Ways To Have Energy Throughout The Day

How are you with having or no having energy throughout your day? Do you wanna have energy all day long? How would that make you feel? Would you be more energetic and happier? Of course you would! Is it really possible? I think it is! 😀

Let”s dive in together and discover 6 ways to have more energy all throughout the day, all day, every day.


Just decide you are going to be as energetic as you can.

And I believe, according to that, you are going to behave like an energetic person. How many times you felt so lazy to do some workouts or go to the gym? You felt so tired that you didn”t have even tiny fraction of the energy to collect the things and step out of your apartment and arrive to gym. But somehow you decided to go for it anyway, and at the end you felt glad you did. Because now, you don”t even realize where that energy came from. It is like, the more you burn, the more you get back. So to have more energy, you need to burn it, in order to get it back.


Drink plenty of water.

I am very strict when it comes to water, and I can literally feel the times that I am not drinking enough, and the times that I am drinking just enough to feel good and hydrated. We as a humans, often times take food, thinking that we are hungry or something, but what it is really, all our body needs is fresh clean water. And it is so important to flash out the toxins. We need water in order for our organs to run smoothly. It is like a oil for a car. Really, sometimes. fresh clean glass of water is all what we need. Don”t believe me. Test it! Try not to drink three days, and then three days drink plenty of water. You wouldn”t believe how different it is.

They want you to drink sugary stuff, Coca-Cola, Red Bull or Monster. I am saying you again, fresh water is life, drink more of it, and you will feel incredibly alive.


Exercise more often. Every day do some kind of stretching or yoga.

Last night I did some yoga poses, just a 15 minutes, around 9pm, and I fell asleep completely relaxed little after 10pm, and this morning woke up feeling refreshed and recharged. Do you do some body moving as well if you wanna gain energy? Some may not understand, but as you move your body, your body releases endorphin and produces more energy to you.

I love my morning yoga time. It sets me up for the day, it boosts my mood and I fee more awake.

Here is me having a good time with my sister in the park, doing some crazy yoga poses and trying to pose for the picture.


Breath. Oxygen is crucial.

Do you know how proper breathing can shift your energy? It can, it really can. Take a deep breath now. Try always if you have a chance, once you are in nature or in woods preferably, to do the deep breathing of fresh and cold air, inhale, exhale, and repeat at least three times, and notice how you are going to feel. It is like cleansing your system. If you understand the importance of the breathing , you can increase your overall health almost instantly.


Brisk walking.

I just returned from the walk and it feels amazing. Try to walk that brisk walk, let your arms be free, a little bit speed up, and don”t forget to breathe deeply. The feeling is amazing. I was listening some music, and I felt alive like never before. Go out and test it. Many people now want everything instantly, becoming millionaire overnight, looking for shortcuts, but it doesn”t go this way. I am sorry, but you will need to take that lazy walking steps.

I needed to go to bank machine, it is like a little more than one kilometer away, I could choose to go with the bike or walking, I went for a walk, and I am so glad I did.



Sleep well.

Deep sleep is so important. I tried everything to sleep good and feel well rested. For example, I cannot fall asleep if it”s too warm in room, I like fresh cool air. I can”t fall asleep if it”s too warm in the room. And I like to lay down on my belly. What are some of your hacks on that? What do you find very helpful if you wanna have deep rest full sleep?

These are my favorite six ways how I take myself to the next level. hehe What are some of your ways or hacks how and what you do to give yourself that boost of energy? Oh, yes! I forgot the food, but not just any food. Smoothies! Smoothies are such a great way to boost your energy. Again, watch how you feel. Watch how you feel before you drank that smoothie, and watch how you are going to feel after.

I will never forget the day when I woke up extremely tired, exhausted, I think I was drinking the day before 😀 I made myself a smoothie out of bananas and spinach, I think there was more like a honey or some of the powders, my energy boosted after I drank it all. I felt much better. Advice that I can give you, is that you should eat and drink for energy. We all know that some of the foods and drinks are not going to give us energy, but why we drink them anyway? God knows! 😀

What are some of your favorite foods and the drinks that you like to have at hand other that Red Bull? When it comes to Red Bull, I wanna tell you a story. I had Red Bull just a couple of times, but that day I felt like flying, I was such in a good mood, laughing and talking out loud, I felt incredibly good, but what happened couple of hours later, is the story by itself. Of, course my energy dropped immensely.

What are some of this 6 steps that are you going to implement into your lifestyle and why you chose this? tell us in a comment below!

Yours sincerely, Maja!