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How To Develop Abundance Mindset

What is mindset anyways? It is a set of beliefs that you hold at all times. Most people are not aware of it, and very few people know what they hold, these people are lucky. It is a process.

Unfortunately, most of the people developed scarcity mindset, meaning they don”t see opportunities. Now, how you can develop abundant mindset is FREE. Believe me! It is something located in within you. It is your mind, way of thinking, education. Educate yourself! Why you think there is not enough for everybody on this planet?

Lot”s of people know about the Law of Attraction, but do you really practice it? It is not enough to watch a couple of times Secret and expect miracles in your life. You need to work for it! Also, if you are envy or jealous on other people, that can take you further away from your dreams. If you wanna achieve something in your life, you should be glad for everybody being and looking happy, having the things that you want, going on vacations and so on.


Vibrate abundance and abundance will come to you. If you are a salesman, and you are selling low pricing products, guess how much you will get? Raise your value or price of the product, and watch how your wealth grows. But the trick it, you need to believe you can give a value, your product is worth the purchasing, and people can benefit from it.

There are plenty of tools how you can develop abundance mindset. One of the things that I like to do, is to listen guided meditations. There are so wonderful ones that I like so much, I can literally see myself in possession of all my dreams. The key is to see yourself doing it, having it, and feeling it with all your being.

Abundance is everywhere. We have abundance of food, air, water, sun, electricity, shelter, people, opportunities, internet, jobs, businesses, and so on. Why some people don”t see that abundance, these opportunities? Because their focus is on the lack, their focus is on what it is. They talk about it, they think about it, and so they create it in their realities even more. This is the secret of how rich people get richer and poor people get poorer. Rich people see opportunities, and poor people talk about the lack all the times.

Also, if you wanna create abundance in your life, you should be open to it, you should think abundance, feel abundance, see abundance, and guess what? You are going to live abundance instantly.

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Develop a Growth Mindset. There is amazing book that I highly recommend called Mindset – The New Psychology Of Success by Carol Dweck. Please, check this book HERE. I highly recommend this site where you can purchase this book, they ship worldwide for FREE and they have over 20 million books. Also, they are sending you book mark as well that brings opportunity to get a 100 UK Pounds voucher.

Simply, develop Growth mindset. Study people who achieved success. Know that all can be improved, that is abundance mindset. Nothing is fixed or a set in stone. Know that everything, you, entire universe, people around you, can be improved. You just need to improve first, you need to open yourself and see opportunities.

One more exercise that I highly recommend is affirmations. Create you own affirmations and repeat them every day all over again. Create affirmations that will shift your perspective. You can say like: “There are trillions of dollars circulating on this planet and I deserve a portion of this.”

I hope your mindset serves you, it brings you good. How to know that the mindset we have is good or bad? Simply, if something doesn”t work in your life, guess what? You developed a wrong mindset.

This is very effective exercise. Just put on a piece of paper all your thoughts about life. All your thoughts about money, relationship, health, wealth, physical body, etc… Your thoughts that you are repeating all over again, are in direct proportion of the life that you live right now. Simply, you are living your beliefs about life, about yourself. Change your beliefs, change your life. You need to change that as soon as possible, if you wanna change something. You need to change your thoughts.

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You believe in something that keeps you down. You believe in the things that doesn”t serve you. You need to wake up, and study, study people who achieved something that you want. World is buzzing with a people who are eager to help, but you need to ask them. You need to ask them how they did it, the thing that you wanna achieve.

I read beautiful article about the scarcity and abundance mindset that someone else wrote, and I love it! You can read it HERE and educate yourself even more about the two mindsets. All in life is psychology!

If you wanna be mentored about the two mindsets, I highly recommend myself 😀 You can book me HERE. 😀 To ask for help and find someone who is going to point you where you lack awareness is a sign of strength. Don”t be too cautious in life. You are sabotaging yourself by this. This world is so wonderful, full of abundance, waiting just for you and me. You need to just open yourself. Look for it. You know you deserve it.

I am going to wrap up now, and tell you that you can. Simply, if you don”t see abundance now in your life, that doesn”t necessarily mean that there is no abundance, and you cannot have it. You need to first believe in abundance, see it in every day life situations, only then you can receive it.

I really, really hope I helped you with this article. I put all my heart and soul into it, and hope that I am going to inspire you and motivate you too see abundance and good in everything. Look around yourself, and notice how you live that abundance already.

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I wish you every success.



How To Be Happy Everyday

It is very easy to be happy everyday. You don”t believe me? Continue to read. Many people think that life is very hard. They talk about it, and so they act according to their believes. But what if I say to you, that whatever is happening right now, or whatever will happen to you, you can look at this on a bright side of it.

You might be single now, but very sad, because you wanna share your emotions and spend some time with the partner, but what if I tell you that your true love you want is still not ready to come to you, enter your life. In this case, you will want to wait for him or her. Right? You wanna wait for that special someone. You know you deserve it. And so, you will do whatever it takes to enjoy your time before his or her arrival.

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Everything in life is how we look at things. Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. This is what once Dr.Wayne Dyer said, and I truly believe in it.

You need to look after yourself if you truly wanna be happy in every aspect. Big role here plays your mindset, I covered it above, you need to look differently at the things. But there is more, your physical health, and what you consume every day. Remember that all is connected and that you need to make a balance in your life in order to everything work properly. Work on every aspect of your life and happiness is guaranteed in your life.

Also, how bad do you want it? If you don”t want it bad enough, check maybe you have some excuses. Are you excusing yourself or do you like to complain often? I will tell you the ugly truth now. If you complain about something, you are the prisoner of that something. Do some research, your future self will thank you for, and have a look how others did that shift, how others went from broke to riches, how others been bald, now they have a head full of hair. There is no such thing as something for nothing. You need to put a time and effort in everything.

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What helps me, is to do the gratitude journal. I like to put the date and time every time I”m doing this, so I can know my progress. And I try to put everyday 5 different gratitudes. Are you aware of that there are the people who are blind and they don”t see this beautiful fall nature colors? Do you know that someone is out there that they have a terrible hair fall and they are afraid of being bald? Maybe that sounds funny to you now, but counting your blessings will put you in that state of excitement, peacefulness and happiness.

One more exercise that I love so much is asking myself all the time: “What would do now person who is truly happy?” How do they live everyday life? How do they care of themselves? What do they eat, how often and at what time? How do they spend their free time? Where do they go? Who are they friends? I believe now you get the point. When you get the question about what they do, start doing it yourself. Easy, just DECIDE to do whatever it takes to be happy, because if you are waiting for that something or somebody, you might wait forever. Always remember that there is somebody who pray to be at the place where are you now. There is somebody without the cosy chair that you can sit on, and that they don”t have access to all the information in the world called Internet.

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If you are into improving yourself, your life, you might be heard of how we should work hard, cut off our sleep, get up early, but how healthy is that? I am the living proof, I looked, and I was feeling terrible. What is the point of trying to achieve all your goals if you feel exhausted, you are sick. So, slow down and work on your goals one step at a time, taking care of yourself, your family and friends all at the same time. Life balance, they key is balancing all the life aspects. Don not exaggerate in any of the area, and always give best of yourself at everything you do.

Also, people don’t know how to be fully present, they don’t know how to be mindful. Are you really present when with your children? Are you really present when spending your time with the partner? People that are in the office often time thinks that they should be at home, with their kids and spouse. How effective is that? Not at all! Being at one place thinking how you should be on another is not a way of smart living. Be fully present with whatever you do. That is the secret. Give best of yourself at every situation. Live life of no regrets.

So, what is happiness for you? You need to be clear what that means for you. Because somebody is happy staying at home and taking care of hes or her children, while career person cannot imagine staying at home and doing all the household stuff, instead person is passionate about building career.

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I suggest you to take a piece of paper and write down all the things that makes you happy, and do it, no matter what they say. Is this keeping life balance between career and family life? Is it having time for yourself? Are you one of those who wanna stay at home with the cats? There is no wrong answer, because it is answer. You answer it!

I really hope this text helped you think about happiness, how important it is, and I hope that you try be happy at all the times, once again, count the blessings in you life, and that will put you in happiness state.

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Love you all, Maja!