what are they thinking about that, but here I am talking about the thoughts that we ran over and over again in our heads. We need to think broadly. We need to be aware that we are much much more than we think we are. I personally talk with myself and it feels wonderful. You need to go out of your head and ask yourself is it really truth, the thoughts that you think of.

To lose your mind doesn”t necessarily mean a bad thing. It is realizing of thinking destructive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and re framing them. Lose your mind and get into the heart. You need to think with your heart. What are your hearts desires. Lose your mind and don”t believe everything that you heard of, either from yourself or from others. Know what is your truth, and never stop questioning everything.

wind turbine by the dirt road at the plains
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Everybody seems normal. They behave normal, they are living “normal” life but where will that get them? They are afraid to do something new, to stretch themselves, to take a risks. How do these people live? Are they really happy? Do they live their highest potential? I don”t think so!

If you wanna live extraordinary life, you need to lose your mind and get into the heart. Heart knows all your hearts desires, listen to heart, lose your mind and get into the heart once and for all.

I hope I inspired you, for real. I think, to lose your mind and go crazy a little bit, is not a bad thing. Majority of the people are normal, and look how they live their life.

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Good Night Sleep Tight

To have a good night sleep is very important. Since I know myself, I would upon waking up go and prepare myself coffee. There were a times when I had just one cup of coffee, but lately I had 4, sometimes even 5 cups of coffee per day. That is definitely not good for your body, health and the mood, energy.

Until one day, I made myself, it was 7pm, two cups of coffee at the same time. My flatmate thought that I have a company in my room, I was too shy to told him It’s all for me. That night, my soul wanted to sleep so badly, but my body were awake, shaking of coffeein. It was great great struggle to fall asleep.

The morning after I said to myself: It’s enough. I am not gonna having coffee anymore. And guess what? I feel better than ever. When I am tired, I go to sleep. I learned to listen my body.

It helps guys, If you don’t have that thing in your house at all if you are trying to quit coffee of whatever. To have a coffee in your house, just for case if someone comes to visit, it will be more challenging for yourself.

What I do now, is I drink plenty of water, and I feel much better. My skin changed. It’s much softer, shinnier.

You know that feeling of heaviness in your legs? I don’t have any more, It’s gone, with the water that I drink. I believe water flashes in your body all the toxines and stuff that are not good. It cleans your body, inside and out.

Now what I do is, I have a big glass bottle of water in my room, and what I do, I drink water throughout a day. It is always handy and reminds me of importance of drinking water.

How do you know that your body needs water, and that you’re not drinking enough. Your lips are dry, you feel tired and fatigue, skin doesn’t have that shiness, you have a headache, you are craving all the time for food, when it’s on the contrary, you are just thirsty.

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Enjoy your day!