Ways To Have Energy Throughout The Day

How are you with having or no having energy throughout your day? Do you wanna have energy all day long? How would that make you feel? Would you be more energetic and happier? Of course you would! Is it really possible? I think it is! 😀

Let”s dive in together and discover 6 ways to have more energy all throughout the day, all day, every day.


Just decide you are going to be as energetic as you can.

And I believe, according to that, you are going to behave like an energetic person. How many times you felt so lazy to do some workouts or go to the gym? You felt so tired that you didn”t have even tiny fraction of the energy to collect the things and step out of your apartment and arrive to gym. But somehow you decided to go for it anyway, and at the end you felt glad you did. Because now, you don”t even realize where that energy came from. It is like, the more you burn, the more you get back. So to have more energy, you need to burn it, in order to get it back.


Drink plenty of water.

I am very strict when it comes to water, and I can literally feel the times that I am not drinking enough, and the times that I am drinking just enough to feel good and hydrated. We as a humans, often times take food, thinking that we are hungry or something, but what it is really, all our body needs is fresh clean water. And it is so important to flash out the toxins. We need water in order for our organs to run smoothly. It is like a oil for a car. Really, sometimes. fresh clean glass of water is all what we need. Don”t believe me. Test it! Try not to drink three days, and then three days drink plenty of water. You wouldn”t believe how different it is.

They want you to drink sugary stuff, Coca-Cola, Red Bull or Monster. I am saying you again, fresh water is life, drink more of it, and you will feel incredibly alive.


Exercise more often. Every day do some kind of stretching or yoga.

Last night I did some yoga poses, just a 15 minutes, around 9pm, and I fell asleep completely relaxed little after 10pm, and this morning woke up feeling refreshed and recharged. Do you do some body moving as well if you wanna gain energy? Some may not understand, but as you move your body, your body releases endorphin and produces more energy to you.

I love my morning yoga time. It sets me up for the day, it boosts my mood and I fee more awake.

Here is me having a good time with my sister in the park, doing some crazy yoga poses and trying to pose for the picture.


Breath. Oxygen is crucial.

Do you know how proper breathing can shift your energy? It can, it really can. Take a deep breath now. Try always if you have a chance, once you are in nature or in woods preferably, to do the deep breathing of fresh and cold air, inhale, exhale, and repeat at least three times, and notice how you are going to feel. It is like cleansing your system. If you understand the importance of the breathing , you can increase your overall health almost instantly.


Brisk walking.

I just returned from the walk and it feels amazing. Try to walk that brisk walk, let your arms be free, a little bit speed up, and don”t forget to breathe deeply. The feeling is amazing. I was listening some music, and I felt alive like never before. Go out and test it. Many people now want everything instantly, becoming millionaire overnight, looking for shortcuts, but it doesn”t go this way. I am sorry, but you will need to take that lazy walking steps.

I needed to go to bank machine, it is like a little more than one kilometer away, I could choose to go with the bike or walking, I went for a walk, and I am so glad I did.



Sleep well.

Deep sleep is so important. I tried everything to sleep good and feel well rested. For example, I cannot fall asleep if it”s too warm in room, I like fresh cool air. I can”t fall asleep if it”s too warm in the room. And I like to lay down on my belly. What are some of your hacks on that? What do you find very helpful if you wanna have deep rest full sleep?

These are my favorite six ways how I take myself to the next level. hehe What are some of your ways or hacks how and what you do to give yourself that boost of energy? Oh, yes! I forgot the food, but not just any food. Smoothies! Smoothies are such a great way to boost your energy. Again, watch how you feel. Watch how you feel before you drank that smoothie, and watch how you are going to feel after.

I will never forget the day when I woke up extremely tired, exhausted, I think I was drinking the day before 😀 I made myself a smoothie out of bananas and spinach, I think there was more like a honey or some of the powders, my energy boosted after I drank it all. I felt much better. Advice that I can give you, is that you should eat and drink for energy. We all know that some of the foods and drinks are not going to give us energy, but why we drink them anyway? God knows! 😀

What are some of your favorite foods and the drinks that you like to have at hand other that Red Bull? When it comes to Red Bull, I wanna tell you a story. I had Red Bull just a couple of times, but that day I felt like flying, I was such in a good mood, laughing and talking out loud, I felt incredibly good, but what happened couple of hours later, is the story by itself. Of, course my energy dropped immensely.

What are some of this 6 steps that are you going to implement into your lifestyle and why you chose this? tell us in a comment below!

Yours sincerely, Maja!



I am seeing signs everywhere

Have you heard about the quote: “When the student is ready, teacher will appear”? I feel like I am the one. By one I mean that I am going through a lot lately, asking myself and the universe questions like crazy, and according to that, I am getting answers to the same.

When I said that I am going through a lot, I am just at the point that I cannot handle anymore something, and that I need immediate change.

One day I was at work, feeling so frustrated and tired, pissed of, asking God when is going to be my time, and I saw the letter being at the place where it is not supposed to be saying: “You are not alone in your troubles!” I knew this is there placed to make me feel better and it did, it really did.

“Sometimes we get caught up in trying to glorify God by praising what He can do and we lose sight of the practical point of what He actually does do.”
― Dallas Willard

I don”t know are this signs for real, are we just imagining them to be true, being our fantasies, or there are some real spirit guides sending us messages through the everyday life. What do you think?

I think if you wanna receive something you need to ask for that. You need to openly, sincerely and wholeheartedly ask for something that you really want, and you shall receive. I guarantee you.

Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

I made a video on this topic as well. You will see how passionate I am about signs, because I literally see them everywhere. Just couple of days ago, while on a way to work, I kept repeating to myself how our only job in life is to make ourselves happy, nothing more. I said that to myself maybe 10 times, and saw all of the sudden written with huge words on a house: “You got this!” I started to laugh, I knew it is true. The funny fact is that I am passing by to that place almost every day, and only that day I saw it. It is amazing what is happening to ourselves when we are truly in alignment with ourselves.

Another Sign Story

I had a bad day at work. Read: it is not the work that is bad, I made the work bad with my attitude. So I was standing there also, wondering when is going to be that day when I am going to become full time entrepreneur, again feeling so tired and frustrated. And when I was at that turbulent state :D. I saw on a bus passing buy on a big billboard, it said: “The game of your life takes courage” I was like omg, is this for real. And a couple of minutes later, I saw again, on a different bus: “Build your future step by step” I couldn”t believe my eyes.

“I had to wonder if the Lord above had flashed a heavenly spotlight over my head and whispered, “Preach this sermon just for her. She’s not going to get the message otherwise.”
― Janice Thompson, Fools Rush In

The thing is that these buses were in town every day, I just wasn”t ready for them. But the day when I asked some big questions, someone or something spun my head towards these words. It is incredible. I took these as a signs. Today, I am seeing this same exact signs all the time. It”s like, there are reminding me what really matters, and that is, working on me and my future, taking massive action, and being courageous.

Maybe a year before, I had one more bad day. I was so confused, not knowing what to do, and I asked desperately my grandma who did passed away for a sign, and I heard the words: “Don”t you worry child, God has a plan for you!” of the song that I was just listening. I am sure, she wanted me to hear these words, and of course she made me feel better.

How you can see more signs?

You need to be open to it. Affirm yourself every day: “I am opening myself up to see the signs!” It helps! It really helps. Also, you need to ask for the signs. Ask for them! And they will show. But ask for the specific signs. Signs like, should I go to London or New York to live? That kind of signs. Should I continue to be in relationship with this guy, or should I break up with him? I hope you get the point.

“I look for a sign. Where to go next. you never know when you’ll get one. Even the most faithless among us are waiting to be proven wrong.”
― Jillian Lauren, Pretty

Here are the ways to know when the Universe is trying to tell you something: repeating numbers, songs, printed words, images or visuals, repeating events, finding objects, smells, feelings, repeating obstacles, triggered memories.

What are the ways that you received signs from the Universe, and what do you think that is telling you? Tell us bellow in a comments.

Here is little help for you how you should ask and how specific you need to be. I found this on a site called Alcantara, and here is their full article.

Here are some pointers when asking for a sign:

  1. Give a certain time frame

Let”s say that to some exact time you need to make a decision and you want universe to guide you prior to that time, just ask for it.

      2. Ask to notice it beyond the shadow of a doubt

You can ask something like. “I want you to be very clear about the sign which you are going to send me, and very specific about my situation, so I know it is meant for me.”

      3. Ask to notice it a specific number of times

“Don”t stop showing me until I got it fully!”

      4. Be open

Open yourself up to see them at all times, every time.


Good luck with this!


The Vortex

It is possible to have a wonderful, effective relationship with your parents, if you first find alignment between you and you. But, unless you have achieved alignment between you and you, no other relationship can be a good one.

Your true happiness happens when you discover that no one other than yourself is responsible for the way you feel. If you believe that others are responsible for the way you feel, you are in true bondage, because you cannot control how they behave or how they feel.

In short, seek compatibility between you and you (which means, be happy), and then everything that you are looking for will find its way to you.

Joy is the key

How can one move from Disharmony to Harmony?

Jerry: If you were a child born into a disharmonious environment – or even an employee finding yourself in an unpleasant work environment – how could you remain in such a situation and still maintain a positive personal experience?

Abraham: The first thing we would encourage you to do is to lay low, so to speak. Try to be as inconspicuous as possible in your awareness of the disharmony. In fact, do your best to be unaware of the disharmony, there will be no active vibration of it present within you, and the Law of Attraction will then leave you out of any discordant rendezvous.

But if, instead, you are aware of the unpleasant occurrences – if you seek to quell the injustices by drawing attention to them – then you activate a Vibration within you that draw you closer into the unpleasant mix. If, from your point of view, you identify wrongdoing and you point it out, those participating in the behaviors you believe is wrong will rise up larger and push back at you in an attempt to convince you that it is really your point of view that is wrong. Then you push back, and they push back, and the discord looms larger while both sides are deprived of any lasting solution.

Seek harmony

When does “Fixing Problems” Simply Increase Problems?

Jerry: I guess, my tendency, in years gone by, was to try to fix the problems. I believed that if I could think about them enough, I could get them fixed. But then most of the problems just increased.

Abraham: The only way to solve a problem is to look toward the solution. And, when you are looking in the direction of the solution, you always feel an improvement in your emotions. Looking back at the problem always feels worse.

It is that old flawed premise again: “If I push hard enough against what I do not want, it will go away,” when what really happens is that the more you push against it, the bigger it becomes, and the more often it manifests in your experience.

It is helpful to remember that every subject is really two subjects: what is wanted and the absence of what is wanted. It often seems like a fine line between focusing upon the problem and focusing upon the solution, but that line is not a fine line at all, because the Vibrational frequencies of the problem and of the solution are vastly different. The best way to identify which side of the equation you are focused upon is by paying attention to how you are feeling. Your emotions will always indicate whether you are focused in the direction of your Broader knowing and your solution, or in the opposite direction toward the problem.

What if We”re fearing a worldwide financial crisis?

Most people are so distracted by what others are doing and what others are thinking that they forget to tune themselves to their own expansion. And when the resulting empty feeling comes, they incorrectly assume that it has something to do with the behavior or opinions of the others. But it is never about that. Every emotion that you feel, good or bad, is about the relationship between your current thought and the understanding of the source within you on the same topic.

Some people are feeling acute fear of anxiety because they are personally, right now, without work or income. But the fear that most people are feeling today is because of their negative speculation about how bad conditions may yet become and the negative impact that those future, unwanted conditions may have on their personal lives.


Good Night Sleep Tight

To have a good night sleep is very important. Since I know myself, I would upon waking up go and prepare myself coffee. There were a times when I had just one cup of coffee, but lately I had 4, sometimes even 5 cups of coffee per day. That is definitely not good for your body, health and the mood, energy.

Until one day, I made myself, it was 7pm, two cups of coffee at the same time. My flatmate thought that I have a company in my room, I was too shy to told him It’s all for me. That night, my soul wanted to sleep so badly, but my body were awake, shaking of coffeein. It was great great struggle to fall asleep.

The morning after I said to myself: It’s enough. I am not gonna having coffee anymore. And guess what? I feel better than ever. When I am tired, I go to sleep. I learned to listen my body.

It helps guys, If you don’t have that thing in your house at all if you are trying to quit coffee of whatever. To have a coffee in your house, just for case if someone comes to visit, it will be more challenging for yourself.

What I do now, is I drink plenty of water, and I feel much better. My skin changed. It’s much softer, shinnier.

You know that feeling of heaviness in your legs? I don’t have any more, It’s gone, with the water that I drink. I believe water flashes in your body all the toxines and stuff that are not good. It cleans your body, inside and out.

Now what I do is, I have a big glass bottle of water in my room, and what I do, I drink water throughout a day. It is always handy and reminds me of importance of drinking water.

How do you know that your body needs water, and that you’re not drinking enough. Your lips are dry, you feel tired and fatigue, skin doesn’t have that shiness, you have a headache, you are craving all the time for food, when it’s on the contrary, you are just thirsty.

I hope you will find this text of value. If you do, please do like or share, and would love to hear your thoughts about consuming coffee, drinking water, this good or bad habits, in a comment section below.

Enjoy your day!