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How To Develop Myself In Life

Ask yourself how you developed until now? What did you do? Where did you go? You can develop yourself even more, just continue to do these things even more, but don”t forget to implement some new as well. Constantly try to find a way how to be, do and have better. By having better, I don”t necessarily mean having more stuff, but having better skills, having that something that can influence people for the better.

To try to develop myself in every and each area is my obsession. That keeps me happy, content and excited about the future. Nothing seems more important to me lately but trying to be better, day by day. Stagnant water seem to be more smelly and then there algae grows. Water that runs is clear, beautiful to watch, and it”s sound is amazing, it calms you down.

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Imagine a world where people try to be better. They wanna make this planet better place to live, make it more comfortable. How that could be? There are two kinds of people; the ones that ask themselves how to do the least, and get paid, and then, there are the ones who try to give the most out of themselves and then naturally, they are expecting in return even more. Please, be that second one, and give value wherever and whatever you do. In this society now, you just need to give and do more than expected, people will recognize that, and then, you will be rewarded.

People around you would love to spend some more time with you, because you are trustworthy and confident. People love to spend time with their confident peers. Now you might be asking what that has to do with developing yourself; Well, everything! Always trying to be better, your confidence will skyrocket, naturally, your trustworthiness in people will rise, and you will have even more trust in life, future, yourself and other people, and we all want that, right?

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There are the countless ways how individual can develop him or herself. Watch how and what you talk. What are you talking about on a daily basis? Do you really love to talk about this? What would you talk about instead? Find a peers that you share same interest with. Just do the research about the things, area, expertise or hobby that you like. Connect with people online. I know that people are very careful about reaching someone online, but there are the real people there, just like you and me. They crave to be messaged, contacted and asked how are they doing. Make those connections now!

What helps me, is that I constantly listen something on Youtube. I always type in how to do this, how to do that, and helps me build momentum. I learned so much!

Meditation, meditation is incredible. We need to be able to calm ourselves, calm our minds, and stop rushing constantly. Meditation changed me from the core. I changed completely, inside first, then outside. You come to realization about yourself, your flaws and your strengths.

What would you like to accomplish in life? How would you like to be remembered? And do that things. Do the things that you wanna be remembered for.

We all wanna feel better. Feeling better doesn’t necessarily mean having more stuff. You can feel good and happy being broke. So, in order to develop yourself and naturally, your life, you will want to do the things that makes you feel happy. Just ask yourself on a daily basis, what would now make me happy, and go and do it.

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Be aware of your being completely and utterly. Make yourself comfortable. Listen to your body needs, know your values. What do you value the most? What are your preferences? Do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable. Listen your body messages. Not just your body, but messages your higher you or your better version of you is sending you. Do you feel stressful? Do you need some new challenges in life? Are you bored in your everyday life? If you are, change that? You cannot expect different results doing same things all over again. Being aware of yourself today can put you in a state of real power.

Update you life! Do you know those messages on your phone about updating your software? If you ignore this messages your phone will operate after a while very slow. That is exactly why you need to update your own life as well. Really look at all areas of your life, and discover the ones that you are least happy about. Work on them, improve them, but before of that, do the research how to do that. Nothing will improve if you don’t improve at first.

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What are the things that you should do? What are the things that you should do in life? Why you think for example that you and everyone else should work on their physical body and exercise, but abandon wealth and finances is the right thing to do? Every and each area of your life is equally important. Work on those! In order to live happy and fulfilled life you should work on every area of your life. You should study everything, and want to improve every area, not just your body, finances, but everything, because everything matters.

Words don”t teach, only experience. Immerse yourself in experiences, and show up. Do whatever it takes to develop yourself, your skills and abilities. Challenge yourself on a daily basis. What matters more?!

I really hope I helped you realize how you should want develop yourself. Nobody is going to do that, but you. Naturally, you will end and stop negativity, sorrow and bitterness. You will become obsessed and want more. You will soon realize how you are limitless, how you can truly be, do and have everything your heart desire.

I made a Youtube video on this topic as well, please, feel free to watch it, because I might mentioned in a video that I didn”t cover here, so it might be more beneficial to you. You can find it here:

Really, what is more important than you? Treat yourself like a diamond, and accordingly, people will treat you like this as well.

Personal Development

Setting Goals

Do you know where are you heading to? By not knowing where you wanna be, you will end up nowhere. Isn”t that scary? Do you know what are the consequences?

The consequences are big. Regretting, not feeling happy, feeling empty, unsatisfied. How bad do you wanna be someplace better? What is that place?

I cannot imagine myself now not planning my future, my day ahead, because if I don”t plan ,if I don”t put on a piece of paper, it would not be done. To write a post here, to get you read this article, was on my list. Before of that I did some research about the ClickFunnels, and after I finish this post, I am going to do a research about the web developers.

Setting goals and writing down on a piece of paper is more likely that you are going to achieve that. To write down on a paper your goal, you materialize that. It becomes something that you can see, and touch, that is why it is very likely that you are going to achieve. Looking at it every day, makes the connection to your goal even stronger.

A room where I work is filled with all sorts of papers, goals, lists, desires, and pictures that motivate me. I am constantly reminding myself of importance where I wanna be in future. We are the creators, and we can do it, that is why we should strive for more, because we can.

Let”s say you are on the job interview, and interviewer asks you: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” You will come up to idea quickly, and you will have to answer something that is relevant.

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