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3 Ways To Live An Extraordinary Life

1. You need to know what extraordinary means to you. What is ordinary for you, and what is above that, extraordinary. You need to be clear about your goals. What extraordinary life do you want exactly? Is it traveling with your partner, or staying at home with 4 kids? What it is that you really really want? What type of work do you do? Are you working with people, or are you managing all by yourself? Are you going out often, or you are more home based party woman/man? Again, what it is that you really really want? Close your eyes, see yourself already in that environment, and start living it today. Just start living your dream life. Are you having kids, how many of them, and how do you raise your kids, do you have any help? Where are you living? In what country? What surrounds you? Are you renting the house or it is fully yours and your partners? How do you spend your time with your partner? What do you do? Where do you go? Now the most important question? How much money do you earn? How much monthly? How much yearly? What do you do to attain that money? What service do you offer? Are you selling stuff or you are sort of a coach? What is your occupation?

What it is that you imagine extraordinary life is? How do you live that extraordinary life? Take a piece of paper and start writing in details what it is that you want. I write down all my goals, read them few times a week and re write them, because they change over time. Just today I crossed over that I don”t wanna really learn German, but what I really wanna speak is Spanish. And so do you! Just put on a piece of paper what it is you really want.


2. Start doing this extraordinary life. Start living there. Do whatever it takes to do something everyday to live that end goal. Every little counts. Take some everyday actions that will get you closer to that goal. Always keep in mind your goals. Focus! Focus creates! Where is your focus at this moment? Is it at your current situation or situation that you can create, life that you can live.

Keep your focus on extraordinary stuff. Always think to execute yourself. Do now extraordinary stuff. Start small! Never forget about why you are here. You are here to live that life. You are here to do whatever you heck you want to do with your life. Focus creates! God wants you to be happy. God wants you to be rich in every aspect of your life.


I like to think about myself already there and how would that make me feel. What would I do, where would I go, what would I talk about, who is around me… Why would you wait feeling amazing, when you can bring that feeling right now?

You need to know what are your passions. Just take a piece of paper and write down what are you passionate about. What it is that you enjoy the most, and do more of it.

[Risks are] never the safe option, but for me the safe option is the worst option. […] The riskiest life I can think of is letting yourself to be molded into this comfortable, same-as-everybody-else routine. For me, that is risking my whole life.”
― Ben Brown

You already live extraordinarily. You already have everything that you need, you have these essentials such as food, water, clothes and shelter. If you wanna achieve more, you already have everything you need to achieve that. Life by itself is extraordinary, and you are lucky to be here.

3. Be kind, meditate, eat healthy live foods, exercise, live peacefully, wipe out stress, learn how to breathe properly. Don”t do the stuff that you don”t enjoy. Let others do that stuff, and you focus only on the things that you enjoy doing. Life is too short for doing something that we don”t really enjoy doing.

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Count your blessings. There are so many things in your life that you can be grateful for. You live alone in small room? There are actually people who share the room with two more people, three of them, and they don”t have a privacy at all. You don”t like how you look from the profile? There are actually people walking on this earth with several diseases. You are healthy! You work for somebody else and you contribute their dream life, making them rich, when you actually wanna become an entrepreneur and manage your own time? There are actually entrepreneurs in a deep debt,  they created a companies that they don”t really like anymore. You see now how many blessings you have?

“The 7 Steps to Transformation:
1. Dream it.
2. Envision it.
3. Think it.
4. Grow it.
5. Become it.
6. Live it.
7. OWN it.”
― Germany Kent

When you next time caught your self in desperation counting all the stuff that you don”t have, ask yourself: “In comparing to what?” To be grateful for what you already have, will put you in such a beautiful state. Why would you want to wait an extraordinary moments, when this moment you can make an extraordinary* Do whatever it takes to make this moment special. Because it it! You are never again going to live Saturday 15 August 2020. There is only one day today and it is never going to happen again. Just decide, decide that from today on, you will try to make this day worth living.

Maybe somebody out there is praying for your kind of lifestyle, I am sure they do. So why would you focus on the things that you don”t have, YET. Because hey, you are willing to work for it.

This is amazing list of the actions you need to take to live extraordinary life, it is from

How to live an extraordinary life:
  1. Stop making excuses.
  2. Forget about what people think.
  3. Welcome the unknown.
  4. Step outside your comfort zone.
  5. Improve your confidence.
  6. Failure is a part of life.
  7. Don’t let life pass you by.
  8. Realize that you’ll have to make sacrifices.

What do you think? How to live an extraordinary life? What steps you should take and everybody else to start living it?