How to be fearless in everyday life

Being fearless, is it possible? Definitely yes, but that doesn’t mean the absence of fear, not at all. Is there any person being without fears for the rest of their lives? I think not. Why? Because this world is ever changing, there is something going on constantly. People come and go, opportunities show up, social media, messages, calls… You can’t be without fear, but fear less, that you certainly can.

We need to understand fear, and from where it comes. We need to be able to feel it, acknowledge it, dissect it.

Why I felt this way right now?

Where this fear came from?

What does it telling me?

What should I do with this fear?

Should I proceed and forget about it or face it?

What is the root of my fear?

Did I have an early failure that has stuck with me?

“No one but you is allowed to dictate what you’re worth.”

There is a great book if you want to read called: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. It is one of the best books on fear and how to tackle it. Read my old Blog post about feeling the fear and do it anyway.

Being fearless is all about taking that step forward despite of the feeling fear. There is a great video also with Will Smith and how he had a big fear challenge for him. Watch it here:

What are you afraid of the most? It is most likely that if you face that thing you are afraid of, you will grow exponentially.

People feel fear for all kinds of stuff. Fear of abandonment, fear of not succeeding in life, fear of not being good enough, fear of looking stupid, fear of disappoint others.

fear can be driver too. It can drive you to earn more, if you fear poverty. It can drive you to find a partner, if you fear loneliness. What do you fear the most? To what extent you feel the fear? Does it motivates you or drain your energy?

  1. Feel the fear but do it anyway
  2. Stare at fearless people
  3. Be objective
  4. Be willing to look stupid
  5. Adopt a mindset of gratitude
  6. Seek out teachers
  7. Share
  8. Embrace struggle
  9. Read
  10. Use visualization

What is your way to fight the fear and be fearless, taking action despite of fear?

Write us in a comment section below 🙂