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The power of focus

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Focus is huge. How many times you were completely focused on something? You were so interested in the listening to conversation, for example, that you couldn”t hear somebody outside calling you?

I know my sister was often numb, if I can say this way. We were calling her for a minutes, but she always had that look, like she is busy in thinking something else, contemplating, she had always had that imaginary look.

In this video below, I talk about all the things that I could remember about being focused. I really hope you will like it, and that is going to be of great value to you.

I will never forget a Jim Rohn saying in one of the videos on Youtube. When he was with his kids, he was thinking office. Being in the office, he thought of being with his kids instead.

Do you see how this habit is broken, not good? You are going to be always in lack. You will never actually experience all that you are working on, or experience in the full.

Book atomic habits is huge. We are sum of the habits that we were doing for the years, but that can be changed. What would you like to change in your every day life? Tell us honestly!

  1. Be consistent in whatever you do

  2. Optimize and track your successes and failures

  3. Don”t move on until you reach all your goals Source


Many people lack in direction, that is why they never reach their goal, or most importantly, they are never really focused. Confusion and indecisiveness is a problem in them. They often only wonder, never taking any massive action.

I don”t know have you heard about the Tony Robbins. Most probably you did, reading this Personal Development blog. He promotes a massive action, he is a massive action freak. We need to take massive action towards the things that we want.

Where your focus goes energy flows.

I don’t know about you, but I often times think in term, how there is an Africa out there, people living in poverty, even though I cannot see it with my naked eye.

It is not in my focus, but there also in another country is my mom and dad, now sitting on a terrace and enjoying their coffee. Isn”t that amazing?! Things and people are happening anyway, despite of we see them or not.

Your focus and attention now determines how you are going to live in the future.

2 people walking along are going to influence one another. The only question is, which one of them is going to be more dominant.

If you are one who is more dominant, your walking partner will have all his or her attention on you, and what you have to say, their all focus will be on you.

You be that dominant person at put all your attention on the good that you do.

People, circumstances, and life in general shaped us for who we are now.

What or who you wanna become in the future? Decide today, and put all your focus on that. Study it, be in it, learn it, try it, and you shall become. It is the law!

Focus on the good within people, and they will feel that. I had so many people challenges. Working with very fat people, slumpy people, stupid people, but instead, I chose to focus on the good in them. And guess what, we had amazing relationship all along. We were amazing teams!

Is your focus on the good in people or bad?

You can see also the power of focus by focusing only on the red color around you.

Do this exercise now: Look around yourself and look for the red, only look for the red color. How many objects that you see are red?

Now tell me what are the yellow that you saw? The chance is, that you didn’t saw any yellow. Why? Because you were looking only for red. And you get what you focus on.


Take care of your body

You must sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to be able to be fully focused on what you do. Your mind has to be sharp, and you cannot do that, if you didn’t have enough sleep. It is that simple!

Go to bed at the same time each evening. For example, I go to bed every night at 9 pm. I first read 30 minutes, and then I am ready to sleep. If I cannot fall asleep in 15 minutes time, I would take a book again, and read for another 30 minutes. 15 minutes rest again, and trying to fall asleep again, and so on.

It works for me. I hope it will work for you too.

The only goal is to be well restful. You can also do the thing like “power nap” in the afternoon. I do that as well. But I meditate. And it is like a reset, it’s like you are starting fresh.

One more thing that you can do, is putting your phone behind the laptop screen while you working. It does miracles to me. You don”t have a temptation to check the notifications, but to be fully focused on what you do.

Out of your sight, out of your mind.

You only check your phone if you hear actual notification. Even more, you can turn off all your sounds, and not check your phone at all until the work is done.

Focus can bring you so far. What do you want? What do you really, really want?

Focus is a skill that can be learned overtime. You only need to put the time and effort in it. Work on it every day.

What is your intake or opinion on focus? Are you working on focusing yourself fully and entirely on what you do, or this is not of importance to you? Tell us in a comment section below 🙂

I like to focus myself on what I do lately so often. For example, if I sat down 2 hours for writing, I am not going to go to check my hair 😀 (I know :D), or I am not going to respond to that received message if it”s not important.

I really really really hope that will help you!

Tell me if it did, or if it did not.

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Personal Finance

How To Save Money

Why would you save money in the first place? Who does that?

I really hope you are saving your money, paying yourself first, because for the simple reason. If you plan to buy anything major, such as teeth brace (like me), buy a car, a house, you need to start saving money now. Like now!

No buying that trendy books, you don”t need extra perfume, but actually saving money for your future. Have you thought about that before?

Majority of the people don”t think in advance, they don”t examine the future, they don”t think about the future consequences. Are you one of them? Are you buying impulsively?

If you want to learn more about How To Be More Self Aware

What is impulse buying? Impulse buying is in a spur of moment, and it occurs with a wide range of products. It can be chocolate, shoes, scarf, or even a car. Are you one of them?

This is not bad. It is not at all. But the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to prevent catastrophe and bankrupt are: “Do I really need that?” “Am I rewarding myself for that or not?” “Who do I try to impress with it, if anybody?” “Can I come up with something better than that?” “Can I just postpone that buying impulse, think about it, and come back tomorrow?”

There are countless of questions that you can ask yourself before you give your money away.

What I was doing in the past, is that, if I saw some clothing, that  I really liked it, I wouldn”t purchase instantly, but if I just couldn”t stop thinking about this piece of clothing, I would go tomorrow again to that store, try on again, and just purchase it, with no regret.

My Story

Struggling with money all my life, was just normal for me. I thought that is the way how it goes, until just recently, last 2 years let”s say. I realized that I would never have a car if I don”t save.

I would never have a nice vacation, if I don”t save. I would never have that dream house, if I don”t save. I would never build my business, if I don”t save first. I would never retire early, if I don”t save.

And this is harsh! I had to sacrifice that nice clothing, brand new shoes, or new set of make-up.

Now, I have separate accounts. I have retirement account, my saving business account, that I save money on, and withdraw if I need to invest back into my business.

You need to think first, and then say “Jump”.

Many financial advisors, will advise you that you need to have a separate accounts for the things that you wanna achieve, and I totally get that now. It is never too late to become financially free.

There is a book called “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach that I heard about from the Brendon Burchard through this Live Stream. 

If Brendon says that the book is gem, and it helped him, I am going to believe him, and buy the book for some time in the future. Now, I am just going to research about money, investing, and how it works.

Again, if you wanna buy something major in your life, you need to sacrifice yourself, you need to know your values, and what needs to come first.

Save every penny

What I do now?

Spend only on food. Since this Corona, all that I do, is that I go to work, and after work I go home again. What works for me, is that I plan my meals.

Make the plan of the 7 meals that you are going to prepare in a week time. Take a note of the groceries that you need to buy. I go to shopping every Sunday or Monday at least, and I don”t go to grocery shop at all after that. All the rest that is on my bank account, I don”t touch, it just grows. You can do it too!

Our 5 Primary Needs

Food, shelter, transportation, clothing, health

Have you ever thought about what are our primary needs as a humans, or just you itself?

Really, when you think about what are our core needs, you will come in conclusion that all you need is the food, water and shelter, nothing else.

I am very lucky that on a list of a food, shelter, transportation, clothing and health, I only need food and shelter, I cycle to work, I cycle to shop, I cycle everywhere I go. 😀

What about the rest of the things on the list? I can just ignore them, they are luxury. Now, I am not saying that you should be not taking bus, buy a new jumper ever again, but these are the things that you don”t need, if you wanna save as much as you can.

This is an incredible article on ideas how to save money. There are the 100 ways/ideas how you can save money. Open up this article, and read it HERE.

It is truly in depth article about all the ideas on how. I didn”t even thought about some, until I didn”t read it all. Never stop learning!

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. – Warren Buffett Source

What are some of your money beliefs, spending habits?

We are the sum of out habits. If you don”t feel safe and secure, consider thinking about changing your habits, but first, detecting habits that are most destructive for your lifestyle. Do you know what these are?

Tell us in a comments what does money represents to you, and what are some of your beliefs around money?

Personal Development

What Is Success?

Success for you doesn”t necessarily means success for me. What is success for you, it might not be for somebody else, and that is all there is.

There is no destination for everything. Once you reach destination, you are not going to be more happy than you are now. You simply won”t. Look at success as a journey. There is no end to your goals. Once you reach your goals, you will want to reach some other, new goals. It is about the journey. It is about be, do and have better than yesterday. It is about growing and evolving every day.

What it is that you wanna achieve in the future? A stay at home mother of 5 and the one who is into career, can be equally happy. You need to define what success means to you.

Successful people are not going to talk about the success at last, but about the journey that they been through, challenges that they faced and they stood up, stronger than ever.

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

What are some signs that you will be successful in the future? You are super competitive. You know how to outwork everyone. You know the things, you know them in full.

Success is all about mental state. It is a state that you either feel or not feel successful. It is how you look at things.

I am sitting now at the airport waiting for my flight and I feel quite successful, even thought for some I might not look successful, I don”t have a house, car and all the exotic vacations, but I managed to be successful in all the undertakings.

There are the ways that you can discover what truly matters to you, and what success means for you. It is about asking yourself questions, powerful questions that will reveal who you truly are and what are your values.

Questions that you need to ask yourself in order to discover what success truly means to you are:

I am suggesting that you take a notebook or piece of paper and start writing your answers. Really, and truly, be honest with yourself, and write like there is no tomorrow. Be completely and utterly honest with yourself.

One more things that is really important is that you need to be specific. You can”t just say that you want happiness. You need to be clear to say what things you do to make you happy, with whom and where.

I will never forget when I asked a friend of mine a question related to her work. I wasn”t ask specific question, and guess what, I didn”t get specific answer, not the one that satisfied me, or answered to my question. The day I realized that I need to ask more specific questions, changed entire course of my life.

 “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

— Herman Melville

There are many aspects of life that we need to manage well in order to find happiness, true fulfillment and success. We are body, mind and spirit and we need to feed all three in order to function well. It is the same with life. Just some of the life aspects are: work (your career), health (your physical health), learning (your personal development), social (your relationships with others), spiritual (your relationship with the greater power).

You need to find a way to feed all 5. If you are into spirituality and you are learning all about this, that wont bring you any good in your health or career.

What you get will never make you truly happy – who you become will. -Tony Robbins

I made a Youtube video about this topic, and I am really passionate about this because it is the thing that all should consider to think about it. We need to define what success means to us.

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect.

Success provides confidence, security, a sense of well-being, the ability to contribute at a greater level, hope and leadership. Without success, you, the group, your company, your goals, dreams and even entire civilizations cease to survive.

Success can mean: feeling that tingle of excitement about what you do, sticking with what matters through hard times, living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. These talks say it all.

There is a short video about success and what leads people to success. I highly recommend to watch this video. It is very short and fun. Here it is:

What will lead you to success is: Passion, Work, Focus, Persist, Ideas, Good, Push and Serve.

There is no success if you are not doing anything without passion. You need to be led by love and passion in order to feel and be successful. Work, work, work, nothing without work. I know! There is no easy way to success, but always hard work will guarantee you success. Focus! You need to keep the focus on what and why do you want it. People who have a laser focus to the goal that they wanna achieve never miss the target.

Persistence in everything is the key. To fail, but to stood up is the key to success. You are building confidence by that. Soon after you are realizing that a lion lies within you. Ideas, you gotta have ideas. You need to relax in order ideas to flow to you. Everything in life that you see now someone sometime had an idea in his mind.

You need to be good at it, and the only way to become good at something is practice, practice, practice. In the times that you feel down you need to find that last atom of the energy and push yourself to continue with your work. Serving people is the best and easiest way to get to the riches.

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Personal Development

The Success Code

I will be now straightforward and tell you what is the code. The code for success is: “Own Your Life!” Own your life!!!

You see, nobody is gonna land on your property, and offer you help, see you struggling and feel sorry for you. They are living their lives, as best as they can. Know that you, and only you, have that magic stick in your hands and make things happen, but only, and if you believe in yourself. Believe in yourself! Believing in yourself will automatically get you doing the things towards success, by not believing in yourself, you are going to just dabble. Is that right or right?

Your habits and behaviors determines whether you are going to succeed in life and feel fulfilled, or living mediocre life and feel unhappy. You body posture, handshake, your voice, everything. Look around a little bit, and observe people, I believe that you could tell something about them just by observing them.

Focus on Listening


Really listen what they have to say. Just by listening people you are building trust. They”ve been heard. It is great feeling right? You would love as well if something is on your mind, go to someone and just talk, share your story being understood.

People put all kinds of barriers if they feel they are being sold to. Many professionals are developing a completely different approach to selling – sometimes described as a feminine approach – more listening, less broadcasting. I encourage people to learn to talk about what they”ve done with confidence but also with dignity. The difference is tremendous.


Try different approaches when somebody shares a story with you. There is this one. Next time when they are going to talk with you, look at them deeply in their eyes, and really listen what they have to say, feel their feelings, concerns, or happy moments. Completely and totally immerse yourself to their story. At times things only happen when you look someone in the eye.

Think of friends or colleagues who have made interesting breakthroughs in the past year or two – exciting new clients, brilliant contacts, an engaging new job or work project. Ask them how the opportunity happened. Some will tell you that opportunities fell into their lap, or they were in the right place at the right time. You may feel your friends have talent or luck on their side, but other factors are also at play. Consciously or not, your friends did something different to move luck in their direction. They spent less time staring at screens, and more time in face to face conversations.

The best way to build trust is to sit down with someone and share time, small talk, refreshments, perhaps a meal.

Some of the most interesting emails begin “I read this and I thought of you…”

One of the best ways to be remembered is to ask for help.


There”s a huge difference someone telling you “I love you!” not doing anything about that, and saying “I love you!” and showing you how much you mean to them.

There”s a sound rule about talking about yourself: “show, don”t tell”, and it applies here. It”s better to give an example than state a fact. Stories are remembered longer than information, and good stories even longer. This is true for describing skills, but even more for personal values. Values are revealed by what you do, not how you describe yourself. Talk about what you”ve actually done rather than spouting abstract values

If I ask you now what are your dreams and desires, you might be telling me all of them, but are you doing something about that. If you don”t, do small steps today towards your dreams and desires, your future self will thank you for. Only that will hold you accountable, not just talking about your dreams.

Success Code

What is your success code? What do you think is crucial to feel and be successful? I wanna hear from you now.

I think everything counts., and when I mean everything, I really mean everything. Your environment, what you eat, where you go, who are your friends, what you do when nobody is watching you, what do you do in your spare time, how you take care about yourself, how you walk, how you talk, what you read, what you consume… Everything!

I am reading a lot lately. All the great achievers recommends to read a lot. I took their advice. I would rather stay at home and read a book, brainstorm ideas, than go with someone not worth my time. I guess I will never stop learning. I commit myself to that. This time I read a book called like this title “The Success Code” that I liked it so much.

Great thing that you can do while reading a book is being totally immersed in what you read, highlight the sentences that are interesting to you and taking notes.

More about how to effectively read a book I made in this video tutorial. Enjoy watching!

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Personal Development

Fearless Living

Either, we are living in comfort zone, or we are not, we are pushing ourselves forward. What do you think? Where majority of the people live? Of course, you would say, we are living in our comfort zone. We eat same foods every day, we go to school and job same route, we hang around with same people every day, we wear same clothes, brush our hair same way, use same make up strategies. No wonder our life ends up the same way, nothing changes.

In order to change that, imagine yourself doing same things every day. You cut yourself of to know somebody more interesting, you cut yourself of new hair style that would fit you better, you cut yourself of knowing how this new route to your job is much easier and quicker to go to.

Commit yourself today to do the something different, to implement something different in your everyday routine. You can do such things as go to the park on your day off, not bringing your phone with you, just inhaling oxygen, reminding yourself how important it is to connect to mother nature again. Go to shop and buy a pair of trousers that you would never do. Go to shop and buy yourself a gift, gift for trying make things happen.

You are not a laboratory rat. You”re a human being. You can master your fears. But first you have to know them. What are you fearful? What are your most fearful thoughts? Come on! Be aware of that. And go for it feeling full fearful, and notice what will happen, nothing, fear will disappear, and you will come to realization that this were just your thoughts.

I will tell you now how fearful I was being before my Bungee-Jumping. I knew I wanted to do that, and it”s fun, feels amazing. I woke up that day excited, I couldn”t believe I was going to do that, but as time was getting closer I was getting more nervous. The moment when I was standing on the edge of the biggest bridge in Croatia, I would never forget. I felt tremendous fear. My heart was racing like crazy, I thought I would die. It took me more that 5 min to jump over the bridge.

The interesting thing happen the moment I jumped, I felt total bliss, I was flying. They wouldn”t do such thing if it”s dangerous and lots of people died, right? So, everything that is happening you created in your own head. Since that day nothing else was the same. I completely changed when it comes to fear. I am feeling fear every day of course, like everyone else, but I am going for it anyway. And guess what, feels amazing, my confidence grew tremendously.

I wrote a Blog Post about Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is here if you wanna read. I also recommend great great book by Susan Jeffers called: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” that I loved so so much. You can check out book here.

No direction is wrong, just pick the one and go for it full hearted.

Lets imagine you faced some fear and you stayed alive. Nothing happened, except you grew as a person. Now you are on your Wheel of Freedom. You feel free, happy, satisfied, confident, you feel like the world is yours. That”s how people feel when they face their fears. So, you are on your wheel of freedom, you are not trying to prove yourself to anyone, you are not trying to prove anything. You are not trying to hide, to save your face, put up a facade, not trying to get caught, not trying to cover up. You are simply being you. When you are on your Wheel of Freedom, the whole world is better for it, and you feel free.

I love to read books like this. It gets you thinking what fear does to ourselves, to our lives, what is life all about, and why we should face our fears. It is fascinating. Fearless Living is the book that I read, by Rhonda Britten, and got me inspired to write about the fears again. I loved the book, if you would like to read and check out the same, you can do it so here.

The beauty of Fearless Living is that as you master your own fear, you”ll be in a better position to look after the people you care about when they”re the ones who need help. And you won”t lose your own sense of self as you reach out to them.

But first, if you need some sort of help, ask the right people, find the one who already living the way you wanted to. Right people at the right time helps you summon the courage to show more of who you are to the world. Yet when the most of us attempt to connect with people, both those who are already important to us and those we”re hoping to get to know – we avoid truly revealing ourselves.

I hope I inspired you to take action. Face those things that bother you and set yourself free. Life will never be the same.

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Until then, shine bright like a diamond.

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Again, buy yourself a copy of Fearless Living here.