Why Everything Is So Hard For Me

Things are not hard to do, it is your thinking that makes it so. Things are not simply hard to do, it is your resistance to the process that makes it hard.

People might say it is hard to find a time to cook, but really, if you value to make your own healthy food, and it is important for you to eat well balanced food, buy knowing why you are doing it, would it really be hard to go to kitchen and make this meal? No it wouldn”t! We are simply the ones that makes things hard to do. We are resistant to the process.

Things are easy to do. You just go there and do them. In case you don”t know what you need to do, you simply need to find a way to do them. It is about your priorities. You need to prioritize things in life, and then all of the sudden things will be very easy to do, because now you know why is important for you.

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Let”s say you set yourself a big goal such as living in a mansion. To look at yourself now, where you are and your circumstances, it is going to be hard for you to know how, but by knowing why is it important for you, you will find a ways to get there. Break the goal into small steps, and do everyday something that will make you closer to achieve that goal.

Really look at things deeply and notice how everything is a process, everything has beginning, middle and an end. Everything is a process! And nothing should be hard to do if you really enjoy it, seeing yourself through this, already successful.

I loved the article by Tiny Buddha website that you can find HERE

“Have respect for yourself, and patience and compassion. With these, you can handle anything.” ~Jack Kornfield

Why don’t we do the things that are good for us?

So, why don’t we do the things that we know are good for us? The short answer is that we are humans and we have emotions. We are fundamentally driven towards pleasure and away from pain. Exactly why you tend to gravitate towards the chocolate or the easy task rather than eating an apple or completing your project.

If you like to research, question everything. Quora is a site perfect for that. It is based on questions and answers kind of site, and you can find quite a lot about this topics in there. I found a perfect article about the things being hard or easy, but I completely forgot to copy that article for you, so really sorry, you will have to research yourself. 🙂

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This is my most viewed and liked Blog Post about the mindset that I think it would be a huge benefit for you. You can read it here by clicking this link: https://wp.me/sa101U- It is about the mindset. How people have fixed and growth mindset, and explanation of the same.

Check maybe you have some beasts weighting you down. Such overspending money that you don”t have, eating very unhealthy food, watching too much of the television, taking drugs, smoking… These are all the things that weight people down.

It is easy to address them. Just watch your mentors, the ones that do inspire you. How do they behave? Are they taking that food, or are they promoting to eat completely another? The one that is super healthy, with live enzimes, vitamins and minerals.

Maybe you are just not motivated enough. You are making excuses for yourself and for your actions. Really, it is all about the priorities. What do you prioritize? If you really want to loose the weight, seeing yourself super fit and knowing what will that feel like, how amazing would you feel, you will try on each and every diet, pill, whatever, you will try all the exercises to loose that fat, and so, naturally, you will be motivated to your end goal.

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Because we make it fucking hard.

Here’s the deal:

The human body wants Netflix, chill, excessive amounts of palatable foods and an attractive member of the opposite sex.

We want to be cozy. We want to do the least. We never question what is the most that I can do in this situation or with that thing. We want least effort. And that is what weight us down.

Maybe you too much use of the term: “It is hard!” Repeating yourself things are hard, you are going to get more of the hard things. Say out loud: “It is easy!” “Things are easy to do!” because it”s true, our resistance to that things are making it hard, which I already mentioned.

So, it is easy to let go of the some of the people in your life, people that doesn”t serve you anymore, people that don”t support you. Because, hey, you value yourself, you love yourself, you appreciate yourself, you are good friend, and so, you are not going to let anyone less than that in your life. It is easy to let go of friendships that doesn”t serve you anymore.

We should stand out for ourselves, our core values, our preferences. Finally decide what it is that you want, and naturally things are going to be easy for you to do, because you know why you are doing this. Your why should be very strong. Your why should makes you keep going! That will make things easy for you to do. Simply by knowing why you are doing this, and how will that benefit you.

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Let”s say you are dating a guy or a girl. You two have a great time together, you are two seeing each other for 6 months, but somehow he or she doesn”t want a relationship. What do you do? You know that it is best for you to just let go, but you can”t, why is that? Because you are afraid of being alone. You are afraid of loosing someone with who you had great time.

But really, does not peace of your mind should be your number one priority? It should! So saying “Stop!” or “No!” should bring you that peace of mind which we all want.

I really hope I helped you with this article and showed you how things are simply easy to do, we are the ones that makes it hard.

Please, leave me a comment down bellow and write some of your words about things being easy or hard.

Thanks so much for that, I much appreciate!

Love, Maja!