The importance of being specific

First, I will tell you a story about how specific or not I was;

So I decided to go to other town that has a celebration, and I knew there will be a lot of people over there. On a way to there, I was repeating myself a phrase such as: “I will meet an interesting guy, spend some time with him, and we will exchange our numbers.”

That is exactly what happened there, but the guy was much older than me, and he had a belly 😀

Imagine now me being specific instead, saying things like: “I will meet for the first time a friend for a life time, he is good looking guy, good at heart and soul and has a zest for life.”

Will I meet that guy? I don’t know. But what are the chances that I don’t? I already met “some” guy.

What are some of your specific/or not specific stories? Write us in a comments below. We would greatly appreciate if you share with us, helping us to see a bigger picture.

Please read a great article from Shawn Lim about The Importance of Being Specific with What You Want in Life

I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific. Lily Tomlin
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Watch a Youtube video of mine and learn more about how and why to be specific. Believe me, it is super important. So many people are not being clear in communication, at work, in partnerships, and so on.

In this video I tell another story of how I wasn’t being specific again, and how I didn’t get the answer that I expected.

Do a exercise; take a piece of paper and pen or a notebook, and write the title “What do I specifically want?” Then below that title you can write about “emotions” as a subtitle.What do I specifically want to feel? And write everything about what do you specifically want to feel. Now money, relationships, family, friends, travel, your body, looks, free time.. Just again, make sure to be specific! 😀

People don’t really know what they really want and that is what stopping them for asking. They don’t have a confidence to say out loud and ask

Life will always give what you ask for.

There is this truck that is passing by my house once in a while, and guy inside the truck, o the speaker saying something like this: “We will take your old refrigerators, computers, old television, stoves, old bicycles, sewing machines and so on.

Now read that again, they are saying old, and they are going to get old, no doubt, because it is what they asked for. Will they get a new thing sometime, of course they will, if they continue to ask for it. Here accent is on the old. that that is what they are going to get it.

The whole point is here that you are going to get what you ask for.

What do you think about that? Does this makes any sense to you? Comment below!