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Setting boundaries

Setting boundaries are crucial to have a good relationships. You can set boundaries at work, to your closest family, in friendships..

Boundaries are when you show or tell people how you want to be treated, how they need to interact with you, in your relationship with your partner-who does what, when, and where, to everything work smoothly. You can also set boundaries to your kids such as: knocking on your bedroom door before entering, you want their homework to be done by some certain time, no violence in the house.. It is a set of rules!

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Every household should have their set of rules. Only by having rules in the house, in partnership, everything can work out smoothly, otherwise, things can get out of control. What do you think?

Make sure to set healthy boundaries

People often set boundaries just to protect themselves, and that is O.K., because they must’ve been hurt in the past, and don’t want to be hurt again. But, if you set boundaries just to protect yourself, be careful not to build walls, because if you build walls, you might not let the good stuff coming in, if that makes sense.

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Boundaries should be agreed from both sides. One should come up to boundary, and the other should agree upon that, it has to be mutual, in order for relationship to expand. That is the whole purpose to boundaries, for relationships to expand and thrive.

I will never forget when I was watching a podcast and the woman there was talking about her romantic relationship and how this relationship works perfectly fine. She was saying that when she met a guy, she explained her situation saying that she is not going to tolerate alcohol if the end up together, and the other two things that I can’t remember now.

Basically, she didn’t like her father how he was acting and what was he doing, and she want a man in her life complete opposite, she knew exactly what she wanted, and that is why she got it, because she asked for it. So the lesson here is to be clear about what you want and communicate that.

Whatever you are willing to put up with, is exactly what you will have. -Anonymous

I liked the blog post from @happilylover about setting boundaries. Read it here:

Many people think if we set boundaries we will act like a boss, treat people like they are our servants or so, but that is far from the truth. It is only the things that you know you can’t tolerate in the relationshipy, and that should be clear to both parties.

To ste healthy boundaries talk clearly, with soft voice, try to find win-win situation, be polite, easy to talk to…really, it is not that hard, and they will look at you with different eyes, treat you with respect, I assure you.