Be Your Potential

Be Your Potential

You already have everything you need. You just need to know how to use it!


Introduction: What It Means To Live To Your True Potential

  1. Something has to change and Now Is The Time To Do It
  2. The Power Of Focus
  3. Stepping Up
  4. Time To Let Go
  5. Jour Journey Has Just Begun
  6. The End and the Beginning Again

I”m pretty sure that you opened up this article because You”re not quite happy with your life in some way, and you want to be living to your true potential. Maybe you “re fed up with having the same unfulfilling relationships, or maybe you don’t have the abundance in life that you truly feel you deserve. Perhaps you lack self – worth or confidence, or want to get your health back on track.

Be Confident

The key is, whatever you think you are, you are always more than that and you are able to achieve all that you desire, no matter what obstacles you think are in your way. This is the deeper truth that many have forgotten, and now is the time to not only re.remember this universal truth, but to be it and actualize it fully.

Nothing can stop us but ourselves.

This is about you as an individual. Life is meant to be good for you. Life is really meant to get you what you want, to have all the learning and the most amazing experiences, to have all that financial abundance, to have perfect health in every way and to have the career of your dreams.

There is not such thing as failure until you decide you have failed and you stop going for your dreams.

​By being present in this moment, your world can change; you have everything you need within you and you can achieve the inner peace and love you crave. In fact, there is nothing to search for externally – It”s all within you.

You may have beliefs about yourself, perhaps feeling “not good enough” or “not worthy”. Or you may have been taught the self – restricting beliefs that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you”ve got to struggle to get what you want – no pain, no gain”. These mindsets, beliefs and attitudes were imprinted on you when you were a young child and have continued to be part of your mindset all the way through your adult life, and now those beliefs have set a structure in getting those results. Or maybe your beliefs developed after a series of “failures” or disappointments. Either way, that”s all going to change.

Believe in Yourself

Life is good for you if you choose it to be.

You cannot change the past but you know that you are the only person creating the present.

It goes back to cause and effect. It sounds strange, but think about it: if your life isn’t the way that you want it right now – no matter what area of your life it is – it means you”re just an effect of your situation.

You become an effect of everything you are going through, by saying, “Well, it”s not my fault, It”s this persons fault”, or “It”s my boss”s fault”, or “It was the way that teacher bullied me”, or “It was my father”s fault”, or “my mother”s fault. Or even, “It”s my ill health” or “this dis – ease” or “dis – order that has caused me to have bad health”. Unfortunately, those excuses are giving you reason to maintain your mindset and giving you permission to continue with your negative behaviors. If I”m pushing some of your buttons, that”s good. Stay with me.

When we make excuses, we are playing the blame game. We are powerful when we blame people or things for our situation because we believe that they are outside your control. In order to move forward, we must accept that it doesn’t matter who was at fault or to blame. By blaming we are reducing our control over the situation, since to move past it we need the person responsible to correct their mistake.

Take the opportunity right now to take responsibility for your cause and effect.

All your past experiences have led you up to this pinnacle of your life when everything has to change and will change. All of those past residual behaviors are continuing to produce the effects and the results right now, and will continue to produce them in the future if you carry on the same way.

Own your life

This is your reality, no one else”s.

You have a choice to make, and It”s a big one. You can choose now to take responsibility, or you can choose to live the life you”ve already got – being simply an effect of life.

Let life be a product of you.

I”ve taken responsibility for everything I”ve done in the last ten years and what I do now. No matter what is in my life, I take responsibility for it. If someone is behaving badly towards me in a friendship or relationship, I take responsibility for that. I have allowed that person into my life, and I have to choose to keep them in my life or cut them out, whether they are family or friends. It sounds quite harsh, but you”ve got to look after your own interests, your own well being, and the people in your life should be those who only want the best for you. You”ve got to be healthy if you want to be your true potential.

We are made of energy, and we attract those who are similar energy to us.

So you have to take responsibility now. Take responsibility for every aspect of your life and I can guarantee it will be so empowering that it will change your day, every day. You will feel happier and happier with each moment in the knowledge that you can choose to have the life you deserve.

The mind can’t distinguish between what is imagined and what is real.

Your mind is powerful, but it needs to be guided and you are the guide. To achieve the life you desire, inwardly and outwardly, you must hold your desires firmly in your mind. Due to the mind – body connection, your mind causes your body to fall in sync with your desires, too. In other words, your unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real.

Imagine positive outcome

I invite you now to take a full responsibility for your life and stop complaining about your certain situation. Give best of yourself to achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

If you read this far, please leave a comment below about this text and does something triggered you here. I know, there is so much to learn in this life. If you open yourself enough, and say; “I don’t know nothing, but willing to learn”, you will succeed.

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Wish you every success!